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Tori's version of "I'm Not In Love" played during 'All My Children'; Related RAINN Charity auction at eBay

Updated Sat, Jul 12, 2003 - 2:02am ET

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On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, Tori's version of "I'm Not In Love" was featured prominently on the ABC soap All My Children. Many thanks to all the people who sent me email about this, including e m and Karolyn who were first. The song was played during a pivotal scene in which a major character was raped. The following day they broadcast a RAINN PSA after the TV program. Luci tells me that in connection with the rape storyline on All My Children involving Bianca Montgomery (played by Eden Riegel), BAM fans (Bianca & Maggie) have organized a charity auction on eBay that will run throughout the month of July 2003 with all proceeds going to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network). The auction will include various items autographed by AMC cast members, phone calls from the cast, and other non-AMC related items.

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This episode will be replayed during the weekend of July 12-13, 2003 on the U.S. cable channel SoapNet.

Here are some detailed descriptions of the scene that featured "I'm Not In Love":

From Stacey:

During a pivotal scene in which a lesbian character Bianca is held captive and eventually raped, Tori's cover of "I'm Not in Love" is playing on the c.d. player. It is one song from Bianca's girlfriend's cd. The other song played during the scene is by Nora Jones. The writing and acting featured in this episode were exceptional.

From Arjuna Rice:
Oh, but the really interesting thing about the sighting today is that it was during an episode that dealt strongly with rape. Erica Kane sort of relived hers in her head and then talked about it with her daughter Kendall, while her other daughter Bianca (a lesbian) was trapped by a man and at the end it was implied that he had raped her. The song was played when Michael (the man who trapped Bianca) turned on her CD player to dance with Bianca and said "oh, I recognize this, this is that music Lena [Bianca's girlfriend] really likes." or something to that effect.

From Matt Miller:
Tori's cover of I'm Not In Love was prominently played during Tuesday's All My Children. The song played for nearly two minutes during a scene in which Erica Cane's daughter Bianca was about to be assaulted by an evil man named Michael Cambias. The juxtaposition of the song and the events created a uniquely creepy atmosphere and really brought the this clever version to life. How intense and bizarre.

From Karolyn:
All My Children used Tori's cover of I'm Not in Love as music during a scene meant to mirror the circumstances surrounding Erica Kane's rape. In it, Michael Cambius (evil evil bad boy) threatens Bianca Montgomery (Kane's daughter) into dancing with him. He put on the CD, then asked Bianca if it was Lena's ( Bianca's estranged lover) favorite music. Then he made her dance with him as they cut back and forth to Erica discussing her rape with the daughter/produuct of the rape, Kendall Hart.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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