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Help Toriphile Dana Horn with her Tori friendship book

Updated Thu, Feb 20, 2003 - 5:49pm ET

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my name is dana horn, i'm a toriphile and post regularly at the pool forum. i have come up with a very special tori project and would like to invite visitors to the dent to join. i am compiling a friendship book for tori and i will be giving it to her at radio city in march. presently there are about 50 ears with feet from all across the globe who are making pages for the book. beacuse tori is the thread that connects us (or the tie that will bind us) the cover features a big spool of Scarlet thread on the front... it will cross over and connect each page. Along each portion of the thread is a story of our own personal journeys with Tori and her music.... if you wouldn't mind putting a notice on the dent encouraging people to make pages, and include my email address, that would be terrific. interested people will be given more info when they email me. the deadline is march 1st.

You can email Dana at

Posted by: Mikewhy

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