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Lottapianos Tour: The set list and comments for Tori's July 27th concert in Eugene, OR

Updated Mon, Jul 28, 2003 - 5:00am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Eugene, OR concert. Tori's set included Sweet Dreams, After The Gold Rush (solo), Mr, Zebra (solo), Tombigbee, Professonal Widow and Let It Be (solo). If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your comments. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about the show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Eugene, OR on Sunday, July 27, 2003 at the Hult Center For Performing Arts - Cuthbert Amphitheatre. Tori's special guest was Ben Folds and the show started at 6:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to John and Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Take To The Sky
Strange Little Girl
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Dreams
Father Lucifer

Band Leaves

After The Gold Rush
Mr. Zebra

Band returns

Putting The Damage On
Tear In Your Hand
Sweet Sangria
Professional Widow
I Can't See New York
Precious Things

1st Encore

Past The Mission

2nd Encore

Let It Be (Solo)


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page, and I am adding reviews all the time. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Concert Reviews Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was once again high-energy and at times surprising. Tori did a really interesting improv prior to 'After The Gold Rush' after mentioning that Tash saw two women kissing on TV. The improv had something to do with how do you explain that to your small child and something else about your mate maybe not being who you think they will be. Could someone send some or all of the lyrics to this improv to The Dent?

Tori deviated some from her written set list. She was supposed to perform 'I'm On Fire' after 'Crazy', and her written set list had the second encore listed as 'Liquid Diamonds' and 'Horses'. She performed 'Horses' and 'Let It Be' (solo) instead.

From Jenn:

I can confirm the set list for the Eugene, OR show is correct.

A few notes:

Tori was wearing a beautiful Asian (?) style top with long chiffon sleeves and jeans. Her hair looked like it had some pink dye in it.

There was a small Carole King (I Feel the Earth Move) improv at the end of Take to The Sky.

Flipped off audience during "Father Lucifer".

The improv before "After the Gold Rush" was some great little story about two girls kissing. There was also something about Disney, and "Uncle Kevin" (Aucoin?). "Let it Be" was the best surprise of the night.

It was a great show, in general. Also, the weather was beautiful all night...great venue.

From Dor and John :

First of all, the show was even better than last night, by a long shot. It was much higher energy. Tori looked like she was having a lot of fun.

One of the highlights of the show was Professional Widow. All three of us in the front row were rocking out to it. She put on these adorable sunglasses right when she started playing and it was as though she stepped into a different persona.

Take to the Sky was back and with a vengeance! The "I Feel The Earth Move" part was still around and was really strong. She sang at the end of it "I feel the earth move all the way to the White House." Everyone loved that.

Sweet Dreams was incredible, too!! She kept saying "Who's your daddy?" in the middle of verses. She was totally into it.

The improv in secret time was incredible, one of my favorites in a long time. She said she was singing "this song in the shower today" and how she had seen two girls kissing and how she would teach her "little girl" and answer her questions, how to answer a girl who was "wishing on Disney." How to teach a girl who asks "where is my prince?" Tori sang about how some men don't want a prince, a queen will do just fine. She sang about "Uncle Don (?)", and "Uncle "Kevyn" and how her daughter's prince may not be real, may not be like her daddy, may not have "two beards (?)", and it may actually be her.

It was a very long and thoughtful improv that seemed to apply so well to the song she sang. Everyone cheered when during After the Goldrush she sang the line "Felt like getting hiiiigh..."

There was an issue with a girl in the front row fainting and Tori was concerned about her. Joel came over to make sure she was okay, and Tori brought her over a water. Thankfully she ended up being okay. Then later on, a girl who had been standing behind me earlier and was raging drunk, rushed the stage and nearly hopped up on it. She somehow got between the barricade and the stage and she zipped on over. Joel was over there so fast you could barely see him move. It was absolutely incredible. He hauled her away and it wouldn't surprise me if Tori was none the wiser because her performance didn't falter once.

I know this is out of order, but right before Roadside caf? started she said she had to tell the band something real quick and she had like five second convo with them behind the piano. Then she played After the Gold Rush, Zebra (which was a wonderful surprise) and Crazy, and we expected her to play a fourth because who count Zebra, right? Well, she launched into Damage and the guys were still off stage! You could see them all "uhh, what the fuck?" So they hustled back into their spots and joined in when they were supposed to.

