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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's September 3rd concert in Orlando, FL

Updated Thu, Sep 04, 2003 - 3:26am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Orlando, FL concert. The Orlando show featured Sweet Dreams, Carbon (solo), Smells Like Teen Spirit (solo), Girl, Take To The Sky (with parts of Muhammad My Friend instead of I Feel The Earth Move), Pretty Good Year and Pandora's Aquarium. If you were at this show I would love to see your review on the Dent. I am on the road seeing Tori now, so please post your reviews in the Concert Reviews Forum if you can. You can still email me with reviews as well, but it may take me a little longer to post them.

More Details

Tori performed in Orlando, FL on Wednesday, September 3, 2003 at the UCF Arena. Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 7:00PM.

Set List

The following set list comes from Mikewhy, who phoned in from the show to Cynthia who kindly posted it on the Dent.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Dreams
Black-Dove (January)

Band Leaves

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Silent All These Years

Band returns

Doughnut Song
Upside Down
Take To The Sky/Muhammad My Friend
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Space Dog
Pretty Good Year

2nd Encore

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Pandora's Aquarium
Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Mikewhy:

Michael passed along a few notes when he phoned in the setlist:
- Before Rattlesnakes, Tori *clearly* started to play Bells For Her (he stressed how obvious it was), and seconds in, she stopped, then played an improv where she sang, "I feel a change coming," and then went into Rattlesnakes.
- During Take To The Sky, Tori didn't do the I Feel the Earth Move part near the end, instead replacing it with lines from Muhammad My Friend. She sang the "back in Bethlehem" line and followed it with "back in this world, back in the USA" and then repeated "back in the USA" several times.

Full review

Tonight's show in Orlando was really good. Tori appeared to be in an emotional mood, and she gave some great facial expressions during the show. There were some amazing surprises tonight as well.

After Siren, Tori greeted the crowd and said, "When they asked me after all those months of touring where do you want to end up..." then Tori started singing an improv which included the words, "Where it's sticky... where it's easy to get sweet things... summer breeze all year round... He showed me things I never did feel... down here all the way where it's sticky." Then she introduced Jon and Matt.

After Cornflake Girl, Tori began what was obviously Bells For Her. But she very quickly stopped playing it and began an improv that included the words, "I feel a change coming...snakes here in my head... I feel the change coming on back... to my old plan... I feel change coming on in the wind.... through the whole land from California to Florida... there's a change coming up I feel... across the land... in people's hearts.. I feel a change coming on..." Tori then did Rattlesnakes. People tell me that Rattlesnakes was on the written set list, so Tori must have decided to do Bells instead after writing the set list, and then changed her mind again.

Sweet Dreams was so fun tonight. Tori sings things like "Who's your daddy" and even "yee haw" during the song. While I am not 100% sure, someone mentioned that Sweet Dreams originally referred to the elder George Bush with the 5 billion points of light comment. Now that George junior is president, that could be one of the reasons that Tori uses the "who's your daddy" line.

Secret time was really emotional tonight. Carbon was a nice surprise, but it was Smells Like Teen Spirit that really surprised people. It was so nice to hear this again, and Tori ended the song really strongly nailing the high notes and really wailing. It was my favorite moment of the show.

Tori has been performing Doughtnut Song a lot lately, but I did not complain because it is such an emotional ride. Tori also did Upside Down and Girl which are very enjoyable.

Tori then did something very unexpected during Take To The Sky. Normally, Tori does a bit of "I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet" near the end of the song. This time, she shocked everyone by singing bits of "Muhammad My Friend" instead. It was very well done, and she even added some new parts. She did sing "back in Bethelem", but also sang, "Back in this world " and "Back in the USA". Most people seem to think that Tori changed this part of the song due to the fact that she might tape it for the DVD during the upcoming West Palm Beach show, and she does not have copyright clearance to use "I Feel The Earth Move."

Tori began the first encore with Space Dog, without the solo Andromeda improv. Then she did a really nice Pretty Good Year, which has been rather rare lately. At one point she changed the words to "Pretty she is, pretty she can be".

Pandora's Aquarium was a bit of a surprise during the second encore, and Voodoo and Damage were wonderful as always.

This show had a few surprises, a lot of emotion, and lots of energy. It will be interesting to see how things will change or stay the same tomorrow, when Tori is in West Palm Beach and taping live for a possible DVD release.

