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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's August 11th concert in Chicago, IL

Updated Tue, Aug 12, 2003 - 5:54am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the August 11th Chicago, IL concert. This fantastic and lengthy show included Liquid Diamonds, Sweet Dreams, Here. In My Head (solo), Wrapped Around Your Finger (solo), Strange Little Girls, Suede, In The Springtime Of His Voodoo, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (solo), Glory Of The 80's, and Honey! If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. You can also post about your concert experience at the Concert Reviews Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible.

More Details

Tori performed in Chicago, IL on Sunday, August 11, 2003 at the Skyline Stage on Navy Pier. Tori's had no special guest tonight, and her show started at 8:00PM even though the ticket said 7:30PM. (Since there was no opening act, they no doubt waited until most people were seated to begin the show!)

Set List

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Sweet Dreams

Band Leaves

Here. In My Head
Wrapped Around Your Finger

Band returns

Your Cloud
Strange Little Girl
Caught A Lite Sneeze
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Glory Of The 80s
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (solo)

2nd Encore

Sweet Sangria
Amber Waves


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Mikewhy:


That pretty much sums up how I feel about today. Tori's second show in Chicago was truly unique and wonderful, and I am honored to have been part of it. The show took place on Skyline Stage on Navy Pier, which is a really unique place to witness a concert. The stage looks like a huge white circus tent in the middle of a pier that is about 9 football fields in length and juts out from downtown Chicago. The area was very much built up for tourists and had lots of people taking photos and checking out the many attractions of the area, which include a giant ferris wheel, minature golf, a children's museum, a botanical garden, a stained glass museum, restaurants, and boat rides. Truly amazing.

But Tori's show was even more amazing. This show did not have an opening act. Ben Folds returned home to do some recording, so Tori was by herself. They waited until 8:00, and then Tori came out.

a sorta fairytale sounded really different to me this evening. Jon was playing the bass part differently, or so it seemed. The effect was really cool, and made the song sound more mysterious for some reason.

Tori then did her Pancake/Ohio combination. This is the first time I have heard the Ohio part, and I found it very strong and effective.

After Siren she asked "How's it going," and then said, "As some of you know, we played across town last night. Tonight we're on the water... Tash asked why I was playing near the ferris wheel when I played over THERE last night." Tori then told us her reply to Tash, "Yes I did, talk to my promoter." Then she introduced the band and launched into Cornflake Girl.

My first thrill of the night came from Liquid Diamonds, which I always love. Tori's voice was so beautiful here as she hit all the high notes. I am so glad she does this one fairly frequently. It is always haunting to me.

As Tori began Concertina, she obviously was not happy with the sound. She said early in the song, "We'll do it until we get it right... get that frequency out of there... [she sings a while into the microphone and plays] There it is..." I heard she has a new sound guy, so they must still be working through some issues!

Sweet Dreams was the next pleasant surprise. This is such a fun song to watch Tori perform.

The second "secret time" song, Here. In My Head, really tore at my heart. This was my friend Stacey's favorite song. (Stacey passed away in October 1998, and I always think of her during this song. Tori performed it for me and her the day she died back then during the Plugged '98 tour.) Tori was really into the song, and I saw some massive amounts of drool from her on this one!

Before doing Wrapped Around Your Finger (another cool surprise) Tori told us, "I got this little bug on the key of C... Hang on..." Wrapped Around Your Finger was very slow and emotional tonight. I had forgotten how well Tori performs this cover.

I grew really excited when I heard the open notes of Suede later in the show. Several people I knew in the audience looked back at me excitedly when this started. They know how much I love this song. While Tori certainly did not do this song for me (I actually know who she DID do it for), it was a wonderful thing for me and really endeared me to this concert. This is such a dramatic and powerful song to see Tori perform live.

The encores were a complete surprise. I have never seen Tori do two encores of 3 songs each. The first encore was completely unique and unexpected. She did In The Springtime Of His Voodoo, Glory Of The 80's and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. During Voodoo, Tori does this part where she dramtically turns from the Bosey to the keyboard with a powerful little thrust of her hip that is just amazing to watch. Tori messed up during Glory Of The 80's. She seemed to start singing too fast and tripped on her words, and at one point just started singing gibberish into the microphone. She smiled so big when that happened. The next line of the song that she did sing was "the words just disappear" which was funny. Tori is such a perfectionist, but she does not realize how much we enjoy when she makes a mistake, and how gracefully she recovers from it.

