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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's August 23rd concert in Wantagh, NY

Updated Sun, Aug 24, 2003 - 3:04am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Wantagh, NY concert. The show included Running To Stand Still (solo), Virginia, Girl and Sweet Dreams. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. You can also post about your concert experience at the Concert Reviews Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible.

More Details

Tori performed in Wantagh, NY on Saturday, August 23, 2003 at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater. Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 7:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Take To The Sky
Cornflake Girl

Band Leaves

Cloud On My Tongue
Running To Stand Still

Band returns

Bells For Her
Professional Widow
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Sweet Dreams

2nd Encore

Amber Waves
Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page and Karolyn:

Karolyn said that Tori seemed rather low energy for this performance, and the crowd seemed that way as well. Tori skipped one song on her written set list. She was supposed to perform Siren as the first of three songs for the second encore, but skipped it.

According to Matt, Tori did one improv, and that is when she forgot her intro to Bells For Her. Tori was looking to Matt waiting for him to start, and Matt was looking to Tori, waiting for her to start. Tori was the one who was supposed to start, and when she realized this, she did an improv which included something about her age and forgetting stuff.

From Meghan:

I just got back from the concert at Jones Beach theatre and I thought it was great. The weather was perfect for an outdoor show. Tori sounded terrific as did Matt and Jon. As an unexpected bonus during the first part of the set was a fireworks display off in the distance to the left of the stage. Of course this was not a planned part of the show but it was fun anyways.

From Joyce:

I disagree with the low energy comment. >From the beginning Tori was really into the show. Pancake had a strong Ohio bridge. And to go against the idea that no one was into the show, during the "I Feel the Earth Move" part of Take to the Sky, a bunch of people in the front stood up and danced. She performed a powerful ending to Crucify, repeating "crawled my way back" several times.

The improv was funny, Tori said something along the lines of "When you're 40 you forget your setlist." It was very cute, and at least 2 minutes long. Professional Widow was forceful, with lots of energy. And seeing as there is a sound curfew at Jones Beach at 11 PM, the show would have gone over had she played Siren.

The only disappointing thing is that hardly anyone stood up during the encores. Tori also mentioned that this was one of her "favorite places to play" before her introduction of the band.

From Keith:

During the intro to a sorta fairytale it sound like there was an added almost made the beginning unrecognizable.. Also Tori's break into Ohio during Pancake was extra powerful and she repeated the "saw her dead on the ground" verse more then she usually does...During Sweet Dreams she kept interjecting "Who's your daddy" which was cute and funny of course...And the energy was weird tonight...The set list felt very serious, political and angry/sad. Tori went from ASFT right into pancake and it almost felt like we were being scolded or having a serious talk (like a parent would). I say this two because of the strength of the Neil Young improv...During New York Tori seemed almost disappointed and sad....

THE BAD: Some a**hole kept shining a laser pointer pen onto the stage...

From Ari Berenstein:

I attended the show at Jones Beach as well as last night at PNC Bank Arts Center... First off, I disagree with the "low energy" vibe comment completely. The show was super intense and I think for the most part that intensity meant more people listening to the songs carefully--in fact the intensity of her show matched up completely with the serene atmosphere and cool breeze that swept through the Ampitheatre. Plus, t here was plenty of dancing during both Take to the Sky and Sweet Dreams... The intensity level was surprising considering how relatively loose tori was during her birthday set--she was smiling alot more in that show, but in this show had alot more fire and brimstone in her stage mannerisms (and that's a plus in my book). Of the two shows I attended this time around I personally enjoyed Tori's show tonight at Jones Beach... I felt conversly about Ben's sets...his set at PNC was more fun and had more fans (including non Ben fans) into his play along / sing along routine... dissapointed that the people in Jones Beach weren't more receptive to him while he was playing but I heard many people say during the intermission that they were impressed with his a both a huge Ben and Tori fan (although I was Tori's first) that does my heart proud... Regarding Tori's Jones Beach set, I was sitting down for most of it but i don't think my jaw popped back into place until the end of the show... Just a note since I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet but 'tash could be spotted dancing along with her nanny off to the side of the stage (almost backstage) during Pancake... the solo songs were extremely beautiful and well performed-her U2 cover has to be heard to be believed... other highlights included Virginia, Take to the Sky, Tombigbee (so much fun to listen to that song), Pro Widow (the best rock out moment in her show next to Precious Things) and of course Sweet Dreams in the encore. The only down point is the dissapointment in hearing about Siren being dropped off the encore since that's what my friends and I hyped each other up for hearing that song... but c'est la vie... overall a Tori show that was definetly worth the trip to Long Island.