Let It Be was a beautiful closer and such a great surprise. The show was overall very enjoyable, completely worth the long wait for General Admission.

From April:

After five years as a fan, this was my first Tori concert. I've never been truly obsessed, and I think my expectations going in were thus too high.. I expected it to be magical and surreal and.. it wasn't wholly like that for me. I adjusted to Tori's presence much easier than I would have liked. But that's okay. I really did have a nice time, aside from dealing with various OCD-related problems of my own. I cheered, I wooed, I sang.. but hopefully I didn't annoy people.

Tori's outfit looked so much better in person than it does in most of the pictures I took. The pictures aren't good in general.. and I usually didn't use the zoom, as I wanted things from my perspective, though it's obviously used in at least one of these. Also had problems using zoom when also contending with the security guard (though he wasn't so restrictive that he took the camera away, thank goodness). Anyway! Outfit! The first layer was a beige camisole or tanktop and denim capris.. over this was what I think would qualify as a dress.. it had a layer of teal fabric and over that a layer of cream fabric with red flowers, and the sleeves were long white veils.. actually, I oddly enough didn't notice both arms had such until I saw the pictures, I thought it was just the right. Anyway, when she would leave the stage, she really had a faerie-like thing going on, with the billowing veil action.. it was nifty. Her shoes were teal platform heels with cork soles.. and the very bottom of the soles were mostly red.. they were pretty cool, though I could never wear them. And her hair was pretty simple.. just had a little braid in it with red string for decoration.

Another thing lost in my pictures is Tori's bows to the audience.. when she first came out, after much waving she did a bow on her knees and put her arms over and behind her head.. a little hard to describe, but it was obvious she took it seriously and it most likely has authentic ethnic background.. she did similar bows (though not to the extent of the first) throughout the show. I could go into more of her motions but I'd probably sound silly to people who are all too familiar with them..

Now then, the songs! Take to the Sky was memorable for the several kicks Tori did during it, hehe. Cornflake Girl was a different arrangement from what I've heard before live.. she started with the piano solo that's later in the song, and I unfortunately didn't catch on until she truly started the song. ;) Lust and Precious Things were definitely my favorite performances. Lust was simply beautiful and I got emotional.. a little verklempt if you will. Precious Things (the finale) is powerful on its own, the popularity only enhances it.. it also had the most memorable end to it what with Tori's lovely dramatic collapse on her seat and cutting of lights.. it's a shame I can only describe it, as I'm not strong at descriptive writing, and it simply needs to be seen and heard, not read.

Other things... oddest crowd-pleasing moments came after Putting the Damage On, when Tori gave the Evian bottle she'd been working on to someone in the audience and then applied lip gloss to much approval. Most dramatic moment was during Sweet Sangria... I looked over to see a girl on the stage.. well not on it fully, she'd only got her torso up so far.. when some blond guy (bodyguard? road manager?) RAN to her with this incredibly intense look and took her away.. then she got passed over to at least one security guard and was escorted out of the venue, I assume. That guy and his icy eyes were more frightening than the girl ever was, she just kept smiling from what I could tell.

Oh! And Father Lucifer! At one point, Tori was looking right at me! Or if she wasn't, it was somewhere very, very close by.. I smiled and waved.. she didn't wave back or anything so there wasn't total confirmation but hey, it was still cool.. things like that make the long wait it's been to see her in concert worthwhile.

Pictures are in this directory:

From Scarlet North:

I was so lucky! I was in the front row(because i got there really early) and Tori was absolutely mesmorizing. From where i was i could see her face clearly and all most all of her body- including her hands while she played. Anyway this is what i remember: Ben Folds was awesome. He talked to the audience a lot a alot, which was really cool. Tori didn't come on until like 7:30 or 8pm. She was wearing a thin silky shirt that was white and light turquiose and the bottom of the shirt had a band of light red flowers around it... and the shirt had looong white flowing sleeves that almost touched the ground. She was wearing a cream colored spaghetti strap tank top under the shirt. She was also wearing jean capri's with these little buckles at the bottom- but they were unbuckled. and she was wearing turqoise pumps which almost exactly matched her turquiose eyeshadow (she looked really beautiful). Her hair was down and was wavy/curly with a thin braid which had a red ribbon braided in with it. It seemed like she was having a good time thru the whole show. she smiled a lot, and she made eye contact a lot with the people in the front. She had a lot of energy, she danced around alot and used tons of hand movements. She rocked. She did a cute improv about tash... which was hard even for me to hear because everyone was cheering so loud at the beginning...then when i could hear...i was in awe so i cant remember clearly... but i thought she was saying how Tash saw two girls kissing on tv and she asked "Mommy why?" And then she was said something about fairytales and that Tash watches Disney and how not everyone is a fairy tale prince like "daddy."--- something along the lines of that---did anyone hear it differently? Every song was great...and "Putting the Damage On" was seemed sort of long and drawn out with great emotion. She flipped off the audience during "Father Lucifer"... which made everyone scream and cheer. "Wednsday" was played and sang with great energy... so was "God". The audience was pretty well behaved. Being on the ground was the best, most people(including me) danced or at least swayed to the music."Tombigbee" was cool was all perfect. i've been up for 27 hours... must go to bed. For those of you who have yet to see her... anticipate an extraordinary show.

From Karen:

I just wanted to add to the comments of last night's AMAZING show...when Tori flipped the the audience the bird, it was during the line "Girls who eat pizza and never gain weight..." I thought that was an important detail to add...what a wonderful treat last night was!!

From Anne esme Grey:

I'm pretty sure Tori was on her moon during this show, as her hair ribbon was red and it's a tradition for Native American women to wear a red ribbon in their hair when they're menstruating. From my perspective (I was right up front) this gave the show a very specific vibe. She was sort of joyfully hard-edged throughout the night and kept focusing a lot of her body energy around her uterus (even more so than usual). At one point she even spread her legs completely and touched herself.

Most of the songs were standard live ones and I was thankful for the few times when she changed the set list up even a little. She didn't vibe with her Bosie very much, other than spitting on it towards the end of the night, I think it was during "Professional Widow." Tori directed more of her attention out towards the audience than she did towards the music. Lots of bitchy and smiley stares at certain people. "After the Gold Rush" and the improv before it provided some of the only introspective moments during the night and "Crazy" was way more poignant and beautiful without the band, for a change; I thought that song was definately the high point of the show. Going into "Putting the Damage On" from that made an otherwise usual song into something sort of new.

Overall, I was still very disappointed with the performance. I've seen Tori four times in the last six months and there were only three songs in this show that I hadn't already seen her do and none of them were done differently than she normally plays them. She never really grooved out too much either; all the "I feel the Earth move under my feet" stuff was way overdone on the Scarlet's Walk tour already. It seemed fitting that she end with a Beatles cover after playing all the radio songs from her own repetoire. She's got the money and the fan base; why not go out on a limb? I think that's why most of us fell in love with Tori's music in the first place; because it's so original. I hope she takes things in a new direction in Concord.

From robbie wachs:

i have to say that this was the best performance i have seen tori give. Which was frustrating to me because of some of the crowd, but eventually i just let it be (no pun intended to the closer of the show, well i guess a little). We waited about 2 1/2 hours in line before they opened (late), at 530ish. i did also want to note that the show at redmond and the one at eugene both started almost HALF AN HOUR LATE. I am not sure if this will be a trend throughout the rest of the tour but people might want to keep in mind that ben folds on both occasions didn't go on until 630. Ben Folds was a lot funnier and high energy tonite. speaking of that, he sang a song both days about having sex with a guy and then driving him home. This song caused much hub bub in the crowd, as we all assumed he was straight to to the number of songs he's written about girls. anyways, if anyone knows the name of this song or what could they email me cause it's an amazing song and it's driving me nuts (

(Note from Toriphile Rachel Hurley: The song is most likely "chopsticks" by liz phair...Ben has been doing a cover of it for years...


