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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's August 17th concert in Rochester (Canandaigua), NY

Updated Mon, Aug 18, 2003 - 3:13am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Rochester (Canandaigua), NY concert. Tori's set included Tombigbee, Girl, Carbon (solo), After The Gold Rush (solo), Yes, Anastasia (solo), Josephine, and Mary. If you were at this show I would love to see your review on the Dent. I am on the road seeing Tori now, so please post your reviews in the Concert Reviews Forum if you can. You can still email me with reviews as well, but it may take me a little longer to post them.

More Details

Tori performed in Rochester (Canandaigua), NY on Sunday, August 17, 2003 at the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center. Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 7:30PM.

Set List

The following set list comes from Mikewhy, who phoned in from the show to Carolyn who kindly posted it on the Dent.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Take to the Sky

Band Leaves

After the Goldrush
Yes, Anastasia

Band returns

Amber Waves
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore


2nd Encore

Cornflake Girl


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Mikewhy:

I think I will rename this the losealottasleep tour! After the Cleveland show, we got on I-90 toward Buffalo, and quickly discovered that getting a hotel room on a Saturday night in this area of the country is simply not possible during the summer. After trying about 10 motels and being told each time that they were sold out, we finally stopped at a rest area outside of Buffalo, NY and slept in the hotel Nissan Sentra for about 3.5 hours. It was not high quality sleep, but it did the trick. The following day we spent the day on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls before driving to Canandaigua, NY (right outside of Rochester) to Tori's show at the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center. Unlike the Cleveland venue, which we found largely hideous, this was a very nice outdoor venue in a very pretty, kind of rural area. It had a very pleasant atmosphere and the weather tonight was clear and (for me) pleasantly cool and breezy.

I enjoyed the show very much, although I enjoyed the first part through secret time better than the latter half. By then I was getting tired from our lack of sleep the night before. But Tori gave a solid show that had several highlights.

I enjoyed getting to hear Tombigbee again. This is a fun song to watch Tori perform. She plays her two keyboards during this one, and really gets into the song, both vocally and physically.

After Tombigbee, Tori talks to us and performs and improv. She says some stuff that includes, "Oh my God, You might not want to know all this, but I will tell you anyway. I took the most wonderful shower in Finger we left Detroit with no power... You have Steven Tyler on one side of the lobby..." Tori then starts singing an improv to continue the story, "We like Steven.. he's so good to your children...Trust me... he sings lullabyes...little girls are safe...then on the other side of the lobby there's this (then Tori flicks her tongue in the air imitating Gene Simmons from Kiss)... lock up the girls for the night....Then we get to Cleveland... we had power... you can turn on the lights..stay up all DVDs, but don't drink the water.... drink all the wine you want... (band joins in) ...Mommy can I have that... not till you're 21.... don't drink the water..." It was cute improv, and more cohesive than I have it written here!

Then Tori did Take To The Sky, which I thought was an excellent song to perform right after the band introductions. The 'Feel The Earth Move" ending was rocking as usual!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Girl, which is always powerful live. The intro to it is simply gorgeous on the Bosey.

My favorite part of the show was secret time. Carbon was one of the most beautiful Tori songs I have ever witnessed live. It has a long intro that made me wish Tori played even longer solos on the piano. Then we were treated to her cover of After The Gold Rush, which was fantastic. Lastly, she did Yes Anastasia, which included one of the cutest and most glorious smile I have ever seen her give during a song. Her voice was a little raspy during parts of the song, but it was a glorious moment during the show.

Josephine was nearly magical, despite the fact that the guy in front of me, who had a head the size of a Volkswagen, started shifting back and forth in his seat, forcing me to constantly shift just to see Tori. Speaking of the audience, we also had some drunk girls a few rows in front of us dancing and stumbling around the aisle, but the wonderful staff at Finger Lakes threw them out half way through the show, must to the joy of all of us in that section of the audience!

During Hotel, Tori ran to the side of the staff to say something to someone, perhaps a tech guy?

I don't really have anything else to add. I was very tired during the encores, and looking forward to the hotel that we did get for that night. But the show was very enjoyable, and the atmosphere of the lovely venue very complementary for a Tori show. I was glad that I came here, despite the lack of sleep!

From Conor Riley:

This is my second time seeing Tori because unfortunately, I don't always have a good opportunity to see her. The last time was when she played with Alanis, but this show was the better of the two. We arrived not even knowing where our seats were, and to our surprise they were 6th row (which later turned into 2nd row...and later to stage.) Ben Folds played a great set, and being a fan of his too, it was great to see him live finally. Tori hit the stage after "wampum prayer" with "a sorta fairytale" which is amazing live. I've been a huge Tori fan since about 4th grade (when I was 9...I'm 16 now) so I'm more familiar with her older stuff. But hearing some of the newer stuff live was actually great because it's getting me more into Scarlet's Walk. The highlights of the show for me were "Hotel" which is one of my top 5 favorite Tori songs, and "Talula" which we were at the edge of the stage for singing (and rapping) along with Tori. She looked over at us a couple times and at the end put her hands to her heart and then to us--which was really awesome. My one regret was leaving my camera in the car (because it was so easy to get it in) I would have gotten amazing shots with it since it's digital, but my friend Katrina gave me her camera to use, so at least we'll have something.