From Kristine:

I have been following Tori since 1994 and have seen her too many times to count. This was a good show, but not Tori's greatest. The atmosphere of the venue was wonderful, especially with the fireworks in the background, and it gave the performance a feeling of mysticism. Tori, of course, sounded amazing! She always does.

I absolutely agree with the low energy comment. Tori did not have her usual fire during this performance. It seemed as if she was mentally someplace else during the first set. I thought she appeared tired, which is totally understandable considering the length of this tour; after all, she is only human.

Although I love the songs she played during the first set, I want to see her play some different material, perhaps from Choirgirl or TVAB. The absolute high point of the night for me was definitely Professional Widow, which was AMAZING!!!! Words cannot describe how amazing!!! I have never seen this song performed before so I was blown away. Other great moments, Bells for Her, Putting the Damage On, Cloud on My Tongue, Running to Stand Still and Cooling were all so beautiful. Sweet Dreams was very cool also.

One final note: I can't believe Siren was cut from the encore!!! I would have loved to see her perform it. Oh well, maybe on her next tour--I can't wait!

From MetroJoe82:

I too disagree with the low energy comment. "Pancake/Ohio," "Professional Widow," "Virginia," and "Girl" were very, very intense. Matt's drumming tonight was probably the best I've ever seen. Tonight was a total rock show. I will say that "Cooling" seemed out of place in the set and I was REALLY looking forward to finally hearing "Siren" (she soundchecked it along with "Riot Poof," but did not play either). But Tori's piano playing was rather fantastic and, like I said, Matt's drumming was unreal. "Running to Stand Still" was beautiful--she sang the "she is raging" part with this slight rasp to her voice that made it all the more heartbreaking. "Crucify," as always, was a treat, if only for the freak-out, "I have crawled my way back" finale. And, finally, I think "Precious Things" has returned to being the quintessential band song--loud drums, ripping bass, lots of energy. And what constitutes low energy? A crowd that's not screaming inappropriately and talking in my ear? Gimme some of that anytime...

From Abnormalcy:

The other reviewers did a perfect job, but i thought i would add that durring precious things, there was a butterfly flapping around by the drummer. It was magical.

From flear:

this show, i thought was really great. there was more, "strong energy" than "high energy" (if that makes any sense). the atmosphere was very beautiful, with the butterfly fluttering around during a couple of songs, and the wind..and tori mentioning it was one of her favorite places in the world. she looked amazing when the wind blew her sleeves and hair back during the end songs. also, i was sitting way to the left, and thats where the tour buses were, and thats also where tash was, she was hanging out even before the show climbing up and down some rail thing by the water..she was very cute, and very barefoot. i also have a buddy that does concert security for all clear channel events so he was there last night, and told me that tori specifically requests that there be no security between the stage and the audience. he also let me know that she had complained backstage before leaving for her first encore about the asshole with the laser pointer...somebody with a red laser pointer was pointing at the big screen, as well as at matt (or, "matty" as tori's been refering to him, hehe) for a good portion of the show. so whoever it was gets a big "fuck you" from the rest of us. ok, hope i didnt write too much. if anyone has the exact words to the improv please, do tell (something with turning forty, forgetting your setlist and turning to "matty" and he responds with 'what the fuck...').

the little tin dish was filled with could see on the big screen when she would open her mouth the gum would be molded onto her back teeth, i guess to hold back during songs...thought i'd point it out.

From Matthew Daniels:

This was overall a good show, but I was disappointed that not one song off of choirlgirl or TVAB was sung. I also disagree about the low energy level tori had that night. She was amazing. Especially during professional widow. I was surprised to hear it that night and was also surprised by her doing Sweet Dreams. The little improv she was playing about turning 40 was very cute. And the a**hole with the laser pointer was just rude, as was the girl a few rows from us getting up and dancing to cornflake girl and standing up and dancing around to some of the other songs. But I was not at all disappointed in Tori's overall performance. She was wonderful. (as always).