Tori did have Butterfly on her written set list, but she substituted it with Silent All These Years.

From Gina Watson:

I just returned from the Orlando show, it was really awesome! I sat right behind Tori's parents, they were so cute and very gracious to all of the people wanting to take pics with and talk to them!

Hated the venue, and all of the stair-tromping beer drinkers were very distracting.

But Tori had fantastic energy...esp liked the Florida improv "where would you like to end your tour? I said ohhh BABY, where its sticky..." and the rest about how there are sweet things, and always a summer breeze.

I also noticed the Bells For Her switch into the "Change" improv....this was a very powerful moment in the show for me, as I have been going through so many changes myself as of late. I could tell by her intensity that this was a total improv moment...

Also, Teen Spirit was GREAT, the last note of "denial" held for soooo long. And Matt and John (is that his name? sorry, its late) blend with Tori so incredibly. It struck me esp during Doughnut Song and Precious Things, I have never heard a bass that added so much to a song, his playing is very unique.

There were so many great moments that I can't write about them all. I was just glad to see her as I haven't since 98! I am very jealous of those of you who get to take in so many shows! ;-)

From Ryan Smith:

Tonight was my one and only show for the On Scarlet's Walk/Lottapianos tours, and it was breathtaking. The show was not very upbeat or high-energy, but it was emotional and powerful. Tori sounded great, even though the sound in the UCF Arena leaves much to be desired.

Ben Folds was incredible. I only knew a couple songs by him and I actually dreaded sitting through an hour-long set, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. He is funny and plays powerful piano. I loved watching him slam his arm onto the low notes and making the seats in the arena rumble underneath us. He played a couple funny songs and told a few great stories. I can't wait til his new EP comes out in a couple weeks -- one of the songs he played from it was great. Something about a guy's boring life. Also, he played "Song for the Dumped" in a minor key instead of a major key, and sang the last chorus in Japanese. Funny stuff.

Tori was cute tonight. My view was a little obstructed when she first walked out because some girls were holding up "Happy Birthday" signs they'd made. Our seats were in the center section, about 8 rows back, and I literally was right in the middle. Tori was directly in front of me and I could see the piano and keyboards perfectly when she played them. I couldn't have ASKED for better seats, so that made my night great by default I think :)

Wampum Prayer- I could barely hear this at all. Recorded, standard, blah. Let's move on.

A Sorta Fairytale- When she hit the first couple notes on the piano I think my heart stopped. I know the song is really overplayed at this point, but I didn't care. It was still beautiful anyway. I like the guitar sample in it -- it adds depth to the song compared to the earlier versions this year.

Pancake- With the "Ohio" bridge. You couldn't hear her piano too well over the drums during the bridge, but it was still beautiful. Tori hiked her leg up on the bench at the beginning, which was cute.

Siren- This song was great tonight. It was a little slower and more mellow than usual, but the end was pretty solid and the drums sounded great. I was a little nervous because I wasn't real thrilled with the MP3 I heard of this from a previous show, but I guess sometimes you just have to be there.

Cornflake Girl- My cousin went with me and this was one of his favorite songs. I was glad she played it because I think it was a highlight of the show for him. I love the piano intro to this song. The little tongue-roll thing she does in this song is always cute.

Rattlesnakes- Tori started playing Bells For Her, then I saw her say something into her mic that was not heard over the speakers, and then she started an improv with lyrics that went something like, "I feel a change coming on... all the way across the land, from California to Florida..." It was a fairly lengthy, beautiful improv. Then she started Rattlesnakes. This song was pretty mellow but it was great. I'm so glad she played it, it's one of my favorites from SLG (and I like it better than BFH).

Sweet Dreams- She grinned really big one time during the "Who's your daddy??" part which was cute. This song is fun with the band.

Black Dove (January)- I love this song. I play it over and over again on certain bootlegs. The drums were great tonight. This was one of three songs (including Rattlesnakes and Sweet Dreams) to mention snakes tonight. I didn't think much of it, but my cousin brought it up after the show.

Wednesday- Upbeat and fun. She seemed to really draw out the piano parts between the verses.