I met him at a party and he told me how to drive him home
He said he liked to do it backwards
I said, "That's just fine with me,
That way we can fuck and watch TV."
It was four a.m. and the light was gray, like it always is in paperbacks
He asked if I liked playing jacks
I told him that I was good to sixies
But all hell broke lose after that
I told him that I knew Julia Roberts when I was twelve at summer camp
We didn't say anything after that
I dropped him off and I drove on home
'Cause secretly I'm timid)

At the end of his performance he stood on top of his piano, and earlier he did a short cover of "i touch myself". He also commented about how influential tori's music was in getting him back into music (he said that was the same year "i touch myself" was on the radio, thus the improv) He is completely worth going early for, and some of the crowd was there specifically for him which is great. I sat next to a sweet girl who had never heard tori really (except silent all these years, she really wanted to hear that one), but was the biggest Ben Folds fan.

back to Tori. Her performance tonite defied the word "multi-dimensional". One big Highlight for me included: Take to the sky...I have never heard it rock this much she said Jon and Matt's (matty) names during the long ending. something like take to the sky jon, take to the sky matty. it was quite beautiful and she stared at each of them as she said their names. it was breathtaking. this take to the sky included "i feel the earth mood" and some different bits i haven't heard before. i hope there was a boot of this because it was phenomenal, and i heard take to the sky every time last tour, so i was kind of sick of it but this gave me a new appreciation. the clapping didn't piss me off as much as usual too so that was nice.

Lust was gorgeous and had a very intense ending. I can't remeber many individual things but i just remember this feeling of serene calmness washing over me throughout. Sweet Dreams was also fantastic and very welcome. The lyrics really were clear and dominant in this song, especially the lizards and snakes line.

Secret time was interested. The band started to leave and then tori called matt over to her piano said to the audience "i have to tell matty something and then we'll have a little chat". She whispered something to him and the he left. The improv about tash and two girls kissing, and such was beautiful and very very long (in a good way) it was almost it's own song and may have been a reason she cut I'm on Fire". also the crowd didnt seem all that into "secret time" you could tell a lot of them were getting restless, especially since she was playing a song they probably weren't all that familiar with. but aside, after the gold rush was beautfiul, mr zebra was very cute and welcome, and crazy gave me a new appreciation for that song. Sounds beautiful solo.

Tori started to play damace, and had to motion the band back on stage, as i think they thought she had one more song left because mr zebra is so short of a song. i would have really liked to hear "i'm on fire". i'm wondering if every secret time for this leg will have two covers, in redmond she played 2 in a row which seemed odd, and in eugene that was what she had at least planned was to play 2 covers in one set. i hope a lot of new covers come out.

damage was fabulous, especially the end. Tombigbee was very rock out and fantastic. i thought it odd that tear in your hand wasnt an encore, it kind of scared me cause it was really freaking hot...tori had already handed a water bottle to someone, i thought for a second she was going to end early. luckily i was just my normal paranoid self. i was so glad to see sweet sangria back, it's one of my favorites live, she didnt do it in spokane or redmond so i was glad we got it here. i heard her soundchecking it so i was glad it came out cause it is really one of those songs that comes alive live, espcially when she switches quickly back and forth between instruments.

professional widow was the highlight of the evening byfar for me, tori put on lipgloss before and then sunglasses, and rocked the shit out of that song. it was fantastic and i cant even think of words to describe the brilliance. it's one of those songs i have to be in a very specific mood for, and luckily i was.

precious things as always was at it's best on a live stage. god and past the mission both worked well, but the second encore was really the clincher. horses was fantastic. i was momentarily dissapointed to read that liquid diamonds didnt get played, but let it be was the most beautiful i have ever hear it and even i, the non crier, cried a little during it. Toir motioned up to the sky as she left the stage.

this will be my last tori concert until she tours again. it was a little sad, but a very happy temporary ending.

From Jennifer L Wilson :

I ACTUALLY WAS THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF KEEPING WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION OF THE SET LIST AND ANY OTHER THING WORTH NOTING. I WROTE SOME OF THE "LYRICS" THAT TORI USED IN HER CUTE LITTLE STORY SHE SANG TO US ABOUT HER DAUGHTER NATASHA. THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS - TORI INTROS THE LITTLE DITTY WITH A QUIP ABOUT IT BEING 10AM, SHE HAS OBTAINED HER AM COFFEE AND HER AND THE LITTLE ONE HAVE JUST SEEN TWO WOMEN KISSING - "Mom, I want a prince!" Tash says to her mom. "So do uncle Drew and uncle Kevin!" Tori replies. Tori then turns to the crowd and asks "What do you say to a little girl who's wishing on Disney all afternoon?" Tori then responds to her daughter "you're prince might even be you!" Priceless. Loved the f*cking show. (Though the normal cuthbert atmosphere was sorely lacking Tori as always stole the show!)