Tori Rounded out her set with "Cornflake Girl" and "Horses" both classics and both awesome to see live. Another highlight was the last song before her encore: "Precious Things", I'd say that's right behind "Hotel" in the top 5. It's just an amazing, amazing song live. After both of the Tori shows I've always been left extremely satisfied, but wanting so much more at the same time. I would give anything to see her play again (since it's been about 4 years since I've last seen her!!) Great show Tori!!!

Read a review of this show from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

From Scott P.:

So about 30 minutes later when its finally dark, the lights go off and Matt and Jon come out and everyone cheers and then you can hear tori singing "wampum prayer" , so then she comes out does a little piano dance and sits down and they start into "a sorta fairytale" that song got me into Tori so it was extra beautiful. So after that I was hoping for "bliss" or something since I'm obsessed with that song and it was what I reeeeally wanted to see. So she played "little earthquakes" which was neat, then "take to they sky" which was awesome because when it got rockin all the hard-core toriphiles stood up and randomly started dancing which was funny to watch. Then when its to the part where it gets really crazy they all started like spazzing out and had like seizures. So 2 of the girls who got really into, ended up getting carried out by security guards later because everyone was complaining behind them that they couldnt see since they stood and danced for the whole time. They put up a fight with security I could tell. She played "girl" somewhere in there which was amazing live, just like the venus one. TomBigBee was really good live, very loud and definitely should've been on Scarlet's walk.

So she ended the first half of her set with her band with Wednesday which I loved because its such a rockin song. Somewhere in there she played an improv about loving electricity and about how there was none in Detroit and how Steven Tyler is good with kids. Then the band left and she played a set which coulda fell asleep too, it consisted of: Carbon, After the goldrush, and yes, Anastasia. I'm not a fan of any of those songs so it was just okay. But when the band returned the concert went back uphill. They played this new vamped up version of "crucify" which I dont know If I like, Id have to hear it again. But After that they she played "siren". I went crazy, its my favorite besides bliss. So I really got into that. She then played a, "I cant see new york" which was awesome, I usually hate that song, but It turned my opinion. So she ended it off with the traditional "precious things" it was amazing, all I can say is the lights were awesome and tori can say girl for a veryyy long time. So then they bow and leave and less than a minute later the bands back and then tori dances back on stage, all the fans rush the stage and she plays Talula and Mary which I love. So that was really cool. Then she left again, then she came back once again, this time she played cornflake girl and horses. I hate horses but after much anticipation I was so glad she finally played cornflake girl. My friend wanted to hear it so bad, so I'm glad she did it. Its the first tori song I ever heard, and it pretty much ended the first Tori concert ive ever seen. Great show. But next time, I hoooope I hear bliss.

To clarify for the videotaping, Im pretty sure the video tapers, were there becuase on the back of the ampitheatre I think theres a huge screen and the video gets projected onto that so that the lawn seat people can watch the screen and or the concert. But I hope Im wrong, because Id love an official dvd from ben or tori sometime soon.

From debbie tinnirello:

a few quick notes on the show...

for some reason, the back of the venue was left empty (although a women at the box office claimed that the show was sold out) i believe that this is because both ben folds and tori were taped. not sure if it is for her or him or the venue, but regardless the show was videotaped (2 camera's on the stage and 2 in the back of the theater.

great story after tombigbee. longest i've heard tori talk in a was a nice change, but i do miss the old days....

carbon was the one song i was hoping to hear, so i was very moved to hear amazing

after the gold rush was beautiful...she changed the last bit of the chorus to the "2003s" instead of the "1970s"

very happy to hear siren and josephine, neither of which i have heard before.

during amber waves tori's mic and rhodes had some nasty feedback... after the song she signled to matt to keep vamping for hotel and went and talked to a techie of sorts. during soundcheck we heard tori getting little miffed about feedback, so i'm sure she was not happy, especially if the show was being taped.

the cabinet during horses made the song sound super! just like the album, i like this version with the band a lot more than the 98 plugged version

all in all a nice show. i've seen tori better, i've seen tori worse, secret time was very nice, although yes anastasia sounded a little gravelly. she maintained a good energy throughout. 2 more shows left for me....looking forward to the birthday show.