Carbon (solo)- I was surprised that there was no story and no improv at this point in the show, like there always seems to be (especially before Carbon). As soon as she started playing this song I knew what it was. I'm glad this song came to Orlando tonight. It was so pretty. My worst fear was that I'd get Leather here, lol.

Smells Like Teen Spirit- I froze in my chair. Tonight's performance of this was perfect and definitely one of the highlights of the show. She really belted out the "Yes, a denial" part at the end. She whispered several parts of it, including one of the "with the lights out" parts.

Silent All These Years- My cousin and I laughed when we heard the opening notes to this one. We always talk about the Molly Shannon/Saturday Night Live parody of this song, and how much we love it. He asked me, "Do you think she'll get into it like Molly Shannon does in the parody?" Well, she didn't :) but it was still gorgeous.

Doughnut Song- I was hoping for Your Cloud here, but I love Doughnut Song too. Hey, it beats Crucify! *wink* She did the "Come in, Houston" improv like she did in 2001.

Upside Down- I didn't recognize this until she started playing the piano. I didn't like the MP3 of this when I first heard it, but actually experiencing it live shed new light on it. It was powerful and new with the band. I prefer it solo I think, but it's really like a different song when she plays it this way. I do like the drums though.

God- Before this song (or at least I'm pretty sure it's this song), Tori crossed her feet and leaned back on the bench, sticking her feet up in the air (like the picture from the PBS Soundstage website). It was cute. God was good tonight. I miss the "You dropped the bomb on me, Jesus" improv, but it was still a nice treat. :)

Girl- This was pretty basic, ala Venus live, but she did add some cool extra little piano notes to the beginning of the song.

Take To The Sky/Muhammad My Friend- Woohoo! This was a lot of fun. Screw everyone who hates clappers at concerts, I paid my $45, I wanted to have fun. We all clapped along while Tori slapped the Bosey. I love the band version of Take to the Sky. I was waiting for the "I Feel the Earth Move" improv, but imagine everyone's surprise when she launched into "Muhammad my Friend" instead! A bunch of people on the floor got up out of their chairs and started dancing along. Muhammad was really cool, even if it was only a little taste of it. How long's it been since this song came to a show? Five years?

I Can't See New York- Pretty standard, but I love to watch her play the keyboard and the piano at the same time. She really drew this one out and slowed it down considerably compared to the album version.

Precious Things- Great as usual. The piano is so wonderful in this song. She did the crotch-grab during the "giiiiiirl" part tonight. Lights were flashing on Matt during this song, and from where we were sitting, his silhouette looked like an alien because his head was next to one of the cymbals... so his shadow had this huge oblong alien head. It was eerie but hysterical. I had a hard time watching Tori because I wanted to see the alien play the drums...

Space Dog- I was a little disappointed that we didn't get the "So sure those girls..." intro to this, but that's okay. I think this song is so great live. The "deck the halls" part was perfect. Tori came out and danced around a little before she sat at the piano and played the song.

Pretty Good Year- PERFECTION. It was very much like the 98/99 performances. It was mostly Tori and Jon (playing upright bass), with Matt during the bridge and also a tiny bit of percussion for the last verse. Every note of the song was amazing. This was probably THE BEST part of the show for me.

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo- This song was fun, but still pretty standard for this tour. Tori made some cute gestures during this one. At the beginning she came back onstage and danced around in front of Jon, then skipped across the stage with a big smile on her face and danced in front of Matt. She looked like a caffeine-laced five year old -- it was so cute.

Pandora's Aquarium- Beautiful piano intro. The high notes sounded great. The end wasn't one or two long, drawn out "sound" parts, but instead multiple small ones, higher and higher each time. The last long "Paaaaaaaaandooooooooooraaa" was great.

Putting The Damage On- I thought Pandora was the closer, but we were fooled. Damage was quiet and sad tonight. The "I'm trying not to move" part made me sad. Overall, it was nice, though not what I'd wanted to hear as a closer.

I don't think I have any complaints about the show, except that maybe the sound isn't so hot in the arena. The audience was well-behaved and respectful, Ben was a great opener, I had amazing seats, and the set was emotional and surprising in some ways. I wish I were going to be in West Palm to see her again, and experience the last show, but I have to go back to work sometime. :) I hope everyone that went to Orlando had fun, and I hope West Palm is a perfect ending to a long year of touring.