From Julie:

This was my fourth Tori concert and I have to say, with a few exceptions, this was my least favorite Tori Experience. Perhaps I had too high expectations for the event, and in truth, the most disappointing thing for me was not Tori -- it was the crowd. 

First beef on the crowd: the Cuthbert wasn't even close to full.  (Later I found out that there were a ton of people outside the venue listening, but I don't think 40 bucks is too much to ask for solid entertainment.)   Also, perhaps I wouldn't be complaining if I'd have stood up in the front from the beginning, but people around us were pretty lackluster (we were initially in the benches about 5 rows back). It's a CONCERT, people -- Tori, no less. Quit walking around with your little cell phone, pay attention & have some #*$% respect! Most people where we were didn't seem to know "Wednesday" or its significance to the northwest, which is totally fine...but I thought Tori rocked on this song and the crowd just didn't respond--at least where we were. It's one thing not to know music, but another to just not allow yourself to be entertained because you want to hear the most popular radio song.

This also may just be my impression, but it seemed as if Tori really didn't get her energy until it got a little dark outside. She rocked the hell out of was utterly beautiful. Tori KILLED on Professional Widow!!! Most of the crowd around us was *finally* out of their slumber by then & got going. She was playing it during warmups and didn't let us down during the show!
Anyway, the other comments pretty much sum things up. But overall, my top 5 highlights: Wednesday, Mr. Zebra, PTDO, Professional Widow (!!), Precious Things. Not the best Tori Experience for me, but we enjoyed ourselves and the concert was definitely worth the money. Ben Folds, though not my favorite, is very talented and had a great connection with the audience. (He made a very funny comment about Korn a couple of years ago calling his band "Cheers" music...)

From Autumn, Elsbeth and Stina ("the Pie Grrrls"):

Here's the scoop on the Pie. On Friday morning, July 25th, we heard an interview with Tori on the Mountain 103.7. During the interview, Tori was asked if she could spontaneously compose a song about pie. Pi, the number, or pie you eat? Tori responded that improvisation is more natural during a performance because of her love affair with the audience. So the DJ encouraged her fans to yell "PIE" at the concert the following evening. After hearing this, Autumn had a flash of inspiration. "We shall bake a Pie for Tori and present it at the show!" Elsbeth and Stina agreed.

Elsbeth consulted Meredith McCarty's "Sweet and Natural" cookbook of vegan delights. She and Stina decided upon a Ginger-Lime Peach Pie. The crust recipe was gleaned from "Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts." The necessary ingredients were purchased at Puget Consumers Co-op. The Pie that was presented to Tori included: flour, butter, sea salt, peaches, fresh and ground ginger, a lime, arrowroot powder, maple syrup, brown rice syrup and safflower oil. Elsbeth prepared the Pie on Saturday morning. Stina embellished the Pie crust with an ornate carving of Tori's name. She used a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to accent the design. The Pie was baked in a foil pie pan at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes.

After cooling, the Pie was placed on a red plastic plate and wrapped in clear saran wrap. We transported the Pie by car to Marymoor Park on the evening of July 26th. Upon arrival, the Pie scarcely escaped destruction during a verbal altercation with a crooked scalper in the parking lot. The Pie caught many an adoring eye upon entry to the venue. After a brief spree at the merchandise stand, Autumn, Elsbeth and Stina proceeded to their seats in Row C, Section A with the Pie in tow. The next challenge was delivery of the Pie. Fans present at the day's earlier Meet and Greet and a Marymoor Park employee directed Stina to Tori's esteemed security specialist, Joel. Stina approached Joel with the Pie and explained its heartfelt intention. Kindly, Joel agreed to personally deliver the Pie with a card attached. Tori received the Pie sometime before her performance. It is not known to us whether Tori has partaken of the Pie.

We were happy to hear that Tori received the Pie and we sincerely hope that the remainder of her tour goes as well as it began. Thank you, Tori. And thank you to our fellow fans who turned the simple journey of this Ginger-Lime Peach Pie into a legend.

The Pie song went as follows:

Pie, Pie, Pie, I like my Pie
Pie ,Pie, Pie, I don't know why...
I don't know why I can't get a
cherry pie in a lemon shop,
Freedom pie in the congress...
(cute throw it out of the game gesture)
Pie, Pie, Pie, I like my Pie...

