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The set list and reviews from Tori's April 21st concert in Albuquerque, NM

Updated Tue, Apr 22, 2003 - 4:46am ET

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The set list included the debut of Pretty Good Year, as well as Siren, Cloud On My Tongue (solo), Sister Janet (solo), A Case Of You (solo), Honey and the last song of the show, and only song of the third encore, which was Songbird. If you were at the Albuquerque, NM show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in Albuquerque, NM on Monday, April 21, 2003 at Kiva Auditorium. The opening act was Rhett Miller.

Set List

Many thanks to Matt Page who phoned me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Black-Dove (January)

Band Leaves

Cloud On My Tongue
Sister Janet
A Case Of You

Band returns

Sweet Sangria
Father Lucifer
Don't Make Me Go To Vegas
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Pretty Good Year

2nd Encore

Tear In Your Hand
Putting The Damage On

3rd Encore

Songbird (solo)


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Matt Page:

Matt says the show this evening was in his top 3 for the entire tour. It was a real "connecting with the fans" kind of show, where many people in the audience were in tears at the end. Tori sounded so passionate tonight, from the beginning of the show until the end. Her voice was strong and sounded so good.

Tori debuted Pretty Good Year for this tour. John was playing the upright bass for most of it, although he used the bass during the intense part of the song. Matt used the drumsticks with little brushes (or whatever they are called!) on them to soften the impact of the cymbals like he does on Wednesday. The song had rather minimal band, and yet sounded really fantastic and subtle.

The stage here was rather compact and it added to the intimacy. This was a fantastic performance, and it ended so beautifully with a one song solo encore by Tori performing Songbird. From Mikewhy: Matt sounded truly touched by this show. It sounded THAT good. I wish I could have been there to see it with them. Tori really had a connection with New Mexico, and it showed tonight.

From Emily B:

WOW! This was my 5th Tori Amos show, I'm originally from Seattle and am now in school down here in NM. This was definatly an amazing show. I got extremely emotional as usual. Tori looked amazing as usual. She mentioned that New Mexico was a special place for her and a couple other people close to her including her band. In A Sorta Fairytale she chantged the lyrics to "down in New Mexico". I thought that was a very sweet thing. And of course the third encore....which was a first for me. The sound was absolutly amazing in this theatre. The last 3 times I had seen Tori was in the Key Arena in Seattle which is a large arena setting so this was a nice small theatre setting in comparison to that. I really enjoyed this concert and was suprised to hear Sister Janet. I had never heard that song live and it was absolutly beautiful. I'm sleepy and have 8am class in the morning but I hope this helps!!!

From Spec:

Meet and Greet:
I got there around 9am and there were about 15 people already there. Everyone was real real friendly and chatted the day away. After we were all gathered up and waiting to meet Tori, Steve came out and asked if some of the regulars would move to the back and allow some new faces to be at the front. Some of the regulars were a miffed (as was understood!) asking them not to be at the front would have been helpful say 6hours or so before hand! Anyway, some god goddess or fairy was looking out for me because there was one guy there Jerome, who was like 2nd in line and gave me his place!! This was my first meet and greet and it was incredible to actually meet and talk to Tori! I told her about how much the song LE helped me stay strong during some really rough times, gave her some easter eggs and asked her to play Siren(which she did!). I owe a dream or two to the people that made that possible.

Steve also mentioned that the rushing during encores was getting out of hand and would be stopped if people kept "running like animals" and jumping over chairs. He asked that we be respectful to Tori and wait until she had finished her last song before rushing. It's just rude to do it during the song.

The Show:
Needless to say our crowd was very well behaved, sitting down through most of the show, there was a little dancing during Cornflake girl, and staying in our seats til Tori finished her songs.

I ended up first row, and was in complete awe of the show. She was dressed in the same kind of long flowing sleeve gowns, with what I think were gigantic snap dragons all over them. She had on little florescent green shoes with bright red soles, which she did a little improve about, saying they made her very happy or very hungry, I'm not sure which. Right before the Roadside Cafe she ran off stage and then came back and did quite a long improve about 'having a word with a boy in a resturant'. Father Lucifer and Pretty Good Year were surprising and inspiring! We didn't think she could top PGY, but she managed it when she came back out and did Tear in Your Hand (which was crucify on the on stage set list) and then followed it up with Putting the Damage On. I don't think anyone breathed when she came back out a third time and did Songbird solo. The show was by far the most intense and personal show I have seen of hers, and it was just magical to have her in New Mexico.

To everyone I met thank you for the dream come true and for sharing your love for Tori and yourselves with me.

