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Tori Amos produced and played keyboards on a song called "Ballerina" by Leona Naess

Updated Thu, Feb 19, 2004 - 5:50pm ET

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I earlier reported that a trusted anonymous source confirmed that Tori had been in a Los Angeles, CA studio producing and playing keyboards on a single by artist Leona Naess. This has been completely confirmed by Leona Naess herself in her diary on (Be sure to read that Feb 18th diary entry. Leona says some interesting things about Tori!) The song is called "Ballerina". There is some confusion about the fact that Tori worked on this song, because this song is already a track on Leona's new self-titled album "Leona Naess". It appears that Leona has recorded it again with Tori, and the new version of Ballerina will be released soon as Leona's new single. The version currently on the album apparently does NOT include Tori. Tori produced and played keyboards on the new version of the song, but does not sing. (Thanks to Eric for pointing this out to me and first telling me which song Tori is on!) The fact that Tori was involved was also mentioned by drummer Matt Chamberlain on his web site. (Thanks Bryan Cody and Missy!)

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