Honey was my favorite of the second encore, and Amber Waves, which finished the show, always amazes me how much better and driving it is live than on the record.

Tori followed her written set list exactly, which means she planned from the beginning to do three songs for each encore!

Everyone seemed highly impressed with this show, and everyone seemed almost giddy afterwards. Tori really loves this town, and it showed tonight. She gave Chicago a really first class goodbye (for a few years anyway!). I am typing this in a Motel 6 in Merrillville, IN. Amanda, Cynthia and I had such a wonderful time in Chicago. If you came up and said hello to me, I thank you. Talking to all of you was so much fun. The entire day was a nice way to end my stay in the Windy City.

From Michelle:

I just got back from the show about a half hour ago and thought i'd share my wonderful experience.

The Skyline Theater is a great venue, very small and somewhat intimate. I thought for sure the dark clouds would produce a torrential rainstorm but it held off the whole time. A little windy but still nice.

There was no opener for this show and i was kind of hoping that meant Tori would play longer but I think she played about as much as the other shows. I believe she came on stage around 8:10pm and the show ended around 10:20.

My seat was in row U seat 12, dead center. This was the second best seat i've had for a tori show, the first being at Pittsburgh for the 5.5 tour. I saw Mikewhy (hi mike!) in his seat and I thought of coming over to say hello but didn't, i know i know i should have! Anyways i noticed during the concert that there seemed to be some commosion over there so i'm anxious to hear if you had a"Bad crowd" around you or not. I had the BEST audience around me. I don't think i had one bad apple in the bunch. So I was very happy about that.

On to the concert:

Wampum prayer was the first followed by ASF as usual. Tori looked awesome, dressed in black "flowy thing" and i think capri pants. At least that's what they looked like from where i was sitting.

For the life of me I don't know what song followed or any of the order for that matter but I do remember when she said hello to us she said many of us know that she played across town last night..and that tonight she was happy to be on the water. She also told us how Tash had asked her "Why are you playing by the Ferris Wheel tonight?" Tori said, "Thats a very good question, that's just where the place is." And then Tash replied and said, but didn't you play at that other place last night? And Tori then said something to which the whole audience laughed but as usual i missed the punchline. I'm sure someone will fill in the blanks later.

Some of my favorite moments were of course Wrapped Around Your Finger. I thought it was just so beautiful and i have never heard it live before. I also loved Here in My head, moreso because it followed Leather which is one my least favorite songs although at least she makes it entertaining to listen to.

I thought the lighting during CALS was so cool..You could see the shadows of John and Matt on the wall and i'm not sure if it was intentional but i sure thought it was a neat effect.

Tori and John almost seemed to be talking during one of the songs towards the end and they both smiled. I love how they have their own "secret language" going on on stage.

During Here in My head you could see alot of bugs in the lights going around Tori's face. I was surprised she didn't stop at some point and make a joke about it because it would have really bothered me if i was up there. After, she started to play Wrapped and said, "Theres a little bug on the key of C, hold on" and kept playing and then said something like, "oh that's gross or "its gone now" or something to that effect.

John and Matt also did a cute little improv thing after the first encore (before Voodoo) which was funny. I'm not sure if this is something they do in every city but i thought it was cute..Matt would start playing faster and John would catch up and then he would slow down again and it would go back and forth a for a bit. Tori then came back onstage and danced a cute little number before going to the piano to play.

I am so glad i heard the improv during Pancake of Ohio because i went to Kent State and for those that don't know it is a song about the shootings that took place there in 1970. So that was kind of a cool moment for me because I really like that song by CSN&Y.

I think i heard everything i was hoping for and more. I thought the acoustics were pretty good aside from the problems during Concertina...I also sensed something was amiss during I can't See New York but maybe it's just me. It almost seemed like her microphone was going in and out but then again maybe she was just trailing off some words on purpose. I couldn't tell.

A few other interesting points:

As she started to play Concertina, she sang the words "Cloud decending" twice and then said, "thats okay we'll just keep going, lets try and get this frequency out of here..." Obviously referring to some sort of technical difficulty, but to be honest i didn't notice anything wrong. Not long after, she was happy with the sound and continued the song.

