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Paulina Stuckey article at the "Five for the Famous" web site
January 16, 2004

Updated Sat, Jan 24, 2004 - 3:50pm ET

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Paulina Stuckey is a wonderfully talented artist who among other things has illustrated Tori's "Bee Sides" song book. There is an interview with her at the "Five for the Famous" web site that was posted on January 16, 2004. Once you get to the site, page down until you find her interview.

More Details

The "Five for the Famous" web site is located at If you want to find our more about Paulina herself, check out

Here is the article posted to "Five for the Famous":

Paulina Stuckey works on editorial illustrations for various magazines, and spends much of her remaining time working on paintings, which she sells worldwide. She has been drawing since the age of two.

A fan of musician Tori Amos, Paulina had the honor of illustrating Tori's "Bee Sides" song book. While the design for The "Bee Sides" song book was being established, it was Tori's dad who had already selected several of her illustrations to accompany the songs in the book. He chose them from a book of art she had given Tori while she was in Toronto around 1994.

Paulina likes to create designs based on music because it helps her to find new dimensions and 'visual sounds' in her pieces. She works mostly in watercolors and pen & ink. Her online collection of her work can be seen at the Restless Moon Gallery.

Stuckey favors the world of faeries and other beings of mystery. There is a series of her designs in "The Art of Faery," which features an international collection of some of the best living faerie/fantasy artists.

Paulina works out of her home studio in Ontario, Canada.

You say you are inspired by music. Is there one song or artist that you could never be inspired by?
I could sit here and say that Britney Spears or Michael Bolten will NEVER inspire me, simply because I'm not fond of their music to say the least, but it's funny --- the things that have an unexpected force to inspire and move us at particular moments -- that which is loathed can have the ability to inspire creation as much as that which is utterly adored.

If a musical artist asked you to paint while they performed live, who would it be?
Bjork, hands down. She seems to pulsate with other-worldly secrets she can't wait to reveal. I'd love to see what kinds of sketches would emerge while observing quietly from the audience.

Who wins a death match between Tori Amos and Bjork?
Ever witnessed Tori's live rendition of 'The Waitress'? Based on that performance alone, I would have to place my bet on Tori.

Alfred Hitchcock used to appear in his films. Have you ever made a character of yourself in your art?
There are a few particular faeries that 'mysteriously' have my face. My Gallery visitors can usually tell which ones they are, sometimes even before I realize the faerie is actually me. This happens for many artists more than we may realize, because I think we subconsciously put a lot of ourselves into our creations.

Give me an anagram for your name.
A cute spiky luna.

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