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Tori is part of the new book "Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life"

Updated Thu, Sep 18, 2003 - 4:03am ET

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A book about Kevyn Aucoin by Kerry Diamond called "Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life" was just published in September 2003 by Atria Books. (You can order this book and find out additional details from The book includes photos of Tori and quotes from her about Kevin.

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Here is a report on the book from Devan Jones:

The new book about Kevyn Aucoin is out now. It's called "Kevyn Aucoin: A Beautiful Life". It's very well done, a lovely tribute to a gifted man. It is indeed chocked full of Tori photos. Lot's of Strange Little Girl photos, and other stuff that we have seen before. However there are a lot of little never before seen photos. (VERY NICE) It's more than photos, there are quotes from Tori about Kevyn and vice versa. There is a really nice story about how she met him and so on.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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