From nothing but meat:

The best venue to see Tori at is this one. At least on the West Coast. I saw her play here previously and am always blown away. Tonight was even better than usual. A naughty take to the sky was only the 1st sign that this night was going to be special. When she sang I feel the earth move she really seemed to be enjoying herself and so did the croud. The ending was longer and different compared to the other times I have heard it this tour. Once Strange little girl got underway I realized that the whole croud in the pit up front was now a dance floor and it rarely stoped till the show was over. It was such a relazed enviorment of people just shaking and twirling and no one caring if they looked stupid. one guy even had his shirt off and was swinging it around and around in the air. Sweet Dreams was EXCELLENT with a little elephant improv before the 3rd verse. Lucifer was fun as always. Tori did roadside time and sang the most valueble improv about taking a shower and seeing 2 girls kissing. Tash asked mommy where she had been and something about the queen of spades and being gay. And Uncle Kevyn and Uncle Duncan. So beautiful it was hard to beleive it wasn't a normal song. it seemed so rehearsed. After the goldrush was a surprise but I don't think the people around me knew what a treat this was.
When Putting the Damage on began I leaned over to my friend and said, "Don't you think it's weird she is playing this without the guys tonight" just as i finished i looked up and there they were running on up stage. I wondered if this had to do with the secret she told them before the solo time. Tombigbee was the beginning of the end for me, and I don't think I was alone. Because from there on it was a non stop dance marathon. Everyone enjoyed tombigbee. It was right to hear Tear in your Hand after this and sweet sangria was fun, but once Professional Widow came out to play, there was no stopping the love. The croud gasped behind me when they realized what it was and I even heard a few "oh my God's" next to me. Tori really picked up on the fun and free atmosphere the croud gave off because she was so sassy in Widow as she sang with her special glasses to get into the character. She giggled as she sang, "oh hot mama, running in our family, hey baby" widow was just a sexy haugty version that night. Precious things was extra good too and horses was worth mentioning but I could not have anticipated Let It Be to end the show. Such a PERFECT way to end such a carefree and magical show. It almost seemed to me the stage was lifting off the ground while she sang this. When it was over I felt satisfied. Not just that it was a great show. Satisfied that I got a special one.

From Kenneth:


i have been to a few tori shows before, but this is the first one that has prompted me to write a review. we got to the cuthbert at like 10:30am to grab a spot in line, waiting in hopes for a meet and greet... all we got was sunburned. i did meet some crazy toriphiles in line, shared stories and pics and junk. it was cool. tori's sound check began at like 4pm, so the gates did not open until like 5:30pm. the check included take to the sky, strange little girl, and professional widow.. which got all my excitement boiling to the surface. ben folds was good, he looked really cute squinting in the sun all the time, but he was having a good time. his improvs and call for audience participation was a plus. as the sun dropped behind the little amphitheatre, tori began wampum prayer and i could barely contain myself. i had never been this close to the stage, much less a general admission tori show. i was like 7 feet from tori's bosey, pressed tightly against the barricade. then she emerged. white flowing sleeves, flashes of teal, the greatest shoes (as usual)and a red, red ribbion in her perfectly dishevelled hair. ah!! i have never seen so many kicks, arm thrashings, and drool! oooh it was bliss. her smiles made me melt, her undulating body drove me quite mad, i was scratching the arms of my friends. the show highlights for me were putting the damage on, it was beautiful with the band, john and matt didnt drown out her voice or the piano, it was extended, and professional widow. i knew when she reapplied her lip gloss and put on a pair of studded, sparkly sunglasses, she was about to rock us with something. she did! it was amazing....i felt the drums pound on my chest and tori's voice fill my ears with a peircing intensity. her improv before after the gold rush was great, a perfect ditty for the eugene crowd, and mr. zebra, well come on, just marvelous. heh heh, that song is just too short. i had seen her do let it be before, but tonight it was definately more emotional, especially as a closer. she shooed john and matt offstage to play it solo because apparently she was supposed to end with liquid diamonds. i cant decide whether id rather have her rock out or play a sweet ballad before she leaves the stage for the final time... precious things was great too, especially the "giiirrrrrl" part, but everyone knows that. i danced and screamed and had the greatest time. the friends i was with came to watch me flip out, rather than watch sure they got their money's worth. the cuthbert was the perfect place to see her, ive never seen her outside before, nor general admission, although i didnt like the people camped out on the other side of the river watching the show for free. tori waved to them a couple times though. i did also like tori batting away mosquitos and other night bugs during the middle of her songs. cute. after my experience in eugene, i dont think i could ever see her anywhere else and be as moved. perfect.