From Brent:

I had the chance to catch Tori last night under the beautiful stars at Jones Beach. The breeze blowing the bright sheer sleeves of her dress and clear sky made for such a wonderful experience. One item I noticed missing from the setlist, which was posted on the Dent, was a great little improv song she sang following Cooling. [Note from Mikewhy: I normally do not add improvs to the set lists, but thanks for letting me know more details about it!] ... it was an amazing ode to her 40th year - "fucking up", forgetting setlists, needing lip gloss, and loving matt and john.


Just wanted to add that the butterfly I heard people talking about on stage, was there, onstage the entire show....& yes, it was awesome!

From Dana Horn:

I arrived at the venue early, just as Tori was beginning her soundcheck. I was thrilled to hear her practicing "Siren" several times, and since I'd never heard it live before, it was an amazing experience. Since the crowd wasn't present, Tori's voice was crystal clear and there were no background noises to take away from the music. While I waited for my tickets to come out, I recognized the first few notes of "Girl," and my heart leaped. Lately, that's been my song. It's very telling of where I am right now...

The show itself was amazing. The energy was very different from the previous night in Holmdel, but there was something magical in the air. Even before the show began, you could feel a certain vibe, and as I inhaled the sweetness of the incense perfumed air and the stars reflected off the water, I knew we were in for a great show. The birthday girl wasn't too chatty, quite possibly pooped from her big celebration the night before. However, this didn't take away from her performance one bit. She seemed to be having a great time and the smile on her face as she sang, said it all. I was ecstatic to hear horses, sweet dreams and cloud on my tongue... i knew for a fact that she'd read a letter from me earlier that day. In it, I mentioned that I've been spinning in circles and I've got to stop spinning. Maybe it's a coincidence that she played the song... maybe not... Either way, it meant a lot to me.

A butterfly fluttered over Tori throughout the entire show, and as the ocean breeze bounced off the water, Tori's flowy sleeves blew back and her hair stretched out in the wind. She seemed really comfortable. In my opinion, this was one of the best set lists on the whole tour. I'm really looking forward to Camden on Tuesday, but sad to realize after that, my walk with Scarlet ends until 2005.

From debbie tinnirello:

this show was my last for lottapianos. i have to say i was a little disappointed. i have seen tori a number of times, but this show seemed to be...a "safe" show. she played many of her standard songs for this tour, and there was nothing that was outstandingly wonderful. who can blame her, it was the day after her 40th birthday...

that being said, i loved the show anyway. running to stand still was beautiful. honestly it is probably the best cover i have heard her do. i hope that someone has a recording of this show, just for this song. cooling was a request (which may be why it seemed out of place as someone said).

i was very lucky to have very close seats for this show, which i must admit does make a difference. there are lots of little things that you catch that make a show special that the camera guy who puts the show on the screens might not catch, like one person said, the butterfly on stage, there was a point right before tombigbee where john motioned to tori that she needed more lipgloss which made her laugh. during the intro to girl, matt played a slightly different drum beat than normal which made tori look at him in a panic, worried that he was playing the wrong song, but he was obviously teasing her which also made her laugh.

virginia was a highlight for me b/c it is my favorite scarlet song and it was my first time hearing it live. on the set list, as others have said, siren was axed (honestly it would have been very weird if she had done it after such a low key show) but also next to amber waves it said "happy birthday amber love tori"

one more note...mrs. folds, their daughter and tash (and her nanny) were all on the side of the stage while ben fold was playing (i believe the song is called philosophy) they were all dancing together. it was very sweet. tash and her nanny quickly were ushered backstage after that song.

From Gust:

Hey everybody!!! I was in Tori's concert in Wantagh NY too, and it was amazing!!! Tori's performance, her mood, the water and wind, the butterfly flying around, the band, it all created a magical atmosphere that was indescribable and incredible.

Low Energy? I need you to define what low energy means to you, coz using in my dictionary low energy didn't show up to this concert, just think about professinal widow, tombigbee, precious thingsor putting the damage on (these girls would never let low energy in)

I'm kinda sad that siren was cut from the encore,it could have been awesome to watch her play it that night. Anyway the show was great, and the improv i loved it!!!

