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Review of the Mary single in Billboard Magazine

Updated Sat, Nov 08, 2003 - 8:19am ET

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Billboard Magazine reviewed the Mary single in their November 15, 2003 issue. You can also read the review at

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Here is the review:

Producer(s): Tori Amos
Writer(s): T. Amos
Publisher(s): Sword and Stone, ASCAP
Genre: POP
Label/Catalog Number: Atlantic 301373 (CD promo)
Source: Billboard Magazine

Atlantic may have severed its longtime relationship with Tori Amos, but the care given to the upcoming "Tales of a Librarian" CD/DVD greatest-hits set serves as testament to the many fruitful years the partners spent together. In fact, Amos selected the tracks, sequenced them and "reconditioned" some of the material. The set includes "Mary," a rare B-side found on the European CD single for "Crucify," which the label is servicing to radio. The song is vintage Amos, led by a frantically emotional piano melody, as she sings -- perhaps autobiographically -- about the pain of being exploited: "Everybody wants something from you/ Everybody wants a piece of Mary/They tore your dress and stole your ribbons/ well butterflies don't belong in nets/ Mary, don't be afraid." Radio play for alterna-women is tough, in general, but hardcore Amos fans don't take their lead from radio. This song serves as an iron-clad reminder as to why Amos remains vital 12 years in. -- CT

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