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The set list and reviews from Tori's April 25th concert in San Antonio, TX

Updated Sat, Apr 26, 2003 - 3:48am ET

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The show tonight also included Scarlet's Walk, Baker Baker (solo), Mother (solo), Seaside (solo), TomBigBee, and Another Girl's Paradise. If you were at the San Antonio, TX show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in San Antonio, TX on Friday, April 25, 2003 at the Majestic Theatre. The opening act was Rhett Miller.

Set List

Many thanks to Matt Page who phoned me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Sweet Sangria
Cornflake Girl
Scarlet's Walk
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Black-Dove (January)

Band Leaves

Baker Baker

Band returns

Another Girl's Paradise
Precious Things
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Past The Mission

2nd Encore

Playboy Mommy


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Matt Page:

Another superb show from Tori. Several songs tonight were the best Mat has heard so far on this tour, including Black-Dove, Baker Baker, and Pancake. As she has often done on this tour, Tori inserted part of the cover "Ohio" in the middle of Pancake. The intensity and passion of her performance of Pancake/Ohio were astounding. There was so much screaming during the song. It was so passionate and heartfelt tonight. This was also Matt's favorite venue ever for a show!

Tori did a small improv before Baker Baker about how the tour buses were actually delayed by a huge parade in San Antonio that day, which is part of a festival of some kind taking place. Tash apparently asked Tori what it was and she told her a parade, but Tash said something about it being soldiers marching. (Note from Mikewhy: The festival taking place is a 9-day San Antonio event called Fiesta and today's parade was called the Battle of Flowers Parade.)

From D'Evereaux V. Baum:

Last night at the Majestic Tori performed so beautifully and to add to her stunning performance the venue is so cool. The sound was great, the light show was just perfect and the d?cor of the Majestic makes it truly magical. My fianc? and I drove from Houston and just barely found parking in time due to the Miss Fiesta escorts, but having recently slipped in my kitchen in dog tinkle and breaking my wrist in two places and having surgery I was in a little pain throughout the trip but it was so truly worth every minute. She looked great in a sparkled red and green outfit and Matt and John were awesome. I would have to say that Hotel, Scarlet?s Walk and Black Dove †were my favorites last night. She didn?t talk too much though ? which is always fun. Tori came out after the show and hopped right onto her bus not meeting with anyone unfortunately ? perhaps due to the fact that two girls rushed across the street when she came out of the stage door and almost got hit by a car or maybe they were all anxious to get on the road to Austin ? I can?t wait for the Houston show ? maybe she will sing Virginia or Carbon! Take care all! †

From chomiak5:

What a beautiful venue to meet once again with the "majestic" sounds of Tori's music. The Majestic Theatre which was built in the 1920s, has a ceiling filled with statues and cathedrals of ancient times. Colors of lavender with pinks enveloped the array of starlight'sabove. When she spoke during the show, she mentioned she hadn't been to San Antonio in a while, but that she remembered this venue as being one of her favorites. Okay, enough about the venue, now on to the show. First of all, a big THANK YOU to Tori Amos and her team for bringing their tour to TEXAS! I can't say enough how many times I emailed "Mikewhy" to ask why she hadn't included Texas in any of her latest tours. Okay, Rhett Miller opened the show with his amazing acoustic guitar. His stage moves reminded me of Elvis. He said something about having to fill-in at the last minute and that this was what one might call "a good gig." So, anyhow, some psycho weirdo chick kept approaching the front of the stage and wanted him to hug or kiss her. He said, "I'm working". So, she threw both her hands up in the air and gave him the bird. Then, she had the nerve to throw some trash at him. Finally security was able to contain her to which everyone applauded and cheered. Okay, now to Tori. Opening song no surprise, Wampum Prayer. Afterwards, curtains drop and then she appeared on stage to a roaring crowd, wearing a beautiful glittery type of dress with reds,greens and long down-to-the-floor sleeves on each side; one colored sleeve green and the other red. I'd say she had a bit of a San Antonio fiesta-colored thing going. She looked beautiful as usual.A sorta fairytale; perfect. I have to admit, I was a little leery wondering if the team could pull off a bassist, a drummer, a goddess of a pianist, without a guitarist.......mission accomplished! However, with the next song, Sweet Sangria, there seemed to be an off-beat for a bit at the beginning. Praises to Jon Evans, who really picked up a lot of the music minus a guitarist. Bliss was a bliss. Black-Dove (January) was especially pretty tonight. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, but it was so captivating. For some reason, Mother sounded especially poignant tonight.Maybe it's me, I don't know, but she seemed so different singing this song.One could feel the passion in her voice, and emotionshe demonstrated through her piano keys, and the body language.In Pancake, she threw a bit of a Neil Young with Ohio.Perfect! Iieee, whichhas that sorta/kinda exotic feel, soundedespecially mesmerizing with it's deep bass sounds,and chant-like drum beat. PreciousThings, one of my favorite songs,was awesome as usual. Yes,even after giving birth, Tori is still Tori and grabbed her crotch during that particular part of the song.Of course, everyone cheered. After her last song, before encore number one,the crowd rushed the stage. (good thing for me because I was able to moveeven closer into someone else's seat). For her encore she played classic Tori with Talula, Pass the Mission, Hotel, andPlayboy Mommy. To sum up, she had an awesome show. Perfect venue, with the exception of itbeing very warm inside, perfect music, and a wonderful way to end the evening. Now, it's on to the Austinand Houston shows. Oh, and a special Thank You to myhusband who is spending mega-money taking me tothree Texas shows! Love you baby.