She messed up the words to Glory of the 80's and laughed...then changed to words to "And then the words just disappear." Got a nice laugh out of that from the audience.

Some people in the front row stood up after Sweet Dreams was played.

Well I think thats it...Alot of us stayed and clapped after the last encore hoping maybe just maybe she would come out again because they didnt turn the house lights on for a bit. But thats okay, I think i'm tied over until she comes back again, whenever that may be!

From Dave Kinnetz:

First of all, this is the only concert I will be attending during the Lottapianos tour. Now, nothing against Ben Folds, but I wasn't too upset to not see him 'cause it just meant more time with Tori. A buddy of mine and I had pretty good seats... left section, seats 1 & 2 (aisle).

Pancake was as good as ever, and the added Ohio bridge was a nice touch. Concertina was nice, and it's always fun to see Tori fuck up the lyrics, then make a full recovery. Sweet Dreams was full of energy. Leather was very sultry. Here. In My Head was very nice. Wrapped Around Your Finger was a pleasant surprise. Finally saw God live, and I thought it was great. I had been waiting for this one for a long time. Suede was another surprise. I liked this a lot. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo was good, and the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. I would have prefered to hear Muhammad My Friend since I've already seen Voodoo live, but who am I to complain. ;) Glory Of The 80's was great live. I could have done without Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I just can't get into this song. Honey was nice as always. I had hoped all night to maybe hear Snow Cherries From France, but she didn't show up. Oh, well. With my luck, Tori will probably perform this one at her next show. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!

I just have a couple things to bitch about regarding the audience. There were a LOT of people getting up between songs... beer refills, I guess. It's pretty shitty for people to get up and walk in front of others who are sitting and trying to enjoy the show. And I realize that the stage was more or less outside, but I think it was pretty inconsiderate of a lot of people who decided to smoke during the show. Not cool. Also, is it really that tough for people to contain their hoots, hollers, and whistles for between songs and not during songs? Don't ruin a good performance just to be obnoxoius.

Overall, I thought it was a really good show... but I think the Madison show on March 28th was my favorite. I really wish I were able to see more before her hiatus. Oh, well. At least I'll have the "Best Of..." CD to hold me over this fall. Can't wait!! :)

From John:

The show last night in Chicago was by far the best show of this third leg. The energy that Tori had was absoluetly incredible being that it was the third show in a row that she was performing.

It has been much complained about the lack of variety in the setlists thus far this summer. However, tonight Tori did such a truly unique and rare show that is definetly rivals the best shows from both the first and second legs of the tour.

As tori was finishing up Here. In my head she kept just beautifully singing for almost two minutes, gritting her teeth and just looking so intense. She whispered, "Do you know what this is doing to me" instead of her normal powerful belt, and it worked just as well if not better. Very intense.

Wrapped Around Your Finger was a true delight as one of my closest friends wanted to hear this song very much. Being performed right before Your Cloud was an interesting combination that worked very well.

God rocked as usual and went effortlessly into Suede, a debut for America on this tour! This song rocks my socks. It is so sexy and contains some of the best lyrics that Tori has ever written. Was very excited to see it finally with the band.!

Voodoo was high enery and Glory is a sentimental favorite of mine. It's so cute that she always messes up the same part when she makes a mistake. She was just all huge grins and looking adorable. Waving bye to the boys, Over the Rainbow was quite a shock and very beautiful.

The second encore was cool in it's own right, Amber Waves having tons of energy. I can't wait to see what the rest of the shows have in store for us. More from the road later!

From matt e:

not too much to add to the above reviews except to reiterate this was the best i have ever seen tori live, it really blew me away. 'fairytale' sounded better than i have ever heard it, 'here in my head' was gut wrenching, 'your cloud' was superb, the encores were long and amazing, the show was almost perfection, spoiled only by all the losers i had sitting around me who insisted on talking throughout the entire show despite requests to stop, and a fight nearly broke out two rows in front of me which was kind of irritating. was gutted not to hear the new version of 'upside down' as this was the last show i will be seeing on the tour but i suppose that can wait til next year....