From Amanda Morris:

The concert in Canadaigua, NY was in some way out there little place. It was just in the middle of nowhere, and it really had a nice atmosphere to it. The layout of the venue would have been okay if every other row was not on the same level as the row before it. Of course, were were in a row behind a row on the same level as us, so I had to have a bit of struggling to be able to see Tori well, but I did manage to see most of Tori for the whole show.

A highlight for me appeared almost right away with Tombigbee. This song is so much fun to watch Tori perform. I was actually suprised this song was so early on in the show, and that gave me a feeling that it would be a really good show.

She sang an improv telling us a story about the blackout. She said to us, "You might not wanna know all this...but I'm going to tell you anyway...I have to tell somebody. I took the most wonderful shower in Finger Lakes. We left Detroit with no power. Steven Tyler on one side of the lobby...we like Steven...he's so good to your children...other side of the lobby, there this" then she did a flickering of her tongue that the audience really got a laugh at. Then she continued, "then we get to Cleveland...great because we had can turn on the lights...stay up all DVDs...but don't drink the water...drink all the wine you want." She also made some mention in this improv about Tash asking to have a drink of wine as well. Tori sang most of this in an improv and the band joined her for a large part of it.

One hightlight for me, as it always is, Take to the Sky. I could listen to this song at every Tori show I attend. I just love this intense "I feel the Earth move" part at the end. Even though, I did love this song, this is when I started to really noticed the audience as some of them got drunker and drunker and started causing a bit of hostility from those around them (thankfully, I was not too close to those people, though I could see them well).

Girl was a big surpise. She had not been playing this one much lately and it just seemed randomly stuck in the set list for the night. I adore this song and it was a very very nice suprise.

The solo stuff at the piano was absolutely gorgeous. Carbon was one of the best and most beautiful versions I have heard. She also did a really pretty piano piece before she began singing. It took me until halfway through After The Goldrush to really figure out what it was. I was shocked to hear it and it was so amazing and emotional. Yes, Anastasia was amazing, and she sang out those longer exaggerated notes at the end that I really love. Josephine was a very fitting song to follow.

It was during Crucify that a couple of drunk girls had taken their misbehavior a little too far. Someone behind them went to a venue security guard, and I soon saw those two being escorted out. One of them was so drunk, she could hardly make it up the steps to get out. I thought she was going to fall right over on the ground before she took two steps. I know those around them were very grateful to that security guy for dragging them out.

All I could think about while Tori was singing Hotel was how badly I had wanted a hotel the night before. We stayed at hotel sleep in your car in the rest area because the whole stretch along Lake Erie won't build enough hotels to accomodate during their typical tourist season.

Everyone got up and stood during the encores and at first I had a hard time seeing at all, so I mainly just listened to Talula and did not get to see it much. When she began Mary though, I really was determined to try harder to find a spot to see. So I moved until I had a tiny slither of open space between people's heads. I love this song live...much more than the album version. She is just so full of energy during this song and it is so fun to watch her.

Cornflake Girl is really strange to hear during the encores. Then she closed this night with one of my favorites, Horses. This was a really wonderful show. I would have liked a more well behaved and respectful audience, but other than that, I loved the show, especially solo time.

From Julianne Malin:

This saw was amazing. Tori really seemed to have fun. Her rendition of After the Goldrush was so beautiful. I've only seen her show four times, and this was by far the best.

I really wish they wouldn't seel alcohol at her concerts, because every time there are always some rude "fans" who talk loudly during the show, stand up in front of everyone and continually get up and get more drinks. I don't understand how you can pay $50 bucks and see this amazing performer and talk and cause trouble through the whole show!! Unfortunately this whole incident took place right next to me during the most awsome performance of GIRL. I wanted to kill those girls, because I missed most of it.

the security staff were dicks. There were about 10 of us quietly waiting for her to come out after the show and they kept pushing us out. [Note from Mikewhy: Tori no longer does after-show meet and greets...] I was very psyched to be able to stand up to the stage during the encoures for the first time. She is so beautiful, and it was a thrill to actually see her hands on the keys. She blows me away!!

From Dave Waltman:

A few people posted about not being able to get a hotel in the Rochester area the night before the Tori show. This was not due to lack of hotels for tourist season (no one really comes here anyway) but was due to the fact that the PGA Golf Championship was going on in nearby Pittsford....Tiger and all the boys were here for a week.

From Danielle Legg:

Hi, How do I add a story to your page. It is about the August 17th show in Rochester. There was no meet and greet but Tori's bus driver gave her the note I had written, saying I had been listening to her music for 10 years, and thanking her for all she has done not only musically but with Rainn too. I had asked her if she could play take to the sky and had mentioned that I had been listening since little earthquakes, and that I loved the Sorta fairy tale song. She played that one first, followed by Little Earthquakes and then Take to the Sky. The concert was awesome and she played almost the entire little earthquakes CD. She is so great, I didn't get to meet her this time, but I know she got to read my letter. it was the greatest. Thanks!!

Posted by: Carolyn

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