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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's July 29th concert in Concord, CA

Updated Wed, Jul 30, 2003 - 5:47am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Concord, CA concert. Tori's set included Bells For Her, Upside Down (with band), Vincent (solo), Sweet Dreams, Virginia, Riot Poof, and Liquid Diamonds. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. You can also post about your concert experience at the Concert Reviews Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Concord, CA on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at the Chronicle Pavilion. Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 7:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page, Richard (Glasgow) and John for calling me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Bells For Her
Upside Down

Band Leaves

Cool On Your Island

Band returns

Sweet Dreams
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Riot Poof
Liquid Diamonds

2nd Encore

Amber Waves


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well.

From Matt Page, Richard and John:

My cell phone reception was bad at times, so I missed part of their report.

Another wonderful show with Tori continuing to exhibit a really strong voice and hitting the high notes very consistently. Tori seemed to sing more of Liquid Diamonds than she usually does when she performs it. (Or she did a part of it that she normally does not.)

Tori followed her written set list closely tonight. They actually had Spring Haze listed where Precious Things was, but had it crossed out with Precious Things written in. So with that cross out, Tori followed the written set list exactly.

They told me about a cute improv/story Tori told before China. She told the audience that Tash loved it there and wanted to move to the city. Tori asked her what she would do, and Tash said get a tattoo. Tori then said to her, "But you are only 2 and half". Tash corrected her, saying she was 2 and three quarters! Tori also said something about some of the European cities she has performed in, but I did not catch all of that part. If anyone has a partial or complete transcript of what Tori said during this part of the show, please email The Dent.

From Brett:

Tori mentioned before playing Vincent that she first played this song in Florence (aka Firenze). That is probably what the European cities you heard was.

From Davey:

Well, this is probably the last Tori concert I'll have the privilege to see for a while, and at first, I was a bit disappointed that she was only playing early stuff. I'm mean, God, Crucify, Cornflake Girl, Bells for Her, Upside Down (all in a row!), then China, COYI, all this was from pre-Boys for Pele, and until the band came back after the roadside cafe, no song from any album after Under the Pink was played besides Scarlet's Walk. I thought this was highly unusual. But the crowd loved it, and I must say that the songs were even more polished on this leg of the tour. But there were some surprises too--I loved the new beat to Upside Down--it changed the whole feel of the song! Then there was an added chorus to Pancake which I loved!!! It didn't feel like an improv to me, but rather an added section. I wish I could have heard the words. And Vincent was soooo beautiful. To me though, the second half was really where Tori shined. First of all, her voice was tireless. Rattlesnakes really came into its own tonight, and Sweet Dreams was a treat. Virginia was really honed tonight, and it was really much more solid than it was on the first and second leg. Concertina with the band was changed too--the band wasn't just accompanying the highly rhythmic piano part, the way it was earlier in the tour. It seemed like the band was taking over as main support, and Tori wasn't playing the same part she usually does when it is played solo. This seemed to loosen the song up, and it was really nice that way. Hotel blew me away. I remember hearing her play it for the first time with the band on the choirgirl tour. It was a mess back then. It didn't really impress me all that much earlier this year either. But tonight, she was holding the notes out longer, and articulating the words better, and it was just really tight. She even does this thing where she puts her face really close to the keys and plays with just her two index fingers, like she's a novice playing chopsticks, just as a person who is tripping might be fixated on something. My feeling was that Hotel, and then Riot Poof, Liquid Diamonds and my love Siren all just matured and have now reached the level of the other big kids like Precious Things, Sugar, Cornflake. It was amazing to see. And Amber Waves actually worked better as an ending than as a starter! Just a great concert.

One last thing--her "but" improv (because she kept on singing "but, [wait--I have more to say!]" and then adding another verse) was not only gorgeous, but I think there's a reason why every time she's here she sings about how awful Bush is. I know she mentions this in a lot of places too, but I really feel that Tori really appreciates being in this part of the country, because it is so liberal. After singing about all the places in Europe she's performed in, she implied that all the Europeans were horrified by the way the "democratic" process was handled this past year. She sang "what ever happened to Haight-Ashbury," as if to suggest that America was no longer progressive in the eyes of Europe. That the voices of all the people protesting the war were not strong enough for the world to hear and all they got was the image of W. "Remember what I told you last December---they were looking to you" she sang.