I'll be seeing her again in 2 days in Columbia, MD so i'll talk to you guys soon.

From eva (lollipop geestapo):

The show was fantastic. I had soo much fun. It was a 100 times better then the last time Tori played at Jones Beach with the band in 99. Ben Folds was fantastic. I love this man. He was just so fun and brilliant. and i love how he really tries to get the audience to participate and become part of his playing. It was a great setlist and he played a lot of great things that i wanted to hear. i guess i got really lucky. and he also played "Chopsticks", a Liz Phair song. Being a huge Liz fan I really enjoyed that bit. I am still trying to get an exact setlist, Im sure it will come around. The list in my brain has some holes in it. as does everything else in my brain. :) I will definetely be seeing Mr Folds again sometime.

I felt very strange last night at the show. I have no idea as to why but I had such a nice time with it. The whole show was one huge euphoric experience. I felt as if i was high, really high the entire time. Physically my body wasnt on the ground at all but i was very aware of everything. my sense of vision was a bit off but my sense of sound was incredibly altered in a good way. I was very aware of it all. and instead of the sound being around me it just felt like it was living inside of my ears. it all felt very powerful. i was also incredibly excited and i had a lot of energy. there were A LOT of empty seats, poop on the ppl that missed a great show. i guess everyone decided to see Bjork. lol. The people next to me did not move the entire show, i felt bad. they were just so boring, they didnt seem very happy with Alex and I because we were dancing around, singing and having a grand ol time. with that said here is a rundown of the set song by song.

wampum prayer- do i even have to talk about this one? lol. it always sends a shiver down my spine and it is like the calm before the storm. very chilling and exciting moment when it comes on.

a sorta fairytale- this is also obviously an expected song but single shmingle i dont care i love this song sooooo much. it just has a really nice sound to it, and ive always been very attached to it. it always makes me want to cry, esp live.

pancake/ohio- normally this wouldve been one of the songs where i would of just said ok, whatever since i have heard it so many times this tour but tonight it was great. forceful with lots of energy and the Ohio bridge was nice and strong. It was my first time hearing the song with the Ohio part, very exciting. It really was a nice addition to the song and made it very enjoyable.

take to the sky- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new SW version of this song. I was just so sick of this song for a long time, i was just over it but i have found a new respect for it with this new version. It is just so great. It is always very strong and powerful and i find that i could listen to it for hrs. and the Carole King Earth moving under my feet section at the end is really brilliant. good job Tori.

Cornflake Girl- It's a classic what can i say. Its classic piano slays me everytime. I think this is one of those tunes that people just love to hate and it really comes alive at a show. Tori always has a lot of fun playing it and it is great watching her play it.

horses- Horses is one of my all time favorite Tori songs and it also starts of my favorite album of all time. Everytime i hear it i am reminded of the masterpiece that is BOYS FOR PELE and the incredible journey the album takes you on. and i havent heard it in a long time so it was a nice surprise for me. This was also just another emotional section of the show for me, i found myself tearing up a bit.

God- God sometimes you just don't come through. Ive heard this song so many times. It was good to hear it a few times at Radio City in March but i think it shouldve been replaced with something better like Alamo or Upside Down with the band. :)

crucify- Crucify was great but another one of those standards that i have heard so many time. i prefer the SLTversion but i think that tonights version was really great. esp the long emotional crawling my way back portion at the end. i think the ending is always the best part of this song.

wednesday- the set was very standard up to this point. but everyone was playing really well and Tori was very intense so i didnt mind. NY always seems to get really standard sets, i dont know why. Maybe its because she hates us or maybe just because its NY and she has to keep it kinda standard for all of the industry and newspaper types that are in the audience? I also think that in a place like NY there will be more people in the audience that are just moderate Tori fans so maybe she tries to also play something familiar for them where as a random place like Utah or Wisconsin would probably just be chock full of huge philes. thats just my theory. i really have no idea. i like to think i have things figured out. Matt Chamberlain played amazingly the entire night. probably the best ive ever seen him. he is soooo damn sexy. and a great drummer to just stare at when he plays. same thing with Mr John Evans on bass. This man is also very talented and very attractive. Bass and piano are the sexiest instruments hands down. ya ha.

