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Review for Tales Of A Librarian from the U.K. magazine 'GAT'
December 1, 2003

Updated Sat, Dec 06, 2003 - 2:52am ET

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There is a review of Tales Of A Librarian from the December 1, 2003 issue of a free magazine called 'GAT' which is handed out at Tube stations in London, U.K.

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Thanks to Amanda (faeriewaves) for sending this to me. The review is on a page called Spin and has the by-line 'Gareth Gorman sounds off about the latest album releases'.

A woman of rare talent , beauty and intelligence, it should hardly come as any surprise that Tori's idea of a Christmas Best Of album is totally different to everything else in the overburdened marketplace. No 'Mistletoe and Wine' for this girl, who decides not to include most of her most famous songs and chart forays in favour of giving the album a proper theme and feel. Remember, this is the woman who took all those covers by male artists and utterly transformed them for her 'Strange Little Girls' album, and earlier this year came up with a sonic novel (that's the new term for concept album), Scarlet's Walk - starting it with a song about the porn actress featured in 'Boogie Nights'. Even this has an edge of kinkiness to it, being all dressed up as a librarian's fantasies and alter ego's. You can just see Tori taking on the bookish librarian role, and then acting out all of the song's protagonists and their antics. Long may she continue to amaze.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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