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Associated Press review of the Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack
December 22, 2003

Updated Wed, Dec 24, 2003 - 4:07am ET

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A review of the Mona Lisa Smile Soundtrack (which contains 2 Tori songs) appeared in a December 22, 2003 Associated Press article.

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Thanks to Woj for making me aware of this. You can read the review online at or below:

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The Associated Press
(12-22) 10:27 PST (AP) --

Various Artists, "Mona Lisa Smile" (Sony)

"Mona Lisa Smile," the soundtrack for the new Julia Roberts film set in the 1950s, alternates between schmaltzy and sweet, as artists of today tackle classic songs with varying results.

Celine Dion goes for subtle, but ends up sounding benign and unspectacular singing "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered," while Tori Amos' take on "You Belong to Me" is painfully overwrought. The album's only original song, Elton John's "The Heart of Every Girl," is fluff -- couldn't he have performed a standard instead?

Amos redeems herself with the sassy and sublime "Murder, He Says." Equally great is Seal's Nat King Cole-esque rendition of "Mona Lisa." And Mandy Moore has finally found a cover that works for her in "Secret Love."

Also included are "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" and "Sh Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)" from album producer Trevor Horn's orchestra, and Rachel Portman's suite from the film. Though not from well-known artists, all are beautifully done and worth a listen.

Despite the missteps, "Mona Lisa Smile" is a trip back in time worth taking, at the very least to spark interest in hearing the songs performed by an artist from the era.

* Rachel Kipp, AP Writer

Posted by: Mikewhy

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