From Hannah W.:

So the show was at Skyline theatre at navy pier. We parked on the pier and walked tword the theatre. I didnt have tickets yet, so I was hoping to get some. As we were looking for the theatre, we walked up to this guy to ask where the theatre was. Turns out he was selling fourth row tickets. Tickets went for 50 dolars each on ticketmaster, plus a 20 dolar handling charge. The guy said he'd sell us both tickets for 100 dolars. I was like er...and I couldn't decide, so he said 85, ill save you 15 bucks, and my mom said 70, he said 80, my mom said 75, and he said fine. So my mom handed him 70 dolars, then pretending she couldn't find a 5dolar bill. The guy didn't have a 5 either so we got the tickets- fourth row- for 70 dolars. (Of course my mom did have a five).

My parents really did NOT want to take me to this concert since they took me last night. Last night's concert was a birthday present. So to get to go I had to pay for the tickets and make dinner and do dishes for 2 weeks...oh well

So we walked up to the theatre. The security was again very light. They check my bag and that was it. So we walked in and went to the theatre. Our seats were 4th row, twords the left. The theatre was TINY, seating only 1200 people. It was a big white tent. Thought the tickets said the show would start at 7:30, Tori didn't come on till 8. There was no opener tonight, thank god- Ben Folds was not to good.

They were playing music over a radio, and when the music stopped at about 8, everyone started clapping for them to start the show! There were no lights to dim because it was just natural light at that point from outside. The background medicine wheel rolled out, and Wampum Prayer began.

As Wampum Prayer began, I realized they began the song in the middle! Oh was like they were hurrying cause they started the show late. The band started playing that "waiting tune" that I talked about in last nights review. Amid cheers Tori came out and bowed to the audience. She was wearing a long black thing. It came together below the bust and seperated around the lower pelvis. It was about knee length, and the body was opaque black and the sleeves were a sheer flowing black. Under that she was wearing a black tantop and blue jean capris, similar if not the same to the ones from last night. Her shoes were high healed strappy sandles in a bright blue.

A Sorta Fairytale began. It sounded quite different from last night- the bass work was different. Tori also held the "said" for a really, really long time after the second "lost me" verse near the end of the song. Follwoing was Pancake, which was actually on last night's setlist but which wasn't played. Those high, screeched, miserable notes from the studio were non-existant in the live. Instead, it was a long, clear, high, waverying and vulnerable note. After playing through a bit of the song, I noticed the middle was different. THen I relized it was Ohio stuck int he middle of Pancake. That actually worked quite well. Following was Siren which was TERIFIC. The ups and downs from her voice in that song were amamzing. It reminded me of the bit in Tear In Your Hand were her voice is up then drops then up then drops.

Tori didn't talk much or do any improvs the second show, which kind of sucks. But after pancake, she did talk about her daughter. She said: "How's it going! As some of you know, we played across town last night. Tonight we're on the water and Tash asked why I was playing near the ferris wheel, when I played over there last night." Tori replied to her daughter: "Yes I did [play over there last night], talk to my promoter."

We got introduced to the band before Cornflake Girl. During Cornflake Girl, the piano bit sounded a bit before the "rabbit" part. Again, she replaced the words "golden gun" with a nod or a shake of the head until the last verse were she said golden gun. After the first "golden gun" sequence, Tori kind of purrs/rolls her tongue and we all cheered. Following was Liquid Diamonds. Tori sounded more angry but less exasperated than the studi version. This tour needs more Chiorgirl, it really brings a spark to the show. (hahaha a ok ). Following was Concertina. Tori sang the first line of the song, but wasn't happy with the sound. (New sound guy). She said something like "We have to do it till we get it right. Get that frequency out of here." Then she began again, and was happy with the sound. I didn't really notice the difference. At the end of the song, where she sings "got a fever above my waist" she sang "got a fever, fever, above my waist." Just a cute little touch.

After was Sweet Dreams. I really like the studio of this song, though I know a lot don't. The piano sounded a lot better live, it was more apperent than in the studio version. Tori was obviously feeling a bit silly during this song, and in the line "daughter comes home nine months pregnant" Tori held out her hands and arms like she was pregnant. Next was Wednesday. In last night's show, after "eagle has to land" the audience would kaw like an eagle. Tonight the audience just cheered as Tori counted out the three beats on her fingers before moving on.

At this time, the band leaves and the background goes from the wheel to plain black. First was Leather. I recognized the distinctive piano at the beginning, but then Tori held the "look" in "look I'm standing naked" part for SO long that I almost thought it was a different song until she continued.