From Lyricia:

Made the trip to Eugene with my cousin Amanda, sister Stephanie, nephew Nicholas (age almost 2) and Mike... got to the venue at about 1 PM to see if there was to be a M&G, but we were told there was not going to be one before or after the show :( After waiting in the sun, we finally were able to get into the Cuthbert by about 5:35 or so. All four and a half of us got a good spot in the pit, a little less than 10 feet back from the stage. Ben's performance was excellent, and the audience interacted well with him. Despite the Register Guard's comments about the failed attempts to get the audience to harmonize, I think we all sounded really good, and Ben was smiling widely every time we sang. Tori came out about a half hour later, and the crowd cheered madly, as always. So here we all are, complete with Nicholas in the baby stroller, ready for the closest view of Tori that we'd ever been lucky enough to get, when Stephanie suddenly began shaking violently and crying. We had to take her out of the pit to get medical attention as Tori began playing A Sorta Fairytale. She was fine after a while, but missed a lot of the concert due to what seemed to be a diabetic attack of too much insulin (what a great time to find out that you're a diabetic, huh? This had never happened to her before). I have to say at this time that there was some nasty behavior going on down there, and I have never seen Tori fans behave so badly. As soon as steph was carried (half-dragged) out of the pit, a huge swarm of uncaring and unconcerned people dove for the spot she had been standing in, and I was squashed up against Nicholas' stroller. I stayed where I was, waiting for my company to return, while people around me complained about the fact that the stroller was taking up room where they could have been standing. I had to leave the pit right at the beginning of Lust due to all the shoving going on, especially by the chunky annoying bitch with the blue tanktop and blond pigtails, who thought that she should be entitled to use her entire body to knock people over and out of her way so that she could get in front of them. She had shoved me from behind, trying to get ahead of me, about 5 times before I turned to her and yelled "DO YOU MIND?!" She went off about how I should be flailing about like she was, and how I should feel the music, and then stood hip-to-hip with me and shoved her whole body into me about eight times before her and her dickhead boyfriend shoved someone else out of the way and moved forward. She caused such a huge commotion with the people in front of me, and finally the girl standing in front of me screamed "STOP FUCKING AROUND!" very loudly at her. The idiot and her bf smiled at each other and laughed and kept shoving and moving forward anyway. It was about this time that the two of them had shoved so many people up front that four people in front and to the side of the stroller were nearly falling down, and the stroller got flipped up on its side. Good thing Mike took Nicholas out of the pit prior to the whole mess. I was shocked and disgusted at the behavior of the audience down front. I have been to four other Tori shows, and none them were that outrageous. Mike came and took the stroller out of the pit, and I left to go find out how my sister was doing. We all returned to the concert by the time Father Lucifer was ending, and could not get back into the pit at all, so we sat about ten rows back on the left side and tried to enjoy the rest of the show. I think that Tori's performance of "Let It Be" was fitting considering all the BS going on in the crowd that night, and it made me wonder of she had noticed all the shoving. I know she would have been irritated if she had seen what was going on, so I hope that she did not witness any of it. Well, that's it. Ben was good, Tori was excellent as always, but the better part of our night was ruined by pushy people, and the fact that not one person in the crowd offered to help or to GET help for someone who was obviously very, very sick and in need of medical attention. All they were concerned about was taking her spot once she was gone, and I think that's pretty fucked up. And to the pudgy bitch who was shoving everyone--thanks for ruining so many people's moods during what should have been an inspiring event. Next time, if anyone wants to get closer to the stage, please DO NOT SHOVE PEOPLE! Most Tori fans are very nice people, and if I had been asked to let her by, I would have done so, and so would most others.

From Alex S.P:

Just to add to all the wonderful comments and details, before Tori went on they cleansed the stage by burning sage. I was also at the very front right up to the barricade, it was my first time being so close to her and that experience in it of itself was worth getting there at 5am. It was the best show I have ever been to.

Read a review of Tori's Eugene, OR concert from The Register-Guard

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