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Review of Tales from NME Magazine
December 6, 2003

Updated Thu, Jan 15, 2004 - 9:06pm ET

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A review of Tales Of A Librarian appeared in the December 6, 2003 edition of NME magazine in the U.K.

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Thanks to Christoff for telling me about this album review. You can read it below. Along with the review there's also a picture from the CD inlay, with the caption "Tori Amos: heartfelt and bonkers".

Pig Suckling Pianist's restrospective

Tori Amos is as mad as the fairies and dangerously intense. If you dare to talk during a performance of "Me and a Gun" (her a capella song about rape, and an NME single of the week) legend has it she will stop dead in her tracks and scream at you. Her World is confessional, surreal and vulnerable. It ranges from an obsession with Jesus - she once fantasised about being his lover - to talk of "little fascist panties", miscarriage and politics (see Bush-baiting new song "Angels"). However,she's equally at home spinning charming, innocent fairytales (asking the bread man in "Baker Baker" of he old love "if truly his heart was made of icing"". For those who never looked beyond "Cornflake Girl", this collection of weird and delicate mayhem is a good place to start wondering why.

9 out of 10
Review by Cat Goodwin

Posted by: Mikewhy

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