From Jody Hodges:

I travelled 2 hours from Gainesville to see Tori perform last night in Orlando. I have been to at least one show on each tour ever since the 98 Plugged tour, from Orlando and Kissimmee to Jacksonville and Clearwater, but not one show I have attended even comes close to how good the show was last night. Tori was just ëon.í Everything about the show last night was absolutely surreal. I will try not to touch on what others have already posted.

I have never seen Tori move around so much. She was full of life last night, often getting up from the piano, even doing a little dancing away from the piano. I recall reading over some prior posts from other shows that the band drowned out her voice, and the effects that were used on her voice, like the echoing, took away from the rawness. I couldnít disagree more. As every true artist does in his or her career, Tori is experimenting with the sound. I think it was effective in achieving a sense of enchantment. Unlike in the past, I totally appreciate the band now. It was such a full sound and really accompanied her well, without destroying the effect of her unique voice.

Reiterating what others have posted (I know, I said I wouldnít), Smells Like Teen Spirit was a "moment." Iíve never seen that performed live, so it was special, especially since it was followed by Silent All These Years. Carbon was surprisingly beautiful and entrancing with just the piano. During the songs in which Tori and the band get more emotional and louder at some points, the lights on the stage would brighten, while the lights on the crowd would slowly shine, as if the entire place was on fire. It was just surreal.

From rhienna:

ben folds came out right at 7pm. he resembled an indie nick cave in looks, clad in glasses and scruffy hair. i recognized a handful of his songs, but could not tell you the titles. he was very talkative, and a lot of the crowd [on the floor, anyway] seemed to be big ben folds fans. he talked about not finishing his english degree, and some sort of contract he had when he was in music school to finish a certain number of songs in order to start selling his music [one lyric i remember was "1 down and 4.6," indicating the rest of the songs he had to "bullshit"]. what an incredible pianist, and a clever writer! i really enjoyed his performance. at one point he had the audience sing in 3-part harmony along to his songs; he got a little carried away with himself as he stood on the piano top. but he was a great act, and i'm very interested to hear more of his music.

so there was the in between time, which was spent watching the crew set up tori's stage. the backdrop [for the first half, anyway] was different than the leaf girl of scarlet's walk--appeared to be some sort of native american/tribal black and white pattern with symbols.

fast forward a bit...the lights went down. tori, offstage, sang "wampum prayer," then came out for "a sorta fairytale." she looked amazing; was wearing some sort of light teal scarf, something white with navy [or black] polka-dots, some sort of jean capris underneath it all, and the cutest black rhinestoned shoes [i had binoculars to catch all the details: we were on the floor, far right, about 9 or 10 rows back]. she looked great, and seemed energetic.

it was absolutely incredible. tori had a lot of energy, and seemed in really high spirits. i was surprised to hear so many "older" tori songs, and so many of my favorites to boot!

noteworthy toriphile things:

*improv before "rattlesnakes" was something about things changing, from california to florida [repeated over and over], then something about "you know she's gonna shed her snakeskin"...

*"sweet dreams" was a complete pleasure to hear. i was so happy, and tori seemed positively bouncy to be playing it. ironically, she also played pretty much the entire winter single [except "the pool" which isn't really playable]!

*"carbon" [solo] was incredible. to be honest, this is not one of my favorite songs off of scarlet's walk, but she did an incredible version, very slowed down.

*i was completely shocked to hear "smells like teen spirit." i actually was listening to the crucify single earlier in the day, and it occurred to me how "slts" had sort of become an obselete tori cover. i spoke too soon...

*"take to the sky/mohammed my friend" was full of energy, and a nice transition between the two. the crowd on the floor really responded once she got into "mmf."

*"i can't see new york" was honestly a little out of place, considering the rest of the set. i must admit: i'm really not crazy about this song, but i fully expected to hear it, as she's played it every show. i think it worked, though, in getting the audience sort of calmed down, and almost somber.

*during "pretty good year" tori changed the lyrics a bit to "pretty she is," which i can only assume was referring to tash. she only did it once or twice, but it was beautiful, and she did an amazing job with ths song [as always]. another one of my favorites.

*i thought "pandora's aquarium" would be the last song, but tori played "putting the damage on" last, which was the one song i was absolutely dying to hear [again] live. i couldn't believe it.