Roadside Cafe
cloud on my tongue- i was very happy to hear this tune because i really dont rememebr when i last heard it or listened to it at home. for some reason i dont listen to the studio version live but i enjoy hearing it live whether i am at the show or listening to a boot. it is always so clear and emotional. and watching Tori play it was a real treat. I have some odd associations with some of the lyrics in the song to when i was really young so the song always brings these things out to the surface.

running to stand still- this song was phantabulous. It is a U2 cover, a tune about a girl with a crippling heroine addiction and her battle with coming clean and then giving in again. i feel very blessed that i got a change to hear it. I could hear every word Tori was singing. It was very intense and emotional and Tori dragged out the she is raging bit at the end with strong rolling roars. The night of the show was the first time i had heard Tori's cover of it, I didnt get a chance to download the other versions from any previous performances. i was so pleased with this. i cant wait to get an mp3 of it.

cooling- hmm. this is one of those other songs we love to hate. but when we hear it live for the most part it is ok. its one of those songs that i have heard at every show ive been to. it was kind of expected almost. i'm kinda over this girl but when she does come out she always manages to pull me back in a tug on my heart strings.

after Roadside Cafe Tori did an adorable improv that was pretty long about forgetting her setlist and that sometimes when you turn 40 you strt to forget this. Im sure it will be online anyday now. :) She mentioned Matt in the improv and how she always looks at him when she forgets her setlist but that he is usually mostly clueless. and then she launched into Bells for Her with the band.

bells for her- this was another one of those tunes that i was really happy to see at the show. i had just listened to it a few hrs before the show and i thought to myself that it would be a nice thing to hear. the band version of this song has really come a long way for me. the song is really important to me and takes me back to my younger days. as Cornflake Girl's other sister we have a deeper connection.

virginia- i was really excited about this song. ive recently grown to really love it so it was another nice surprise for me. and the audience really freaked out when she began to play it. yay.

tombigbee another amazing surprise!! the show was just getting better and better. the show was totally rocking, very intense, and Matt's drumming was just at its best. I consider Tombigbee to be a big brother to Talula so i was glad that this was played. It was my first time hearing it live and I was happy that i got that opportunity. It really was an intense rock out tune and great live.

girl- YES!!! This is another one of my all time favourites. i heard it once at Radio City but i was so so so happy to hear it again. This one was also particularly intense and forceful. I really cant wait to get the recording of this show.

professional widow- This was AMAAZING. It was long with a dark evil hard rock sound and a good intro. a lot of the intros were great, so altered that they made the songs unrecognizable for a moment so it was kind of like hearing little tiny songs in between because sometimes the intros seemed so disconnected from the actual song. anyway this is one of the songs that i have been dying to hear. i had a lot of fun with this and Tori really freaked out on this tune. it was really strong and fierce. this was just a big part of a great lineup.

i can't see new york- this song was expected. always good to hear. always incredibly emotional and moving. i love it when Tori says hunting ground for some reason. this is such a kate bush song..they should sing it together. ;) in which case i would have to go into cardiac arrest.

precious things- well this being my favorite Tori song of all time i have no problem hearing it a lot. actually i go to a show hoping to hear it because this song always has such high energy and really reels the crowd in. this song is just a masterpiece in itself and stands alone up on a pedestal. and the band version of this song really kicks major ass. i loooove the intro, esp the Matt's drumming. it is orgasmic and always reminds me of a smooth tiger creeping through the forest stalking prey. :) the drumming and piano playing is just always incredible on this tune. i also noticed that a butterfly was fluttering around Matt through the entire song. Actually the butterfly was fluttering around the venue and on stage pretty much the entire night. :)

Sweet Dreams- i remember thinking that the intro to this song was strange. and so i had no idea what was coming. but i knew it was going to be good. it took a few moments to click that it was sweet dreams. ace. this song was so fun. from this point on we stood until the end and danced like a bunch of crazies. it was so fun and i was in the perfect mood to hear this song. it is a frequently forgotten song but a great one, especially when you get a chance to hear Tori play it at a show.

rattlesnakes- another marvellous tune. although i prefer this tune solo pretty much it was still nice to hear her. This band version seemed to lack something, i think at the time of the show i thought it was a bit too slow and it felt like it was missing an extra kick. I was kind of hoping to Strange Little Girl herself but Rattlesnakes is just as good since it is my favorite track off of SLG.

