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Updated Wed, Nov 26, 2003 - 1:45am ET

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There is a review of Tales Of A Librarian posted at Thanks to Alaina for emailing me about it.

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Tori Amos
Tales of a Librarian (Atlantic)

by Katrina Martin

The new release from Tori Amos, Tales of a Librarian, will please both her faithful followers and her newest fans. One of its best qualities is its departure from the normal "greatest hits" drivel. Amos wisely mixed up the tracks, interspersing old and new to create a delightful mix -- almost as if she asked a fan to make her a mix tape of their favorite songs.

In addition, Amos remastered most of the songs (and even rerecorded some), giving them more glitter and glamour. Background vocals are punchier, additional instruments pop up in unexpected places, and everything sounds crisper.

The album, which includes rare B-sides, two newly penned songs, and a DVD with five tracks Amos recorded during sound check on her recent tour, spans the singer/songwriter's 13-year career. With six tracks from Little Earthquakes and three from Under the Pink, Tales of a Librarian relies heavily on Amos' back catalog. Her next three albums only contribute a total of six songs, and there are none from Scarlet's Walk.

Although the album includes mainly old material, it offers several gems. The rerecording of "Sweet Dreams" is a welcome addition to the collection, as it gives new life to the B-side classic. Amos made an interesting choice by including the dance remix of "Professional Widow," which leaves out biting lyrics from the original recording, reducing the song to a techno blitz of catch phrases and quick beats. Overall, Amos created an album that will rejuvenate diehard fans, and keep newer fans coming back for more.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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