*the backdrop changed sometime mid-show, i think when the boys came back on stage. tori had the leaf-girl backdrop again at this point.

*i noticed tori seemed tighter tonight. in light of recent shows i've seen [where there has been a lot of shouting, talking, "i love you's!" and the like] she seems like she's tightened up the spaces to prevent that kind of thing. there were only 2 real silences, and they were very brief. it makes me cringe to think someone's going to shout something out, so it was nice to hear tori, uninterrupted.

*tori talked very little. there was some sort of mention of "them" asking her where she wanted to go [presumably, on tour] and she broke into a little tune about a place where it's "sticky down there" and sweet...i can't remember, but i think this was one of the only things she said.

*the setlist was incredible. tori had a lot of energy, and i was so moved by each and every song. she seemed in really good spirits, too. everything had a bounce to it, a positive-ness. it was a wonderful wonderful show.

From Joe Jenkins:

Tonight's show was spectacular. I was closer than I was in Jacksonville by a few rows or feet anyway. The seating was closer to the stage overall than it was in Jacksonville. I was in the Center "C" section, Row H with 3 friends so I had an excellent perspective of the show from my seats. I saw Ben Folds perform live for the first time which was quite good. I have always liked Ben with his stint in "Ben Folds Five" and his solo career. He was, as always, entertaining and seemingly a great crowd warmer for Tori, although it was obvious that many of the people in the crowd in didn't know many of the songs. I was a little disappointed with the crowd in the "sing-a-long" parts which further showed that the crowd was definitely not versed in Ben Folds' music.

Tori came out to Wampum Prayer and a sorta fairytale just as she did when I saw her in Jacksonville back in February which is, might I add, an EXCELLENT way to begin her show. It builds the excitement with just her voice and then you are graced with her tiny presence on stage.

Next Tori played 'Pancake/Ohio' which was something I hadn't heard live, or recorded live, before and was thankful to hear something different. She was pretty consistent throughout the song and a lot of the crowd seemed confused as to what she was playing but as she progressed more and more people got into the groove.

Siren was amazing. I was so happy to finally hear this one live! I nearly slid off my seat and can recall clutching the seat in front of me, as others did, listening to this one.

After Siren Tori talked briefly about why she wanted to end the tour in Florida. She sang a sweet little improv about Florida. She only talked about it in the Jacksonville show and this was just pretty sweet.

Of course, Cornflake Girl, was tons of fun as always. The whole arena seemed to bop along with Tori during the little piano solos throughout. Jon and Matt were trading looks the whole time on stage pushing things along. Tori sent some great looks to center crowd where I was sitting several times. Just too cute.

She started Bells for Her and then went into Rattlesnakes with an improv "I feel a change coming on..." Mikewhy seemed to capture the lyrics as I remember them. Rattlesnakes itself is a soothing song to me. I sat through this whole song eyes-closed just letting it flow through me. I remember hearing the girl behind me saying, "He's got the right idea."

The next three in the first band series, Sweet Dreams, Black-Dove and Wednesday fit together so well. I happen to love Sweet Dreams and Black-Dove so it's awesome to hear your favorites live. I didn't catch the "thousand points of light" reference but did hear the "Yee Haw" and "Who's your daddy" which was pretty fun. I didn't really take too well to Wednesday until her I heard it live in Jacksonville back in February and saw the energy for myself. It was an experience.

Jon and Matt left leaving Tori alone on the stage with some soft lighting. She rounded out her solo set with Carbon, with was breathtaking AND surprising without the band, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Silent All These Years. In SLTS she was nailing the "Oh Denial" part at the end and annunciating very clearly which really made the song hit hard with a lot of the crowd. I know at least half my row was in tears or close after this song. And to top it off she throws in SATY which finished some people off. It was so beautiful and quite possibly one of the best live renditions of it I've heard.

When the band came back to Doughnut Song I fell in love with this live version of it. I've always liked this song and wondered why it was never all that popular with people but the lyrics speak for themselves.

After that she flowed into Upside Down which is fairly popular in her live sets which was wonderful and then God and Girl. My friend Kate next to me was beaming with excitement from hearing Girl which is one of her favorite songs and there was a resounding excitement through the crowd when she started it.

