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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's August 20th concert in Columbus, OH

Updated Thu, Aug 21, 2003 - 2:59am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Columbus, OH concert. Tori's set list included Sweet Dreams, Virginia, Girl, Time (solo), Mr. Zebra (solo), Alamo (with the band!) Mary and Space Dog. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. You can also post about your concert experience at the Concert Reviews Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible.

More Details

Tori performed in Columbus, OH on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at the PromoWest Pavilion. Tori's special guest was Marc Broussard and the show started at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page and John for calling me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Dreams

Band Leaves

Mr. Zebra

Band returns

Alamo (with band)
Sweet Sangria
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Space Dog

2nd Encore

Liquid Diamonds
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page and John:

Tonight's show was really amazing. There were so many different and weird things that happened during the concert. Tori was really energetic tonight, and she did several different improvs.

The main thing was that Tori performed Alamo with the band, which is a first for her. Many people in the audience honestly thought it was Bachalorette at first until she started singing. It had a jazzy feel to it, and it really blew away the audience. At the end, Tori seemed to add lyrics, including "Jack of Diamonds.. where are you?" Tori really seemed to be into the song!

Tori did two different improvs. The first was before she introduced the band and played Cornflake Girl. Someone in the audience shouted "Happy Birthday" to Tori. Tori said something like, "Give me a couple more days... I will still be 39 before then.." and then she started an improv that included words like, "I'm ready for it, bring it on...I'm embracing this..." She also seemed to imply that she and Mark has been intimate lately!

The other improv was before China. She said something about Tash not having a bath since they were in Chicago. Then she had an issue with her dress coming undone (or the belt coming undone, something like that.) A woman came out and fixed it, and while this took place, Tori played the piano in a cutesy manner and sang something like, "My last show at 39... My dress comes undone...funny that...."

After China, Tori started playing a song that was clearly 'Gold Dust'. However, there was some kind of technical glitch causing some weird feedback, and so she kept playing the piano while it was being fixed. She said something about her mom telling her "Don't panic" when those types of things happen, and then she performed Winter. A look at the written set list confirmed that Tori did plan to perform Gold Dust, but then replaced it with Winter instead after the technical problems.

The show was also interesting in that Tori did NOT play God, which has been a staple of this leg of her tour.

From Paul:

I have seen many Tori shows, and one of my "pet peeves" is always the "required" sitting down rule. Well then, this is the first time that I gave up my "good" seat and went to the "cheap" seats (i.e. the lawn) because there everybody was standing up and rocking away! I stayed there until the encores when finally everybody was "allowed" to stand up. (By the way, Promowest Pavilion is a GREAT venue to see a show, truly.)

[Note from Mikewhy: I think the sitting during the main set and standing during the encores is a good compromise. The fact is, when people stand, there is a large number of people who can not see Tori at all because they are short. Also, there are some handicapped people and people with disorders that make standing for 2 hours impossible. And finally there are some people who are there to solely listen and watch Tori, and they prefer to sit. This way everyone can see the show, but there is still time for some stand up and groove songs at the end...]

The show was the best that I have seen on the "Scarlet Walk" tour (3 legs), both because of the song selection and the fact that I was able to stand up, LOL.

I was amazed at Tori's improvisation skills, which were so well demonstrated when her dress became undone and she made up a song out of nowhere about it, I'll call it the "Safety Pin" song. Funny and impressive.

This is also I think the longest show i've seen, 2 hrs 25 min. (from 8:40 Pm to 11:05 PM) Outstanding songs include "Juarez", "Sweet Sangria" and "Hey Jupiter". I was a bit surprised and disappointed that Tori did not play "Pancake/Ohio", this being Ohio after all, but that's the only letdown, if that is the right word.

From Erin Stynchula:

What an amazing show! The best way to describe the show is to say that Tori was very "on" tonight. Everything just flowed well- except for the two little mishaps! On Monday, I won Soundcheck/meet and greet passes from WWCD 101.1 FM for being the first one to identify a Tori song by only a 1/2 second clip. So at about 5:40ish, Joel came out and got the group of about 12 of us and we sat in the front row of chairs. Jon and Matty came out about 5 minutes after we came out, then Tori came out and said a bit about it "being a soundcheck and the purpose is to figure out what songs sound best in the room" then she launched into Sweet Dreams, then Girl. After she sang, we were ushered into the into the indoor part of the venue. To our surprise, Tash and Roselyn, the nanny were playing in there! Joel quickly told them to leave, and they did very quickly. Tori came in a few minutes later and called each pair over to her individually. When we went up to her, she asked us our names then said "Tell me a little something about you." I was absolutely blown away when she said that- I have met many musicians- and none have had an ounce of the sincerity that Tori had. We spoke for nearly ten minutes. When I asked her about her little "vacation" after this tour and what her plans were for it, she said that she really wants to take some time to do things like "take Tash to ballet practice and do some other films and also gather research for her next studio and will return to touring in 2005" In the gift bag I had for her, I had a print of the lyrics to Time and when I asked her if she would play it her eyes lit up and she said that she had forgotten about that girl. A few minutes before the show, a stage crew guy set the lyric sheet in the bed of her piano below her mic. My mom made a request for Gold Dust- which made the setlist but only about 5 chords were played. Other people had requested Mary and China- which were both played

The pre-secret time improv was great- She made it pretty clear both in the meet and greet and in the improv that she is ready for 40, she's just a little sad that she can't be dirty anymore! And as mentioned in the review by Matt Page and John, she did mention that she got some lovin' from Mark that morning! After China- she discovered her dress had broken- while someone was fixing it, she played and did a little improv. She said she hoped it wasn't because the dress was too tight because she's on the "Fucking Atkin's Diet" and has been since before it was fashionable. When she started Gold Dust- there were many gasps throughout the crowd- but then she stopped for piano problems and played Winter in its place. When she started the beginning of Time- I nearly lost it- it was absolutely beautiful. She immediately launched into Mr. Zebra which was oh so cute as usual!

She played 4 B-Sides. Alamo was by far the biggest surprise. Everyone around me thought it was Bachelorette- then she started singing and there were a lot of dropped jaws!! Tori's piano tech. came out and did some percussion along side Matt. At the end of Alamo- most of the front section stood during the applause. Mary was spectacular with the band. Tombigbee was so much fun, she really interacted with Matt and Jon a lot during this one. I was almost sure Liquid Diamonds would be on the list tonight because it was cut from the Cleveland show because of time issues. At the end of Liquid Diamonds, she added a little verse about not being able to fit in every song she wanted to.

The written setlist was followed except for the Gold Dust-Winter swap- which when I got the setlist from Dan the Lightman, he said that he thinks Tori just changes songs around to keep him on his toes!!

From Carbon8l8 - Eric:

"Don't panic," the lady of the night said.

Where do I begin.....We went down to the show around two, on this hot, and bright summer day! In fact it was the hottest day in Ohio this year. We expected a meet and greet but to our surpise she did not have one (only with contest winners. ) Oh well, despite the blistering sun and all, still what an amazing night! Tori had a couple of technical problems and one very bizzare mishap tonight at the show.

Although she had tech. problems and ripped her dress! She managed to handle the unexpected situation with such grace. What a lady. Instead of freaking out like I would of, she sang to us during the frustration. Tori enlightened us on Tash not having a bath since Chicago, her "getting some" the morning of the show, turning 40, and the Adkins diet which she managed to tell us she was into, "before it became fashionable."

Tori sounded amazing tonight, she was very into the crowd. Tori fans in Columbus are so bold and intense! I'm sure they're high energy fans but this show we just couldn't sit still.... And on that note I ask Tori and all of the fans, how can we sit down during a rock song? IT'S TORTURE!!! lol. The crowd managed to be intense but still very humble.

When Tori sang rare live songs like Mary and Sweet Dreams. During those songs I swear I felt like passing out from excitement! I'm sure everyone feels the same. Every song was amazing, and I'm not just saying that, all who gets to see this leg of the tour is exposed to magic. Granted every Tori tour is magic but this tour is so raw and confident, I LOVE IT!

One of the most amazing observations that I made during this crazy and beautiful show, was a plane that flew over the crowd right during the bridge of I Can't See New York! Granted it was a coincidence, but how ironic is it, that during that song the only plane of the night flew over (*chills*) I could go on and on but this free associated posting has to come to a close, this show wore me out and i'm beat!. :) Tori ROCKS SO HARD! ;) My life will forever be complete because the lady of the night accepted my gift of flowers! I will never forget the most beautiful blue eyes looking into mine winking and thanking me! It only seemed right to yell out after she had finally left the stage "thank you Tori" I screamed it so loud I hope all that felt the same and Tori heard me. Tori is more than an "artist" she's a gift to all that hear her! Peace, Love, and blare your Tori :)

From Jennifer:

This was my sixth Tori concert, and I have to say that it was the best show I have ever seen (from Tori or anyone else for that matter)!!! Tori had an extraordinary amount of energy and seemed to be in a great mood tonight, which is amazing just given her relentless touring schedule. I was fifth row center and could see all of her adorable facial expressions. Before secret time, she seemed simply gleeful.

