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Interview with Duncan Pickford, Tori's chef, in Q magazine
December 2003

Updated Wed, Nov 26, 2003 - 9:39pm ET

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There is an interview with Duncan Pickford, who is Tori's chef, in the December 2003 issue of Q Magazine in the U.K.

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Thanks to Laura (Scottish Woman) for sending this to the Dent. The article includes a photo of Duncan standing outside holding a string of onions and wearing a yellow T-shirt with Rod and Tod Flanders (from the Simpsons) on it, with the caption 'thank you lord', brown trousers and an apron fashioned from a large tea-towel.  You can read the article below.

Rock Star Life Support
The people who help the people we love

Name: Duncan Pickford

Occupation: Personal cook for Boyzone, Whitney Houston and, most recently, Tori Amos

Salary: "It varies between being in the studio and on tour - it's a bit less in the studio - but it's very comfortable. The daily budget for Boyzone's tour was 210 between 20, but again it varies. "

Experience: "After working in restaurants for 15 years I went on the road with East 17 in 1995, then Boyzone. Boy bands are the easiest, in the early days they were little more than salaried employees so they had less control. After that I did some one-off shows, including Whitney Houston. Let's just say it was a very difficult day, a lot of the girls who worked in her dressing room ended up in tears, so it wasn't great. I was on tour with Robbie Williams when Tori offered me a job"

Job description: "I cook for Tori on tour and at home, but I support her music as well as the person itself. We avoid dairy foods and aim for protein, lots of fish and vegetables. They help promote clarity of breathing and avoid phlegm, generally supporting her voice. We also do some aromatherapy for while she's singing. We've developed a different fragrance for each song in her set"

Relationship with boss: "I know what she wants and she just lets me get on with it. Once I couldn't get a Visa for Canada so stayed behind, when we met afterwards the look of relief on her face was really gratifying, although the poor love didn't have a good time"

Perks: "Fantastic wine. Tori's a real wine buff. Generally it's very nice, the travelling and company is very good"

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