Tori performed one of my favorites, Take to the Sky with Muhammad My Friend and some nice twists in the lyrics near the end singing "Back in this world" and "Back in the USA" in place of "Back in Bethlehem." When she started the Muhammad My Friend portion of the song many of the girls in the front two rows got up to dance as well as some spotty parts throughout the arena of dancers. She followed this up with an emotional ride with I Can't See New York and Precious Things, again dragging at everyone's emotions.

The first encore was awesome with Space Dog and Pretty Good Year. Towards the end of Pretty Good Year it seemed as though Tori was struggling getting the words out (emotional?) which made it all the more entertaining.

The second encore opened with In The Springtime of His Voodoo to which the crowd loved and then she shocked us a little with Pandora's Aquarium. Not a really widely known song among the casual Tori listeners, but was enjoyed bu the true fans. She closed the night with one of my favorites, Putting the Damage On. Even without the brass parts there was an amazing energy in this song. I loved it.

Some general observations: The arena sounded really good from my seats. I talked to some people today who were farther back and said that the typical "arena echo" was a little annoying but it looked and sounded like the speakers they were using were exceptional for this type of venue. The seats themselves were annoyingly zip-tied together which made seating fairly uncomfortable until we broken the sears apart so we could all spread out a bit. Overall I was pleased with the concert and left markedly happy from the convert but drained as all Tori shows for me play with my emotions.

From Pandochild:

Wow! Tori was great wednesday night in orlando. me and my friend Sarajane who had only been to one other Tori show together in 99. got there right around 840 got in our seats. and enjoyed the show. for me Upside down was so nice to hear and sounded really good and Girl was also wonderful. Space Dog Rocked too. for me and Sarajane it was nice to hear Pandora again! all and all it's been good seeing Tori 8 times this past tour! didn't get to meet alot of people maybe next time!

From Kristy:

I am finally back from both the UCF and West Palm Beach concerts and all I can say is HOLY CRAP times a million! I swear every time I see Tori perform I say to myself that there is no way she can top her performance from that night. But then I will go see her again and she always seems to amaze me!

Ok first the UCF concert. I was really happy with the setlist ot the UCF concert because Tori played a lot of songs I have never heard live before! I love the fact that A Sorta Fairytale has even become more mellow since the last time I saw her in New Orleans. I love her mellow songs! I am sure you have all seen the setlist on the Dent by now, but I thought the setlist was amazing! I really enjoyed everything she played! I really like the upbeat version of Upside Down. I thought the band was a nice complement to the song and I am sure that is going to be one of the songs on her greatest hits album so I am really excited about that. I absolutely love Carbon as a solo! I had never heard that before tonight and it was just gorgeous! Also I about died when I hear Dougnut Song! I love that song and I was really hoping she would play it since I have never heard it live before. I also got to hear my one of my absolute favorites from Tori which was Putting the Damage On! I about melted when I heard that! I have never heard that one live and I was hoping so much that she would play it and low and behold it was the last song of the night!

Tori did a cute little improv early on in the show. She said that someone had asked her where she wanted to end the tour and she told them Florida of course because she loves it there because of the heat! Then she started singing about how she loves it hot and sticky and she wants to be where it is always hot and sticky and then something about how "he" showed her things she never knew where it was hot and sticky. I guess the he is probably her husband Mark. It was a very seductive kinda improv.

Now there were so many points during the show that I enjoyed so much but I would have to say the song that left the biggest impression on me was her cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. I seriously can't stand Nirvana because I think they are so overrated and only got as much hype as they did because of Kurt Cobain's death, but I love Tori's version of the song because you can understand the words she is singing and they really are haunting. I had goosebumps the entire way through this one because of the way she was singing it! She would whisper the "with the lights out it's less dangerous, here we are now entertainers" part and then sing really loud the "I feel stupid and contagious" part. Then I have never heard her sing like this before, but at the end where she repeats "oh denial" over and over again she was actually wailing it throughout the area! It was absolutely breathtaking! It was so quiet in there you could have heard a pin drop! Everyone just sat there amazed and stunned afterwards and then there was a roar of an applause! It was INCREDIBLE!

Tori was really, really energetic tonight and her performance was BRILLIANT! She seemed like she was in a really good mood the entire night and she moved around on the piano and danced so much before some of the songs! It was a fantastic show!

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Posted by: Cynthia

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