Siren was supposed to be played here. what a bummer!! ive been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear Siren, much like Famous Blue Raincoat for a loooong time..really since my first Tori show in 99. It wouldve been a fabulous addition to the set and i have to say that i am extremely disappointed that it didnt come out. but what can ya do. Maybe next time.... oh and Riot Poof was soundchecked but never played!!!! That is another song that is worth cardiac arrest. and god knows what i would do if i ever got to hear DATURA or Famous Blue Raincoat. hmm. i really hope Tori plays Datura for the first time sometime this tour. i am curious as to how she is going to arrange it and pull it off since it def. is a difficult thing to play. i wish i wish i wish

amber waves- this song was very fun. the chorus had a lot of good pep in it so i enjoyed it. it was a good choice off ot SW.

putting the damage on- i was happy to hear another Pele gal come out. you cant go wrong with any of them. damage is always very emotional, er maybe it just one of those songs that automatically gets to me..hmm.. i have to say that secretly i was kind of expecting a third encore so when the lights turned back on i was a little disappointed. i guess i was expecting a big surprise at the end.

the weather was beautyful at the show. it was a really pleasant cool night. i had seats right next to the water on the right side of the stage on the floor. the delicate breeze and comfortable temperature just added to the great euphoric experience. see you in 2005 Tori. :)

From Dana - Torinymph02:

Before the show began Duncan came out on stage with what I'm guessing was fragrance oils which he spread around her bosey & whirley. I could smell the aroma from my seat & a little tin dish of mints or sucking candies~which through out the show Tori would pop into her mouth & smile.

Tori was wearing a colorful outfit of Blue on blue poak a dots, and orange/yellow sleeves. And a cute bluish stilettos.

I got a copy of Tori's set list & next to Amber Waves in parenthesis it says "(HAPPY B'DAY AMBER, LOVE TORI)" ~ thought that was really cute.

With the exception of Horses I wasn't impressed with the first half of the set list.

The Roadside Cafe songs definitely highlighted the theme of the night~ windy/cold

Cloud " all the girls here are Freezing cold"

Cooling "this is cooling faster than I can"

Bells "Blankettes"

The second half of the set list picked up. She did a little improv about forgetting her set list, because she was older then saying "what the fuck" and taking To Matt about him remembering which song to play.

Professional widdow~ exceptional~ Tori applied some extra lip gloss before this one.

Sweet dreams~ sweet surprise.

Rattlesnakes was good~ but I prefer it solo on the bosey.

Amber Waves, Damage~ same ending as Cleveland.

From Julie NYC:

I totally agree with a low-energy show. I think that her performance was wonderful, but it sounded as if her voice was giving out. It sounded throaty and deeper than usual, which I guess is normal if you have been touring for a long time! I was happy to hear her play Sweet Dreams, mainly because I didn't think that she performed that song much. I felt that the concert seemed almost "rushed" as Tori didn't really stop too much to chat with the audience -- but that does make sense, since someone posted info about a sound curfew. I do feel that this concert was longer than usual (no complaints about that)~ I generally don't like Jones Beach ampitheatre because the sound quality never sounds as good when you compare it to indoor venues. I have to say that the audience was the most well-behaved that I've seen in a long time. I didn't really hear too many people screaming during songs, and I didn't hear anyone talking during the songs.

Oh about that red light -- it didn't really bother me since I was looking at the big screens. Reminded me of that Seifeld episode.....

From Gregory Tucker:

I don't understand why people are considering this a low-energy show. I agree that Tori may not have outburst like she usually does, but I would never put "Tori" and "low-energy show" in the same sentence. I don't know what people were talking about with people sitting during the encores, all i could see was a crowd of heads when she came back on.

This is my first time hearing "I Can't See New York", "Cloud On My Tongue", and "Cooling", and I really really enjoyed them. They gave me the chills, especially with the cool breeze. It was a beautiful night, looking out into space and hearing that beautiful voice, the atmosphere couldn't have been better. I do miss the opening of "Precious Things", like she used to have, but who cares, I love everything she does. Very good show, I missed her first time around in 2002, so this show was something that I needed very badly. Ending with "Putting The Damage On" was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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