I'm interested to see where it goes from here. The rest of you definitely are in store for new treats!

From fp:

Wearing a green embroidered looking shirt with red flowing pieces of fabric by her sleeves, Tori Amos was on again tonight. I still have Bells For Her ringing through my head..."can't stop what's coming can't stop what is on its way." She sang those words with a rather haunting glance up at the sky. The pink sunset before the show began...who would have expected the clouds to descend upon us as Concertina. As I sat from the sixth row center, I could see Tori's veins popping out of her neck as she sang Precious Things. Very strong vocal performance with that song. Thankfully, the crowd wasn't as rowdy as it has been at other shows. Although there were a few screaming girls in section 2 who need to learn how to be quiet at concerts. I felt blessed to finally be able to say that I heard something from Y Kant Tori Read with her newer rendition of Cool On Your Island. I was happy to hear her beautiful closing of Virginia. It sounded wonderful. She seemed to have a lot of confidence tonight. She seemed as though she wanted to cry and sing for a second during Vincent Starry Starry Night. I thought her violent pounding of the piano before Amber Waves was a nice touch but she didn't really seem "into" this song at all. I thought it was the low point of the concert. She should have ended it with something else in my opinion. But maybe I just started getting bitchy because I knew it was almost over. :( See you at the next show.

From Violet:

Tori intro'd Vincent by saying that she was in Florence and a song came back to her that she always used to play when she was younger, back when she was still in Washington and playing in the bars for all the fatcat congressmen. She said people would come up and request many things -- "Can you play 'Bye Bye Blackbird'?" -- but there was one song in particular that she always hoped someone would request, but no one ever did, not a single time. She said she played it all the time anyway and always hoped someone might be listening. Then she went into Vincent (Starry Starry Night).

She said that earlier she had been in San Francisco with Tash, and Tash had said, "Mummy, I want to live here." Tori asked her what she'd do, and Tash said, "Get a tattoo." Tori said, "You're only two-and-a-half" and Tash said, "I'm two-and-three-quarters!"

China, Cool On Your Island, and Vincent seemed like a little story, though a sad one. I was crying through each of them. It seemed very thought out and planned, that these were played together in this particular order to get something across. I was certain Landslide would be played as a fourth song, because she nearly always plays it when she plays the Bay Area, but not this time.

As an aside, Ben Folds was fantastic. Really excellent. I'd never paid much attention to him before, but I'm definitely a fan now. I mentioned this to various friends I ran into during the break, and they all said they felt the same way and would probably be getting some of his stuff after that. He was so much fun, not to be missed!

The following part of Violet's review was something she originally did not want posted because she could not remember the exact quotes and wasn't sure if her interpretation was accurate. I felt Violet's point of view was important and asked if she would allow me to post it and she agreed.

What I thought she was trying to say in the pre-China improv was that we -- San Francisco -- *had* spoken up and screamed and yelled and tried to make a difference [after all, of all the peace marches done around the world, San Francisco's was one of the largest peace marches, and I was there; I can honestly say that in the entire time I've lived here in the Bay Area, I've never seen a political issue get so many people up and out and participating as the Iraq thing did; it was unbelievable and it was everywhere], but the war machine was so determined that our voices got lost and our actions didn't make any difference. So when she was singing that she had "been in Berline and Milan and Florence and [whatever other European cities she named] and heard, 'Where's Haight-Ashbury?' I think she sang that she had responded with something like, "They're still there."

Something like that. But this is only from memory and I'm not sure how accurate it is.

I guess we'll know for sure when the boot comes out. ;)

From Ray Pickett:

The "added chorus" in the song Pancake last night at the Chronicle Pavilion was actually a verse from the CSN&Y song "Ohio". Very very cool!

From John Schiek:

I had great seats and was able to clearly hear the pancake improvisation that one of your reviewers referenced. it was definitely "ohio" by csn&y (!)  she just sequed into it in the middle of the song and then sequed back -- it worked really well. my wife and i looked at each other in surprise (but then i guess it means that i'm old enough to know the song -- sigh!)

From Adrienne DeGuere:

I just want to add to the reviews that an owl flew into the rafters in the overhang during Cool on Your Island. Tori couldn't have seen it as it was on the opposite side of the stage from where she was playing, but it flew very close to the stage, right above the audience at the edge of the stage where Mark works his magic. It flew to a nearby rafter then glided over the right edge of the audience and out into the night. Given Tori's Native American heritage, I thought she'd like to know. My husband and I certainly found it auspicious!

