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Sales stats for all of Tori's albums posted at
December 10, 2003

Updated Thu, Dec 11, 2003 - 4:30pm ET

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 Entry Page has posted sales stats for all of Tori's albums in their Ask Billboard column. Thanks to Peter Starski and Marti Pujolar for alerting me to this. Here are the sales stats as listed by Billboard. Keep in mind these are U.S. sales ONLY!:

"Little Earthquakes" (1992, 1.9 million)
"Crucify" EP (1992, 413,000)
"Under the Pink" (1994, 1.4 million)
"Boys for Pele" (1996, 1 million)
"Hey Jupiter" EP (1996, 168,000)
"From the Choirgirl Hotel" (1998, 753,000)
"To Venus and Back" (1999, 446,000)
"Strange Little Girls" (2001, 381,000)
"Scarlet's Walk" (2002, 549,000)
"Tales of a Librarian" (2003, 69,000)

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