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Sightings: Australian Idol Contestant performs "Winter"; "Talula" played on World News Now

Updated Tue, Aug 26, 2003 - 12:56am ET

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I added two new Tori Amos Sightings, including an Australian Idol contestant who performed "Winter" on TV and "Talula" being played in ABC's World News Now.

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Australian Idol Contestant performs "Winter"

On the Tv show Australian Idol (similar to American Idol in the U.S.) a semi-final contestant by the name of Yolande Jackson performed "Winter" as her song. ( She performed alongside John Foreman on piano.) You can watch her perform "Winter" online on the Australian Idol web site. As we found out later, she did not make the finals of the show.

Thanks to Trent Titmarsh, Daniel Nolan, Sam (PrinceAdam), and Matt Pavich for letting me know about it.

"Talula" on ABC World News Now

Sarah tells me that ABC's World News Now on August 22, 2003 showed people with birthdays that day, and they mentioned Tori.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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