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Details and Screen Shots from Tori's recent appearance on the Dutch TV show 'Trendies Beauty' on RTL4

Updated Fri, Feb 21, 2003 - 1:15am ET

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Tori was on the Dutch TV show 'Trendies Beauty' on channel RTL4 in Holland on February 9, 2003. I have been told that it was replayed again on February 11 and perhaps one time after that. In any case, the show featured an interview with Tori that was done in Rotterdam, Holland during her recent stop there on tour. They also showed older video clips and some of the a sorta fairytale video.

Thanks to Awkward Hussy and Carmen Landa for the details you see below and to Awkward Hussy for the screen shots of the show that you see below. Click any one to see it larger. I also now have a full transcript below and for that I thank Hirja from Holland.

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Transcript of the Interview

Many thanks to Hirja from Holland for this transcript and the small photo you see below: image

The interview begins with a clip of Cornflake Girl


Tori Amos got famous with cornflake girl, she is now touring because of her new album Scarlet's Walk Marlone (tv host) talked with her in Ahoy Rotterdam.

M > Scarlet's Walk, it's not only one of music it's also a story/novel about the history of America, why did you feel the need to make a story about this subject?

T > I guess the history that I was exposed to from my grandfather, he's eastern cherokee, was very different from what we where touhgt in our schools, as event's happen in the world, the story started to show itself, Scarlet toke me by the hand, there was no saying no to her.

clip a sorta fairytale

M > could you have written this albem if you hadn't have a child?

T > I see things differently since I became a mom, I feel inside feel really different inside because of it. I was older when I became a mom so I was ready to show up. And then that means it sometimes the phone's go off, the work is done and we can't solve this now. You know New York's of the phone, LA's on the phone, London's on the phone what ever, it's like we've been through this and now it's time to play with the princesses and the dalmatiers and that's it!

M > so how old is your daughter then?

T > she's 2 and 4 month's, she's here (big smile) she'll be side of stage.

M > I saw her, very cute, in her it think she was dressed in a princess dress?

T > probably yeah

M > is she always with you on tour

T > she's always with us yeah

M > but she's still young, she's 2,5, what will you do when she has to go to school and it will not be so easy when she's 6,7,8?

T > different different I mean right now we know that this is a different time and that's why this is sort of an endless tour, because we're all together hanging out in Rotterdam and Tash is running around with her wings on and it doesn't, it doesn't get better then that.

M > You have an extraordanairy musical talent, you were 2.5 when you played the piano, and at the age of 5 you went to the Peabody Conservatory, were you a perfect student?

T > I wish I had studied a lot more, because I pay for it daily and that I just I was more interested in the social side of the musicians. I liked to kind of know where the musicians had been that morning and what conversations and what where they'd have coffee and who'd they met secretly with. And they'd be sitting there: hey it's none of your business, I said I gotta know! I was 5 and I'd be so facinated with their lives and maybe that fed into the songwriting and the stories.

M > The way you play the piano is quite original, why this pose?

T > I'm pretty anchored up there, I won't do a demonstration, but if you gain to try to push me off my stool you could't do it cause I'm anchored, you can't move me (demonstrates) but if tou try an push me back, you know, I have got diaphragm support, you've got warrior stands. But I can hold breath support and everything else and I can hold notes..

clip Bliss

M > are you still nervous before a concert?

T > sometimes it's like a date

M > oh

T > you know, and you've gotten ready and sometimes it's more like a seduction a dance the flamengo

M > and what is it tonight?

T > oh it's the flamengo tonight

M > I've got a little present for you, I want to thank you for the interview

T > oh I really loved it

M > oh yes

T > you're good at what you do aren't you

M > thank you

T > she's good

M > thank you

T > thank you


From Carmen Landa:

The thing that struck me most was that she (Tori) seemed to imply that when Tasha goes to school, there will be no more touring. I think she said that she was aware of the fact that Tasha was going to have to go to school someday and that things would have to be totally different and that they were now doing this endless tour (like a goodbye, maybe I am just in shock). [Note From Mikewhy: In another interview, she simply said that long tours would have to stop for a while when Tash starts school and that future tours would have to be confined to the summer seasons. So I do not think this is Tori's last tour at all!] She also told us that touring with her family was great and that it was fun to see Tasha running around backstage in Rotterdam. About playing in front of an audience she told us that it was kinda like a first date and a dance, the show in Rotterdam was definitely going to be a flamenco. Of course she was talking about the concept of the album, but I think by now every ear with feet is aware of that story by now. Well it was a nice segment, but can someone tell me why she seems to be talking on the edge of whispering. I never noticed it before. But on this tour and on the DVD I noticed that and it kind of surprises me.

From Awkward Hussy:

The interviewer asked why Tori sits the way she does when she plays the piano and Tori was telling her how in that pose she is anchored and you can't knock her over. Then she made a hand gesture (as shown in the screenshot above) saying it is a warrior pose.

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