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Details and a photo of the Mary promotional single

Updated Wed, Oct 22, 2003 - 10:13pm ET

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An anonymous source has sent me a scan of the cover of the Mary promotional single being distributed by Atlantic Records. I am not sure where this promotional single is being distributed. It might be the U.S or somewhere else. I also have some details from the single, such as the track listing and some interesting details from the credits.

More Details

This promotional single from Atlantic Records (PRCD 301373) has the following track listing:

Mary - Radio Edit - 4:04
Mary - Album Version - 4:40

The credits include the following:

Recorded and Mixed by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek
Produced by Tori Amos
Vocals and Piano - Tori Amos
Drums - Matt Chamberlain
Bass - Jon Evans
Guitars - Mac Aladdin
Background Vocals - Tori Amos, Chelsea Laird, Alison Evans, Jon Astley, Matt Chamberlain, Jon Evans, Duncan Pickford

I found the fact that all those people contributed to the background vocals, included Tori's chef Duncan, to be fascinating!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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