From Roel Ramos:

my friend and i arrived about 7:00 to find a long line in front of the majestic, but it wasn't too long of a wait. but hey, i would've waited longer for tori if i had too... the theater is really nice and beautiful.

tons of people were still milling about during rhett's set. not to mention the audacity of that drunk bitch. some people...

everyone began to find their seats after the warning was given and we all sat in nervous anticipation for tori's first word of wampum prayer...

the audience erupted when she began and didn't die down until about the second line. after that, complete silence. then the curtain dropped and the audience (we) erupted again and matt and john came out and began their intro and then tori came out and the audience got even wilder! the intro to fairytale sounded, to me, alot like god, so i was thinking 'did she deviate from the list just for us?!' but when she began the first line, i was delightfully suprised.

then of course, sweet sangria for san antone! very nice. very funky. very groovy.

bliss was so awesome live. a first for me. it's a favourite choirgirl of mine, but sounds even better live.

cornflake girl got the audience going even more, of course. a favourite tori staple.

scarlet's walk was just as good.

then another favourite of mine, caught a lite sneeze. first time hearing it live and i was not dissapointed. not that i would be regardless...

black dove (january) i kinda figured, what with texas and all... again, we loved it!

wednesday was very fun and funky!

then the guys leave and it's just us and her.

she begins her improv about the parade and the buses having to wait and tash asking her about it. this improv, for me, was a little dark/haunting. i really liked it. maybe she didn't mean for it to come off like that, but it did to me.

she then slipped into baker baker and ohmygod. powerful. emotional. painful. i think even tori herself almost lost it if not completely. it sounded to me like she choked up a couple of times. by the end, i had tears in my eyes.

mother was beautiful as well. very strong. towards the end, it was almost as if she were pleading...

seaside was a very nice suprise. i'm not sure most of the audience knew what it was. i didn't. but when i did recognize it, i liked it. sweet and to the point.

horses was cool. it's kinda strange hearing it without beautyqueen though... but good nonetheless...

tombigbee was a cool, funky, shake your ass number. it really got the audience going.

another girl's paradise was a good offering. straightforward 'hi, how are ya?' kinda girl.

a scarlet fave, pancake, was great; especially with the ohio bridge. tori was so strong during this number.

once i heard the intro i knew precious things was up next. got the audience going again. always a fave. always rockin! we fuckin lost it during her infamous growling-grabbing-fierce 'girl' line. always awesome no matter how many times you hear and see it.

then from an awesome high to an incredible low: i can't see new york. how she could go from a raucous precious things to a soul wrenching i can't see new york... awesome. awesome. awesome. very powerful. very hard. incredible.

iieee was incredible live. not one of my fave choirgirls, but she really came to life for me live. i almost wanted to see if her sample would fuck up again to see how she would react, but it didn't and it was smooth sailing. very cool, indeed.

then of course, the encores came and as soon as tori and the guys left the stage, hordes of people came outta nowhere and rushed the stage. oh well. what're ya gonna do? my friend and i kept our seats, but the whole theatre was now standing...

talula, past the mission, hotel, and then playboy mommy rounded out the set. all very good offerings.

the audience was jamming to talula.

very attentive during past the mission and hotel.

and then during playboy mommy, i swear half the audience was swaying in unison. a great song to end on, i think. playboy mommy, is indeed a fave choirgirl of mine. very sad and powerful and poignant. i nice end.

overall, an awesome night in my humble opinion. my friend, who's not a tori fan in the sense that we are, really enjoyed himself. he thought she put on an awesome show and had an incredible voice and presence.

tori's voice tonight was very strong. she spoke very briefly, but that's cool. she danced/moved around alot.

the audience was generally pretty cool from where i sat (row L 125&127 on the aisle). except for an occassional scream, shout, hoot, holler and drunk girl who would jump up at the end of each song, the audience was pretty damn cool. and i for one, am glad on that count.

afterwards, we wandered around to the back of the theater and waited a few minutes with a small crowd of other fans to, i don't know, maybe catch a glimpse of tori as she left the building. i thought there would be alot more people, but i ain't complaining. and that's pretty much it, we caught a glimpse as she walked out, waved, and boarded the bus, where she waved again. a few people rushed the bus and were detained by security. jeez... people! i understand, but come on!

regardless, an awesome show. an awesome night. and now it is on to austin and another show and a new adventure and another report tomorrow.