From LondonGirl:

This show was so "captivating", as my roommate (who has never seen Tori live) described it. The energy that was put behind "God" was awesome. The dynamics of the song sounded a little different than usual, and it made all the difference in hearing a very popular song. As Tori sang, "...where the wind blows...", the lights dimmed except for a brilliant blue light hovering over her with "smoke" flowing throughout the stage, and her hair was blowing in the wind. It was beautiful.

Bells For Her is so wonderful with the band. I can't exactly say that about the new version of Upside Down though. Adding the extra drums and bass makes the song somewhat lose what it has solo.

Cool On Your Island was breathtaking - it literally made me stop breathing for a few seconds! I realized this after I gasped for a breath! =) It was so exciting to hear/see Sweet Dreams live. I love this song live, and have only heard it live on bootlegs, and it was a treat to finally get it in person. Siren was a bit slow, but lacked absolutely nothing. Once again, "captivating".

Riot Poof was a great song to come back with for the first encore. It got everyone moving to the beat, and was a surprise! Funny thing is, nothing from Boys For Pele was played last night, which was somewhat strange (and disappointing), but the show was so great, I didn't realize she left that album out until I got home after the show. It was truly an intimate experience for such a large venue, whether on the grass or in the front row.

From Josh:

Seeing the Ring Around the Rosie session with Tash and Friends through the stage curtain from our seats was as good a treat as some of the unexpected songs on the list.  As usual, there were a few of the over-enthusiastic who made it harder for the people around them to enjoy the show.  Tori responded well to the ocean breeze that was blowing inland, letting it move her and the smoke onstage magically. I haven’t read too many reviews, but is the word out that she’s having another baby? (Note from Mikewhy: Tori does this motion a lot and there are always people who interpret it as a sign Tori is having a baby. I am almost positive that is not the case. She simply makes those movements on stage a lot.) She seemed to me telling us that on two separate occasions.  You know, the pregnant sign she makes with the locked-arms circle over her tummy? The second time, at the end, she clearly pointed to herself as well and smiled very broadly. There weren’t as many cheers to that as I would have imagined, because maybe so many of us were shocked as well as happy, and then just instantly began praying that this one would be ok for her.  I guess that’s why we won’t see her until 2005? Thanks for so many great shows in such a short amount of time, Tori. We’ll be here when you get back!

From Shannon Hilson:

My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Tori's concert in Concord last night. I only just woke up after a long drive in traffic late last night, and now that I've had my tea I decided to come on-line and read the reviews (and maybe add one of my own). I'll spare everybody the set list since other people have already covered that.

I want to begin by adding that Tori had on a beautiful green kimono-style top and jeans. One of her flowing sleeves was red however. I would just like to refer to something another fan had said in a review of one of the previous shows on Lottapianos about Tori wearing a red ribbon in her hair. She had mentioned that it is traditional for Native American women to wear a red ribbon or some such to show that they are on their periods. Perhaps the one red sleeve was another version of Tori's red ribbon the other night?

Also something that might be of interest to other fans, some information concerning Tori's improv during Pancake. My husband told me it was part of a Neil Young song called "Ohio". I did not realize this at the time not being familiar with Neil Young's music, but found it interesting and wanted to share it with anyone else who did not know.

The whole show was wonderful, but some high points for me were definitely "Cool On Your Island" (one I'd been longing to hear for a long time at a live concert), Starry Starry Night (which was just beautiful and may have caused me to shed a tear or two), and Sweet Dreams (a song I was surprised she wasn't really singing on the former legs of Scarlet's Walk Tour considering it is extra relevant now that George W. is in office.) I was also happy to hear Rattlesnakes. It didn't seem to be a crowd fave, but it was one I was hoping to hear since she didn't play anything from Strange Little Girls when I went to the San Francisco show last December. My only disappointment was that there were no songs from the Boys For Pele era included in the set this time and I would have liked to hear at least one more song from Choirgirl (Hotel ROCKED by the way), but I guess I did FINALLY get to hear a track from Y Kant Tori Read performed live at a show I was able to attend so I'm satisfied anyway!!

Great show Tori!!! I had the time of my life as always and look forward to next time so keep it up!!