Towards the end of the song, I think she made a lil piano mistake. Next was Here In My Head. After the bit "makes it all clear," where she just sings "makes it aaaaaallll," she held the all for a very, very long time. Just like in Crucify last night, she drueled all over the piano or her lap. yum. She also whispered "what this is doing to me" instead of singing it. It had the same effect though and was very intimate.

After the song was done, Tori started playing the next song. The Tori says, "there's a little bug on the key of C!" The little bug flew away though, and out came Wrapped Around Your Finger. This song was beautifully song and Tori's voice sounded incredibly clear.

The band returned, and the background goes from black to white. Your Cloud began. After the "pick out your cloud" bit Tori would sing something like "stay with this, stay right here" and then she would go into the horizontal line bit. You have no idea how cool the horizontal line bit sounds live, with Tori's voice incredibly low and unmodified. *is in love* Next was Strange Little Girl. Tori put a ton of energy into this song and it seemed like she was enjoying herself. After Strange Little Girl, when her band was playing, Tori put on lipgloss.

Following was God. During the piano bit in the middle of the song, Tori sand something like "come on, no no no no no..." while she was playing. This song, like most of the show, also seemed charged with energy. After was Suede. This song sounds terrific live. It is a lot more smooth with less stoping and starting that is present in the album version. The little sister part at the end didnt seem long and repetative like the album version. I thoroughly enjoyed Suede. Next was Caught A Lite Sneeze. I almost died when I heard this song beginning because I am in love with it, just like the horizontal line bit. Tori sounded very desperate during this song. The line "boys in their dresses" really stuck out as Tori howled- in a good way- out to the audience.

Following was Can't See New York. Just as last night, Tori really punctuated and made clear the words "hunting ground." After, surprise surprise, was Precious Things. After the main "insise the heart of every nice girl," Tori would repeat the word girl. One repeat she held the word girl song long I though we were going to have Tori pass out on the stage. After Precious Things, like a spring, the audience popped up and rushed to the stage. Tori stood up, gave her cute little open-close two handed wave. She mouthed "Thank you!" to the audience, and left the stage. We stood and cheered, until the band came out again and began the waiting tune.

Tori came out and "danced" for a long time, before sitting down to Springtime Of His Voodoo. The "right there for a minute" part was clear, direct, and seemed like it was sung right through to the audience. The "momma's sunshine" and "sweetest cherry" part sounded charged, energy filled, angry, and super confidently song. The last time she sang "he was going to show me spring," she repeated "he was going." There was some dramatic and fast switching between piano and keyboard during this song.

Next was Glory Of the 80s. This sounded like a great dance tune live. Tori messed up in the middle/end, and with her twisted up tongue just song blublablueblaa into the mic to fill up the space. Then, she sang "and the words just disapear." The audience laughed. The band left, and Tori started Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I really like herof this song, and some of the eco was left off her voice. She was stripped down to her purest form, just Tori and piano.

Tori left the stage again, and we continued to cheer. The band an Tori returned for Sweet Sangria. I really like this song studio, but the live version had WAY to much eco and seemed slower than the studio. Tori, you need to cut down on that eco dear. Following was Honey. The verses sounded clear and destinct, while the chorus was smooth, syrupy, and all together perfect. Lastly was Amber Waves. The chorus had a lot more rock that the album version. It made me want to dancee . TOri stood up, signed "I love you" to us with her hands, and walked out. The lights remained off and we continued clapping for a third encor. But then the lights went on. I tried to get a setlist but they weren't passing them out, and the security told us to leave.

The show was fantastic and full of energy, and the audience seemed to know it.

From Amanda Morris:

The start time for this show on our tickets was 7:30PM. We arrived at the outside of the gate just before 7:30, and could already smell the sage. We were shocked that there would be no opening act. It seemed very strange. But as we went to our ninth row seats we saw Tori's set up already on stage. At 7:30, there were still many many seats that were empty, and it was not until 8:00 that the concert finally began with Wampum prayer starting after being cut off a bit at the beginning.

This concert was absolutely amazing. Everything about it, set list, energy, emotion, great atmosphere was very much present at this concert. I was amazed that once Tori came out and everyone stood to cheer her, they actually all sat down again as she began playing. I was going to be able to see. No one was standing. I didn't think I would be at an outdoor venue and be able to see. It really helped propel the emotion. The venue was really small and intimate and I was pleasantly comfortable sitting there in a breeze as Tori performed in my perfect view.