From Molly:

Here are some quick notes about the San Antonio show. Highlights of the show: Baker Baker, Seaside, and Pancake(it was amazing tonight)!

It was very hot at the Meet and Greet and Tori didnt actually come out until after 6pm. Some woman brought her 6 WEEK OLD baby, and I thought that was a bit innapropriate. Too hot and crowded for a tiny baby if you ask me.

There was a street parade going on that blocked all through traffic to the venue, so I think the buses had difficulty arriving. (For those of you who are into this sort of thing) Tori wore the same outfit she wore at the second radio city show. Green, white and red sequence, with blue jeans underneath.

She began the show with Sweet Sangria which was appropriate given that we were in San Antonio. Big cheers from the audience during this one and Black Dove (but I HAVE TO GET TO TEXAS) :). It was nice to hear Scarlet's Walk and Another Girl's Paradise tonight: two songs that are a bit rare from SW.

Caught a Lite Sneeze had an extra long piano intro tonight.

Secret Time was gorgeous tonight. It was the best Baker Baker I have ever heard...and the song is not necessarily one of my favorites. She was visibly crying during the song and at the end she put her head down and just played, unable to sing part of the last verse.. It was gutwrenchingly beautiful. I can't wait for the mp3 to surface. Mother had about a two minute intro (she was surely composing herself after the emotional baker baker)- and it was good to hear mother in that slot. Seaside was a nice surprise. My first time ever hearing it, and I thought it was gorgeous as well. There is one line where she talks about burying the ocean with the sand (?) or something like that. Anyway, she had a big smile on her face when she sang this line..the same kind of grin she gets whenever she tells little stories about Tash. I know some of you have probably deciphered the lyrics from the MP3's of the song, so you can figure out who she is referring to here.

Huge amounts of drool during Tombigbee.

It was a really good show. Best version of Pancake I have ever heard. Her addition of "Ohio" in the middle really gives the song a punch.

The second encore was a bit odd. I certainly wasnt expecting to hear Hotel and Playboy Mommy. (Liquid Diamonds was on the setlist instead of Hotel). However, I am really glad that she is mixing it up a bit in terms of setlist order. She seems to be opening (and closing) with different songs every night, and I like being surprised.

Still waiting for Blood Roses, Raspberry Swirl, and Sweet Dreams!

I must leave the Austin Public Library now and get to the meter.

Take care everyone. :)

From Shaun:

This was my first Tori Amos show since Choirgirls. To be honest, she had kind of lost me a little on her last couple cd's. Plus, she had been playing a lot of outdoor venues in Texas over the past few years, and I just don't like the sound that comes from being in that environment. Not to mention the fact that I am from Houston, and even I don't like the hot humid nights we have here. I was unable to go to the Strange LittleTour Tour due to illness, so I was thrilled to find out Tori was playing so many Texas dates. each in a very different venue. Since I love both San Antonio and the Majestic theater, there was no way that I was going to miss out on this show. I got very lucky and was able to score some third row center tickets. Now before I say what I thought of the show, I have to mention this..I have only been looking at this website for a couple weeks. However, I have noticed several names that tend to reoccur in each review. The obvious one being Matt Page. After being seated, it seemed like several people in the first few rows all knew each other. I even heard the name Matt tossed around a few times. It might have been the same one that was asking several people if they were "happy with their seats". To be honest, this kind of added to the experience. It made me know I was surrounded by a bunch of people who really appreciated Tori. There was this girl who sat in the front row right center isle (with another girl beside her) who just seemed so happy and into the show. Constantly smiling and looking like she was trying to contain her urge to get up and dance (even though she did in her seat). Plus, I must admit she was super cute. Anyway, that kind of energy can be very contagious. It was nice.

Many details have already been mentioned, so I will try not to bore you with the same one's over and over. I will say that Black Dove, Mother, Iieee, and Caught A Lite Sneeze all stood out to me as wonderful performances. I wasn't as impressed as everyone else was with Pancake. I thought it would have had a bigger impact on me.If I could only take home one songwith me that Tori played it would have to be Baker, Baker. It certainly brought me totears, and it did appear that Tori was a little choked up herself. For me, it was the most moving experience of the night. All and all, I had a wonderful time. I haven't had so much fun seeing her since the Do Drop in Tour.

-Side Notes:For being such a nice theater, it was a little too hot in there. I did think that Tori got drowned out a little too often by the drums and bass. I thought her vocals could have been mic'ed a little louder as well. The light show was subtle, but it added a nice effect to a few songs in particular. Rhett Miller kicked ass

Posted by: Mikewhy

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