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Tori Sightings: and Illustrator Jeffery Fulvimari

Updated Mon, Aug 04, 2003 - 4:00am ET

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I added new Tori sightings from the web site and some info on Jeffery Fulvimari, the illustrator for the Scarlet's Walk images.

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Tori at

Jennifer Clarke, John Barron, Melissa, and Liz report that Tori is represented at the web site eating a banana...

Illustrator Jeffery Fulvimari:

Tammy reports:

Today, I was looking at some of my roomate's school books to see what lies ahead for me in the next year ( We both attend Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising here in LA) And I was looking at a book called "Stylishly Drawn"
which features different Fashion Illustrators and one of these illustrators was very familiar to my eye: Jeffery Fulvimari...... The Illustrator for the Scarlet's Walk Images!

Visit his site is

Posted by: Mikewhy

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