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Read a review of Tori's 2003 Albuquerque concert from The Daily Lobo student newspaper
April 24, 2003

Updated Fri, Apr 25, 2003 - 12:35am ET

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The Daily Lobo is the student newspaper for the University Of New Mexico.

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Thanks to Jenn Herrera and Spec for bring this press concert review to my attention. You can read it online at or below if the link has expired. I do take strong exception to one of the points raised by the reviewer. She expresses disappointment at most the crowd, who were watching the show quietly and not dancing about, calling them "non-receptive". Some Tori fans are there to hear the show and appreciate it many nuances, and sit quietly so they can take it all in. Calling them "non-receptive" is not accurate at all. I have spoken to or know people like this, and they are more receptive than you would ever know. Otherwise, the review is quite good!

    Tori makes sparks on stage
    Multi-talented artist's show dynamic despite crowd

    by Libby Kelly

    Anyone looking for the Tori Amos concert on April 21 could have followed the eclectic exodus toward the Kiva Auditorium Monday night.

    The uninformed bystander would wonder what type of concert could draw such a mixed group, but any Tori fan knows that her music breaks all boundaries. Perched on her piano bench, Amos covers everything from feminist issues to child abuse with music that's hard to put into any category - and she didn't let her fans down Monday night.

    Though listening to her opener Rhett Miller might have made even the most avid of Tori fans wary. His cliche-packed half hour, however, was erased by Amos' amazing two-and-a-half hour performance.

    Lights painted the ceiling in a trademark New Mexico sunset as Amos' rich voice filled the theater with "Wumpum Prayer." As the last word rang over the audience, she flowed out from behind the curtain looking like some fairy tale vision in her billowy purple dress.

    As her faithful band struck a few notes, she danced at her piano and played the opening chords to "A Sorta Fairytale," getting a nice crowd reaction with the line "Down the New Mexico way/ somethin' about the open road." This led into "Little Earthquakes," starting the concert on a very strong note that held true throughout the entire performance.

    Despite being the Scarlet's Walk Tour, Amos played a wide variety of songs from every album.

    Although she didn't say much throughout the whole show besides introducing her band and a few words of love for New Mexico, she held a tremendous stage presence.

    Playing two pianos at once, dancing with the microphone and flirting with the crowd were only a few things that made her a dynamic performer. Her variations in songs like "Black Dove" and her cover of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You," made the $30 tickets very much worthwhile.

    Slower, haunting versions of "I Can't See New York" and "Cloud on My Tongue" gave the songs new life.

    The audience members' reaction was the most disappointing thing about the concert. They sat in their seats, hands in their laps, nodding their heads maybe a few times, but acted like the symphony was performing onstage rather than Amos.

    Only when Amos struck up the notes for "Cornflake Girl" did she get much of a reaction out of them, and even then, less than ten people danced to this incredibly danceable song.

    Despite the non-receptive crowd, the show was amazing. The lighting accentuating the lyrics, creepy guitar effects and, of course, Amos' incredible talents, should reached above and beyond any skeptic's expectations.

    And if that wasn't enough, her three encores sent every fan home happy. Next time this piano goddess is in town, go pay your respects. You won't regret it.

Below you can find a letter to the Editor from Becca Montano that was later published (sometime in late April 2003) in the Daily Lobo in response to their concert review:
    LETTER: Tori Amos concert crowd asked to sit


    I wanted to write in response to the review by Libby Kelly about the Tori Amos concert.

    Although she was disappointed in the crowd's response to Tori, please understand that it was a demonstration of incredibl willpower and respect on the part of her fans.

    During the last leg of the American tour, Tori made statements to the press indicating how she wanted her concerts to go.

    The following is from the Dec. 4, 2002, edition of the Rocky Mountain News, a local Denver paper. It was written just before her show there.

    "Fans will also find something different this time around. Amos has started a no-standing policy for most of the show."

    "People get really upset right now if they've got a ticket and can't see," she says. "You have a mutiny on your hands."

    The fans who get those up-close tickets work hard for them, she says, and "you know me - I'm not gonna have one person hold 6,000 people hostage. That's not gonna happen at my show. It's crap."

    Fans are to sit down and listen during the main part of the show, she says.

    "People can stand once we hit encore time," she says. "The inmates can take over the asylum at the end."

    Tori Amos has touched and inspired her fans all over the world and I think respecting her wishes is the least we can do.

    Hope you enjoyed the show.

    Becca Montano
    UNM student

Posted by: Mikewhy

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