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Curve magazine has a review of Tales Of A Librarian
May 2004

Updated Sat, May 08, 2004 - 3:07pm ET

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dustin tells me that the May 2004 issue of Curve Magazine (Ani DiFranco on cover) includes a review of Tori's Tales Of A Librarian.

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You can read the review below:

Tori Amos
Tales of a Librarian
Atlantic Records

Interviewing Amos for this magazine a handful of years back, this reviewer remembers the musician's single most profound comment: "I don't trust people who don't believe in faeries."

Amos Does not see the world as most of us do. And for that, we should be damn thankful. Don't try to make sense of this anthology. It's not a gathering of the most radio-played but of the artist's favorites - a chronology of her craft. Angst-ridden "Precious Things" jump-starts the 21-song collection, and no wonder: This is the earthquake that debuted a decade ago on her first album, Little Earthquakes. One-third of Tales comprises tunes from her premiere CD, all enhanced and slightly tweaked for the better. Though this should tantalize the Toriheads, the casual admirer probably won't even notice.

Delightful obscurities include "Baker Baker," "Spark," "Mr. Zebra" and "Jackie's Strength." "Angels" and "Snow Cherries From France" appear as the only new songs. Simple ballads that tap Tori's early roots, they happily diverge from the techno-overkill that many agree has infected Amos' music recently.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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