From Emily Schoenrock:

I was blessed to score a front row ticket last night, and I can safely say that the concert was the most magical, wonderful moment that I can remember for a long time.

I got to the Concord Pavilion at 11:30 am to see if there was a meet & greet (one guy, Cocoon, had been there since 9:30am). Well, there wasn't, but six fans including me hung around, tailgated, got to know each other, Cocoon drummed to "Taxi Ride" and "A Sorta Fairytale," and we waited in case magic happened and there was an informal m&g. We decided to move from the main entrance area down to one of the road entrances just in time to be standing on the side of the road when Tori's buses drove by. We jumped around, waved, and yelled, swearing we could see her through the windshield. The drivers waved at us, and Joel, riding passenger in the second bus, waved back to us as well. That was that, we didn't get to meet Tori, but it sure was fun hanging out with some great Tori fans, and worth it just to see her buses drive by knowing she was in one. Joel remembered us later, and gave us front row tickets-- I guess appreciating out devotion.

A Tori fan I met seriously disappointed me. She said about her Eugene show that Tori "sucked". Yes, she said Tori sucked! I asked her why, and she said it was because she played all of the same songs she played on the Scarlet tour. In my opinion, Tori can play whatever she wants, screw up as many times as she wants, and her voice can be totally hoarse, and she will never suck. I bet that many of you agree.

"Cool On Your Island" left me breathless because it was beautiful, and her live version of it is perhaps my favorite song of hers. She played it at San Jose too, so I have been blessed twice.
I don't remember during what song it was, but what did she eat during one of the intros when Matt had to keep playing on and on? I loved when she spit out her water too. Was it me or did she smile a whole lot and dance a lot more than usual last night? She must have been happy about something.

Thank you Tori, for an awesome night I will never forget.

From BiG MiKE in San Jose:

This was my third show of the Scarlet Era, and second show at this venue, after having been there for the 5 1/2 weeks tour in 1999. I have heard mixed feelings toward the venue. There were some sound problems and I'm not a fan of larger, outdoor venues for a Tori show. But all that aside, this was another fabulous Tori show.

I have heard fans (ie, reviewers) describe Tori shows as leaning towards either "emotional" or "energetic," and I would say that this show was more of the energetic variety. Matt was truly on fire for this show, and some of his intros fuled the performances. However, the story, of course, was and always will be Tori.

God was the first tune to really get me excited. Rhythmic and hard-edged, and better than any version of God I'd heard live in the past. Crucify was the famous 10-minute "groovy" version, and was a pleasure, even having seen it before. Upside-Down brought cheers from what seemed to be a very knowledgeable Tori audience.

I must admit that my favorite part of the Tori shows is the solo "Roadside Cafe" segment, and this one did not disappoint. A long (improv?) intro before China was excellent and seemed to have the refrain "The World is Waiting" and to me, seemed to be about Tori fans' relationship with Tash (who, unlike Madonna's first baby, is not a mass-media darling.) Cool on Your Island and Vincent (Starry Starry Night) were breathtakingly beautiful as always, and Rattlesnakes (with Matt and Jon) really helped fuel the transition back into the power of the rest of the show.

In the final segment of the show, Riot Poof and Siren were the highlights, with everyone in the audience up on their feet dancing along. Overall, the audience energy was good, but they seemed extra-pumped during these encores.

While this was not my favorite show of the Scarlet Era, (I tend to favor the "emotional" over the "energetic" shows), the show was still magnificent. But Tori's performance tonight was fevered, edgy, and seduc tive. And I believe the theme of the show was love - there is always a lotta love at Tori shows, but this show's crowd was affectionate, demonstrative, and just plain happy to be there. Which is always a plus.

From Tracy:

What a fabulous night it was. It didn't start off so well -- my friend and I went up to the venue in the morning in case there was an impromptu meet 'n greet, but were told to "get off the property" by a Pavilion worker. So we went the hour back home and came up later for the show. Tori was absolutely beautiful, as always, and the 6th row center seats we had couldn't have given us a better view. The Roadside Cafe improv made me cry instantly, as did the phenomenal trio of China, Cool On Your Island, and Vincent. With Rattlesnakes following, that small slice of the show was by far my favorite. Sweet Dreams, Riot Poof, Liquid Diamonds...I wasn't expecting them and was blown away when I heard them. Each time I attend a Tori show I am amazed at how surreal the experience is for me, at how hard it hits me how much this woman has changed my life. Before and after the show I ran into people I had met at the Sacramento show meet 'n greet, which just made the night even better -- there's nothing on the Earth like fellow Tori fans! To those who will be seeing her next -- have a BLAST and blow Tori a kiss for me! :)

From Erinn Waters:

Tori was really on top of it and seemed to be in an affectionate and pleasant mood. There was a whole lotta love coming from her and from the fans, and that made the show an amazing experience. I have to say, I'd never heard "God" performed live, so that just blew me away! "Sweet Dreams" I had also never heard live, so that was refreshing, and it was wonderfully done.