I actually found the two improvs to be the best part of the night. First, the improv about turning fourty (let's call it, "bring it on") and Tash's bath was extremely entertaining! I especially enjoyed the part in which she acknowledged realizing that Tash hadn't had a bath since Chicago, following directly from Tori's distress that she herself couldn't be a "dirty girl" once she turned fourty. Moreover, It is simply amazing how tori can take a potentially nerve-racking situation (such as her dress coming undone) and turn it into a fabulous improv! She is such a gifted performer. Her facial expression when suggesting that her new dress might have been made too small, was priceless.

In addition to the amazing Improvs, the other highlights of the night for me were Sweet Dreams, China, Mary, and Space dog. First, I had not heard the new version of Sweet Dreams with a band before and it was simply rocking...I am hoping this version turns up on an albumn someday. I have heard Tori sing China before, but during tonight's show, I thought she was pitch perfect with this one! And what can one say about "Mary"? This is just a fabulous song live, and fit in perfectly with Tori's seemingly provocative mood. Finally, I enjoyed Space dog almost as much for the looks passing between tori and matt, as for the sheer energy of the song itself. This song is clearly one of Matt's favorites and Tori was grinning at him like, "this one is for you"!

In closing, I must say that this was one fantastic show to end my Tori experience for the tour on. What an amazing year!

From Goddess of Triple E:

this was my third tori concert (i've now officially seen her in all the major "C" cities in ohio, cleveland, columbus, cincinatti) and i have to say that it was not the best. the crowd was amazing (did anyone else see the most adorable little girl dressed like a butterfly/fairy!?!?! we stopped to talk to her and i said "do you like tori?" and she said "YEAAAH." and her adorable hippie mom was like "we LOVE tori." and then the little girl said "yeah, when i was little mom used to sing to me while i was in her belly." i'm not one to gush over the cute factor of little kids, but this little girl was very very special. it was the cutest thing i had seen all night!). the weather was hot but beautiful at night. i was dancing so much i didn't even realize how hot it was until i stopped!

i was in the very back of the lawn right by the sound booth, and when tori asked "is everything ok up there husband?" i turned around and there was MARK! i don't know why i didn't realize he'd be that close, but he's so adorable! my friend elisha had to pee and on the way back she stopped at the lawn railing to watch, and she came and got me and said "you HAVE to come see. tori is so beautiful". now i've seen pictures obviously, but we were SO CLOSE to her when we down there that i started to cry, haha. she is so gorgeous, and i really don't even have to mention the amount of stage presence this woman has!!!

i was very impressed that no one was really smashed because at the other two concerts everyone seemed to have gotten drunk even before the concert, so i was very proud of this group. and the venue, oh my goodness! it had the intimacy of somewhere like the benedum (pittsburgh) inside but it was outside! i will definately go see another concert there. i was worried how the acoustics would be due to the aluminum walls, but they were amazing! i felt so comfortable and happy and warm and fuzzy (enter more positive adjectives here).

the concert was very "on", her improvs were GREAT, we got lots of b-sides (including alamo, hello!!!). i was dissapointed with the amount of "boys for pele" she did. it's my favorite album, and my "summer" album, so i was hoping for more, but we got 3 songs. she did my two favorites from "strange little girls" ("time, time, time" and "rattlesnakes"). though i personally was disappointed with song choices (the ONLY song i can actually say i hate that tori does is "china". ick. i don't know why but i do.) i love all tori songs, but of course i have favorites.... the most memorable thing was that the vibe all around was amazing. great energy from the crowd and tori.

another personal thing with tori is that i always get to go to her concerts with my absolute favorite people. all 3 people with me love tori because of me =). i was there with my best friend elisha, my other best friend/ex-boyfriend michael, and a very good friend andrew. it was andrew's first time, the other two's second, and my third.

it seems like this show has cemented the fact that i cannot miss a tori concert within 500 miles of (mind you, i live near pittsburgh, so that's a HUGE range).

now i know why people follow her around.... unfortunately i find this out when she is not going to be touring at all this next year! i will just have to archive my experiences and leave it at that!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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