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Details of Tori's Top Of The Pops 2 TV appearance on BBC 2 in the U.K. on December 2, 2003

Updated Tue, Dec 02, 2003 - 10:08pm ET

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On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, Tori was on the TV show Top Of The Pops 2 on BBC 2 in the U.K.. However, this was not a new appearance, but a repeat of a 1992 performance for the show where she performs Crucify. They did flash some text in the screen about her new album however.

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Thanks to Sian and Stuart Mackenzie for telling me about the show. During the performance they had pop-ups on the screen, which were:

*Doesn't look like a Librarian, does she? That's what Tori claims she is in her new album, "Tales of a Librarian."

*She is infact: daughter of a preacher.

Then an annoying voice over man said: "if you're wondering why she looks different then she did on 90210, then that's Tori Spelling you muppets!"

Posted by: Mikewhy

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