When Tori first came on, dancing and stalking around her piano, feeling out the vibe of the crowd, my friend Aurora turned to me(she had never been at one of Tori's shows before) and whispered, "She's from another planet." She played with such passion, love and energy that I feel that comment is very true! When the band left she played "Vincent" and there seemed to be hardly a dry eye in the 8th row where I was sitting. Before that she played a song I will call "But", it was about how Europe is viewing our country's version of "democracy" and how the people of the U.S. (particularly the Bay Area) stood up for peace. I don't remember the words, but it really struck a cord with me and blubbered in my seat for the remainder of the song! I had never heard "Cool on your Island" before (I know, I'm pathetic) and thought it was incredible! The energy she put into it, and the way she belted select parts of it out were breath taking, it has now become one of my all time favorites. At around ten o'clock I swear I felt a small earthquake, my mom at home felt it too...perhaps it was just the incredible kick ass bass!

She seemed to be pretty tired (completely warranted, playing for about three hours can do that) when she came out for encores, but her energy was still there for "Hotel" and it rocked!! Well, Tori, thank you for an amazing show, you are awesome and you really amaze me. Thanks for inspiring me to help change our world. Just want to say, Blessed Be, Tori.

From Lissa

Tori put her Blood, Sweat & Tears into this show along with her "Gorgeous" voice in which I could feel each song's intensity. This was my 2nd show and by far the most unforgettable & inspirational life experience.

She opened a lot of insight for me during a rough time in my life & has continued to inspire me with emotion, faith & strength.

I was moved with"God" & "Crucify" and as if it couldn't get any better at this point.

She pulled out her tricks with such favorites of mine Upside Down, Pancake, China, Precious Things, etc... I nearly melted into my seat when she played one of my ultimate fav's "Cool on your Island" more beautiful than I have ever heard or could imagine.Tori truly is an angel to me and I am forever grateful to my friend Chris for introducing her into my life.


From anna ham:

First, let me say that Tuesday's audience members were really, exceptionally nice. My friends and I were sitting next to a quartet of Ben Folds fans, and one of them overheard me talking about Ben Folds and how excited I was that he was the opening act. I had such a nice chat with the guy sitting next to me! Previously when I've gone to Tori shows, the audience has been somewhat guarded, but this evening was an exception. The girls sitting in front of us were great too--they couldn't hvae been onlder than, say, 16 or 17, so they were close in age to my friends and I (I'm 17 and my friends are both 19). We were in section L, row 106, so if any of you guys who I talked to are reading this, thanks for being so sweet.

Speaking of seats, our seats were great---we were about 40 rows away from the stage and to the left of it. I know, these seats may not sound too good to those lucky people who sat in the front row or whatever, but we were happy. Hey, we could actually see Tori's mouth move, so that's an improvement from the San Jose show.

People also weren't as drunk as the San Jose crowd was, and the "I LOVE YOU TORI!!!!" screamers managed to keep a lid on it. This was possibly the best crowd I've ever been in at a Tori show (this being my 5th).

And now, the show:

The fact that Ben Folds totally rocks and is hilarious has been driven into the ground, so I won't repeat what everyone else has said already.

"If I'm not very good at this, you can throw a corn dog at me." (They sold food at the venue.)

I noticed that there were a lot of early songs played tonight. As much as I like the early stuff, I would've liked to hear more from Scarlet's Walk. But she did play Pancake, one of my favorites, so who am I to complain? The standout moments for me were Cornflake Girl and God. I haven't heard God since the first Tori show I went to (the 1999 one in Concord with Alanis), so it was a nice surprise. Instead of launching into a 7-minute version of Crucify like last time, Tori made tightened it up a little by playing the bridge and chorus on piano. I enjoyed it--it wasn't too long and wasn't too rushed, either. And Cornflake Girl is always fun. Upside Down was absolutely brilliant--it was with the band! It sounds really wonderful with bass and percussion. :)

Cool On Your Island was pretty good....having never heard it live before, I thought it sounded a little mid-80s (which it is). . .but it was interesting. Vincent has become one of my favorite Tori covers and I was thrilled to hear it.

