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Tori featured on short segment during CNN Headline News
January 12, 2004

Updated Mon, Jan 12, 2004 - 6:10pm ET

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A short 2-3 minute TV segment/interview with Tori Amos was shown on CNN Headline News in the U.S. several times during the day on January 12, 2004. The segment featured a short interview with Tori, who was in California and talking about Tales Of A Librarian. I have some reports on this interview and a partial transcript. They will likely show this many more times throughout the day on January 12th.

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Here are some emails I got about this appearance:

From Erin Stynchula :

On CNN Headline News, they did quite a nice piece on Tori, it was about 2 minutes long and had a lot of interviews with Tori, which were quite recent from one of her homes in the US. They started by plugging the CD and saying that she has a devoted fan base. They then jumped into how Tori thinks librarians should wear stilettos then they jumped to Tori saying, "I love feeling books, touching, smelling them, and wearing cute shoes." She also said that she had a librarian help her in the cataloging of the songs for TOAL. The reporter gave examples of how Tori used the Dewey Decimal System. They showed another video then Tori said, "I've told the suits in the music business to wear white because I don't cause blood" They showed more videos and talked about her creative process then Tori said, "Making music is a very sensual brew that you create." They showed her at one of her homes in the states, talked about living in England and her husband and daughter. Lastly they talked about her age, Tori said, "I guess there is a hussy in all of us, but I guess there is something to be said for turning forty."

From Audrea (thegirlcomeundone):
Just wondering if you knew anything about the Tori interview on CNN this evening. The segment was called "Sound Check" and featured clips of Tori's songs, stills from some of her albums (I specifically saw UTP and TOAL pics) and then a portion where Tori is sitting infront of the camera just talking. They went to a clip of the video for A Sorta Fairytale and mentioned that stilettos are only one side of Tori then went back to Tori who said "(laugh) There's a bit of a hussy in us all, but I think there's really something to be said for being 40." She looked beautiful.

From LeAnn:
last night on Headline News they had an interview with Tori about Tales of a Librarian. She was somewhere in California ( I think Malibu). It was about a 3-5 minute segment, and they just talked about some of the songs, and she mentioned how she loves the smell and feel of books and stiletto heels, and how all librarians should be able to wear heels. The interviewer seemed unsure about the songs on the album, but Tori was still Tori!

From Andrew:
I caught that - but it was different!

There is a cable channel in Australia called TV1 - and in the mornings at 8am and 10am they have a 10 minute Entertainment wrap up on TV, Movies, the Internet and Music called "Entertainment Daily". Anyway - the things that were mentioned in the partial transcript sound the same - but different. The reporter was "Susie Kwan" SP?? Anyway there was the scenes with her at the Californian sea-side and the reporter asks if it is nice to be back - Tori says it's better than England in the Winter. There were also the statements about wearing white and that there's a little hussy in all of us - but they didn't have the "but I think there's really something to be said for being 40" bit. Tori also mentions that they had a "Librarian onboard for this project" and that she said what could go where. (Of course this is one of Tori's "librarians") The interviewer probably thought Tori literally meant she had a librarian. They had clips from CFG, Crucify, live footage - what I think was the RAINN concert and A Sorta Fairytale amongst others. At the end of these 'Entertainment Dailies" they also show a clip about the artist they have been talking about - they showed about 1/2 of Cornflake Girl clip (The US Version). I don't know if this is a CNN thing - it maybe a syndicated show that they sell to different channels and those channels do what they like with it - i.e. include/edit what they like.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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