I noticed the A Sorta Fairytale had some kind of new, different guitar-like loop in it. It added a different overall sound to A Sorta Fairytale. I am not sure that I liked it better or worse than the other way, but it was just something different.

I had been really anxious to hear the Pancake version with Ohio in it. I am not sure what made Tori think this would work well, but she really does know how to make things work. It fit so well, like it was just a part of the song originally. I think it gave the song a lot more emotional feel to it.

She said to us, "As some of you know, we played across town last night. Tonight we're on the water." Then she said something about how Tash asked her why they "were playing near the ferris wheel, but you played over there last night?" Tori's reply to her was something like, "yes, I to my promoter." Then she introduced the band and launched into the ever popular post band into song, Cornflake Girl, which is, as always a crowd favorite (with most) and full of energy.

She then played Liquid Diamonds, which is one of Michael's favorites and I saw a few glances back at him as others in the audience knew as well. She hit some really great high notes in this song and it was very intense.

She started Concertina with "clouds decending" and she repeated the line again, then said something like, "get this frequency out there?" then a long string of "heeeeeee" and then "there it is" as I guess she found the right frequency.

Sweet Dreams all by itself just seems like a really fun song, and with the band it is even more so. It was one of my highlights to hear.

Her solo time was amazing and surprising. Here is my Head at this show was one of my favorite versions I have heard her do of this song. It got really intense as she extended out portions of this song. Then she did a very mysterious and intense whisper of my favorite line, "do you know what this is doing to me."

Then she began playing the piano for a long time and then she sang, "I got this little bug on the key of C." It was quite a cute moment. Then she began a familiar piano piece. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but not sure at the same time simply because I never thought I would hear this one live. It was indeed what I had thought: Wrapped Around Your Finger. It was so beautiful and emotional. My hightlight of the whole night. Your Cloud to follow was a very nice flow, it fit perfectly together. The whole emotions of this was very intense.

Strange Little Girl is so much fun and full of energy to hear, and this was no exception. She was facing our direction for this song and it was nice to see her facial expressions as she sang this one. She really seemed to get into it.

When she started Suede, I looked over at Michael and I saw about 6 more people in the audience look over at Michael. Everyone seemed to know that this is one of his favorite songs and he had been waiting for it since Tulsa. ;) It was so amazing, so smooth and full of passion and each word seemed to carefully and fully escape from her mouth. Her voice was incredible and almost mysterious during Suede. She played the 'little sister' part on the piano and the 'your forgive me' part at the end on both the piano and the whurly. It was really fascinating to see her flip back and forth between the instruments all throughout this song.

We also got some big surprises at the encores, not only for the songs she played but for the length of the encores. She came out for the first encore dancing in a sexy way, moving her hips and all smiles on her face. I love In The Springtime of His Voodoo. It is so much fun.

I was so happy to hear Glory of the 80's follow Voodoo...those two fit well together being so full of energy. This was my second time experiencing Glory of the 80's live and I couldn't see last time because the people standing in front of me were taller than me. But this time, I had a perfect view, and it was really nice to watch her move on the piano bench as she belted out the lyrics. It was funny, during one point, she seemed to being saying the words so fast, that she basically tripped over her own words, and she laughed with a huge smile on her face and soon to follow was the line, "the words just disappear" as she continued with that huge smile on her face. It was a very funny moment.

I expected the first encore to end as it typically does, but she stayed there and the band left, so I got really excited to hear a solo song. She played a very much unexpected Over The Rainbow. It was strange to hear such an emotional and quite song after two really high-energy songs, but this very was absolutely breath-taking. The energy and emotional rush was just overwhelming as she was really mixing up this set list widely.

I was wondering for a little while if she was even going to do a second encore at all since we got three songs for the first encore. But she did come back out and did a wonderful version of Sweet Sangria, then followed up with a surprising encore song, Honey. I love the upright bass Jon uses during this adds wonderful atmosphere. I thought she was done with the show at this point, but we got yet another song. I was surprised to hear the set end with Amber Waves, it seems like a song that belongs in the middle of the set instead, but it was nice to hear anyway.

Overall, this was an amazing show, full of surprises and roller coaster waves of emotion and energy. This show had it all.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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