The rest of the set was alright---pretty predictable, but still good. Sweet Dreams was absolutely exceptional, as was Rattlesnakes. The encores were my favorite part of the show--I got up and swayed from side to side during Riot Poof. I was thinking of going into the aisle and dancing, but there was some crazy man wearing a dress who was already doing that through the whole show, so it wasn't neccesary for me to dance like a maniac as well. Liquid Diamonds and Siren ROCKED--they were the best versions of those songs I've ever heard--and Amber Waves was the perfect song to round out the night. The setlist could've been a little more varied, though.

Tori seemed very happy and energetic. She smiled a lot, which was good--even better was the fact that we could see that from our seats. She had a cool outfit on too---a bizarre and glittery dress(?) worn over jeans. There was sheer fabrifc hanging from each side---one side green, and one side red. At some points, she looked like a bird--or perhaps an angel.

From BiG MiKE in San Jose:

I would like to add my 2 cents to the discussion of the Improv from this show, and some clarfications as well.

My friend and fellow Tori fan ti has come across samples recently on regarding Seattle's December 2002 show improv and the one played at Concord, CA's July 2003 show. It seems that both contain the line "They're Looking to You" and that Concord's improv may have been a continuation. I was at the Concord show, and during the Improv, Tori mentions "Remember what I told you last December."

Most of us at the Concord show thought she was referring to the "Fuck You" incident at the San Francisco Show, as many of us had attended both shows. It seems now that the two improvs are very much related...will she continue it on further stops?

From Christopher Woodrell:

I attended the concord show as well as the show last night in LA. I just want to send a few comments/observations about the Concord show before it fades into a distant memory.

For me, Concord was a little more cohesive and consistent as a show. Although the fact that I was super excited to see her for the first time in a while might have made me be just a little more into it. Who knows.

Crucify was amazing, as always. She could play it every night as far as Im concerned. The first portion of the show she really had a lot of energy and was visibly containing herself, or saving herself for later, I thought. There were a number of moments where I wanted her, and I felt she wanted, to just completely lose it, like in God and a few moments in Crucify.

Before Cornflake Girl, she told a cute story about walking around SF and Tash announcing that she wanted to live there and get a tattoo. Tori said, "Youre two and a half!" to which her daughter responded "two and three quarters!"

Upside Down with the band is phenomenal. The tempo changes are really impressive.

Pancake was a big highlight for me. She did the "Ohio" bridge which made me happy, as Ive been listening to the San Antonio MP3 non-stop for the past few months.

The improv before solo songs was definitely a continuation of the improv she sang at the FIRST NIGHT IN SF LAST DECEMBER. It was the December 20 show, but not the Roadside was actually after she introduced the band between Sweet Sangria and Tear in Your Hand. You can listen to it on the lovely "IMPROV" on December 20. The improv in Concord was something like thismajor paraphrasing here:

Remember last Decemeber I told you something. Well, I told you lots of things BUT... the world is looking to you. She said something about how shes been to Berlin, and Hamburg, and Florence, and Milan, and everyones asking what happened to Haight Ashbury. She also said something about how we did do something, but it just didnt get a lot of coverage on CNN.

I have never been so touched by one of her improvs. The show in December touched me to the point that I wanted her to stop the show and have a long talk about activism. The imrov on Tuesday night in Concord was clearly a continuation of that conversation with the people in the Bay Area.

Cool on Your Island was flawless.

Sweet Dreams was remarkably tight in its arrangement and she kept singing "Whos Your Daddy?"

Virginia was beautiful. As she sang the ending part "Virginia, you cant, not even you..." The wind was blowing through her hair and her sleeves and it was amazing.

Precious Things is the best song ever and Ive never heard it sound better. She ended with the hugest grin on her face. It was so cute.

Riot Poof was fun and people were up and dancing.

Siren was gorgeous and she danced around stage before she started.

Amber Waves makes a great closer...

Posted by: Mikewhy

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