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Tori Sightings: Video directors James Brown and David Slade

Updated Tue, Aug 05, 2003 - 2:12am ET

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I added a couple Tori sightings having to do with some video producers that Tori has worked with in the past.

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Video Director James Brown putting on film McDonald's "I'm Loving It" global advertising campaign

I found an article with the title "McDonald's director a little-known choice" in the August 4, 2003 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times about video director James Brown, who directed Tori's Jackie's Strength, Raspberry Swirl, and Spark videos. The article begins with:

James Brown is the man of the moment at McDonald's. Brown, 37, is the British director the fast-food giant has entrusted with the humongous task of putting on film the soon-to-debut "I'm Loving It" global advertising campaign, believed to be the biggest, and certainly the most ambitious, marketing effort in McDonald's history.

Who is the man who got the nod for what could easily be the world's most high profile ad campaign this year?

Later the article states:
Until McDonald's tapped him, Brown had remained mostly an unknown directing talent in this country. Perhaps his highest profile project to date was a new campaign for Sheraton Hotels that features a rock band frolicking around a hotel and singing "Let's Spend the Night Together." It was certainly a high-energy, distinctive campaign, although one that seemed ill-suited to selling Sheraton to business travelers.

Still the music-focused Sheraton work hinted at Brown's background in the music video business, a world he entered after first spending time as a film editor. Brown was attracted to music videos because he "likes watching crazy artists, and he has a very calming influence on them," according to Carmody. Among the artists Brown has worked with are Tori Amos, Apollo 440 and Finley Quaye.

Director David Slade To Be Guest Speaker At The Music Video Wire Conference

Video director David Slade produced Tori's Strange Little Girl video. I found an article about him at The main part of the article reads:
Music Video Wire is proud to announce that famed director David Slade will be the guest speaker at the first annual Music Video Conference on September 25, 2003.

Having worked in the industry for several years, Slade has made his name with a reel of work which showcases incredibly clean imagery that is offset against absurd and existential concepts.

Beginning his career as a short story writer, Slade began directing music videos for Warp records bands LFO and Aphex Twin. His low-budget video for the Aphex Twin track "Donkey Rhubarb" gained him notice as well as the bronze Creative Art and Design award. He then moved onto directing commericals for video games and banks in Europe.

Slade has also directed videos for bands such as Stone Temple Pilots ("Sour Girl"), Tori Amos ("Strange Little Girl"), and AFI ("Girl's Not Grey"). All of these videos have had longevity on MTV and MuchMusic as well as garnered him multiple music video award nominations and wins.

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