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Tori's top 10 elixirs listed in The Face magazine in the U.K.
December 2003

Updated Tue, Nov 11, 2003 - 5:47pm ET

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Thanks to David Mantovani for this. Tori's top 10 elixirs are listed on the Top Ten Page for The Face magazine in the U.K. in their December 2003 issue.

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(There's also a pretty gushing review of The Sandman: Endless Nights in the same issue).


  1. Vitamin V: Vegetable juice and vitamin vodka
  2. Dunc's Ginger-Kicks-the-Shit-out-of-Steroids Voice Enhancer drink
    (recipe on
  3. Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine Green Tea (flown in from LA)
  4. Guatemalan Maragogype cappuccino: a morning elixir for a 6:30am wake-up
  5. Neuromins DHA: I take four a day for short-term memory rejuvenation
  6. Charbonnel et Walker drinking chocolate
  7. Chelsea's Champagne cocktails: Laurent Perrier Rose and a splash of
    Framboise or a Delamontte mixed with Mure
  8. Hot apple cinnamon drink: for the early evening/still doing business
    with LA drink
  9. Hot milk and honey: mix with vanilla bean paste
  10. Wine: choosing the right one is always a challenge. It should never
    overpower the food and the love and the balance.

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