From Tabitha of Albuquerque:

This was my second show of seeing Tori, and it really brings it home that she really does adore our usually boring little state of New Mexico. The first concert of her's was moving, but this was (Not to sound cliche) magical. I wasn't in the first row, but I wasn't too far back, and even from back there I felt like she was reaching out and specifically singing to me. It seemed so personal. I went with two people that had never seen her live, and they were in awe the whole time. It was wonderful. And I asbolutely loved Songbird. That was the most beautiful I've ever heard her..and she even played most of my favorite songs, but Songbird definitely blew everything else away. Needless to say my love of Tori has been renewed ten-fold.

From Mikee:

I arrived at the Kiva Auditorium at around 7:30 and did not go into the venue until around 8. I had seen Rhett Miller open for Tori in Tulsa and was not looking forward to hear him play again. I was really happy to see that the place was almost filled. There were a few empty spaces so people were not even sitting in their correct seats. I had a perfect view of the stage from the middle which was nice.

Tori came out at around 840. There was no curtain since the stage was pretty small and the "Roadside Cafe" sign was placed on the floor of the right side of the stage. During "a sorta' fairytale," the crowed cheered with anticipation when Tori sang the "New Mexico" verse.

I do not blame certain people for being excited to see Tori. But right when she began to play "Cornflake Girl," many small groups started to stand up and dance around. It was really distracting to watch Tori and the funky dancing people concurrently. This one dance all the way up through "Liquid Diamonds" and was asked to sit down mid into the song.

Tori played an outstanding improv right before she performed her solo set. I wish that I could remember it completely but was enthralled with her darkness as she sang. "Sister Janet" is one of my favourite "beesides" and was ecstatic when I finally heard it played live. While watching Tori, I decided that "Iieee"was my favorite song played live On Scarlet's Walk. On the "just say yes" verse, Matt was just pounding on the drums and the lights were just fantastic. It was a great way to end the sets.

It was great that Tori debuted something in New Mexico. She mentioned that NM was a special place for a lot of people when she introduced Matt and John at the beginning of the sets. "Pretty Good Year" was an appropriate choice for a debut in NM and was completely satisfied after hearing it.

I just knew that she would do a third encore since she has not visited in such a long time! Someone had asked her to play "Songbird," and she was thanked whenever she began to play it solo. Tonight's show was very mellow but she seemed to be enjoying herself a lot. I know that just about everyone inside was baffled with her unbelievable set. This has to be one of the most genial Tori shows that I have ever seen and will never forget it. She touched a lot of wonderful people tonight.

From karin:

the show was so beautiful!! Tori was magnificant..

When she introduced the band, she said something like. "this is a special place.. we all have lived here at one point". It was great. She really likes new mexico!

She did a cute little improve in the beginning in which she put her feet on her piano and said something like, "look at my cute shoes" or something. It was really cute.

I was in awe of the way she moved on stage. She danced a bit. She did this thing where she put her foot on her bench and moved her pelvis to the rhythm of Jon's playing.

We all enjoyed her flipping us off during father lucifer. :)

The audience was great. For the most part, people stayed in their seats until the 1st encore. But people werent rude or anything. They were really respectful.

During Tear in your Hand she waved goodbye to the audience and brought her arm in toward her heart. It was so emotional. The audience was mesmorized by her.

The last song, Songbird, was breathtaking. I have never been more moved.. It was a great show!!! Thanks Tori!! :)

From Valeri:

This was my third Tori show, and my absolute favourite. I was so glad to see her play longer than usual and a wonderful set. She played 'Taxi Ride', off of Scarlett's Walk and that's all I could have asked for. She also played 'Putting the Damage On' which had me ecstatic since I had never heard that song performed live before. Usually when I see her, people get up out of their seats and dance. This night, only a few people did and they were evidently asked to sit down. This is just a small example of the mind-set of New Mexicans but after the second encore I walked closer to the stage and many people followed (so that I could dance to 'Taxi Ride' and thankfully the security guards didn't cause a fuss and let us all get close to the stage. It was an amazing show, made even better with her final encore of Fleetwood Mac's 'Songbird'. Although I prefer Stevie Nicks over Christie McVie, Tori did a wonderful cover of the song originally sung by Christie. Oh, and the guy from Denver that kept me entertained by dancing the night away, also made it a night to remember!

From Tammy Real:

I have to say this show was absolute magic! I am such a die-hard Toriphile and it was such a treat hearing such sweet nuggets as Sister Janet, Honey, Siren, and Putting the Damage On. My tears would not stop during Little Earthquakes, Tear†in Your†Hand, Songbird†and A Case of You. This was only my 2nd time seeing Tori live and the first here in NM. Tori was spellbinding in her beautiful flowered dress and sexy green shoes! Her energy just permeated the whole place and I could not, for the life of me, go to sleep when I got home. I loved her improv about wanting a word with some guy in a restaurant about looking at a girlffriend! Of course, during the whole thing, like any Toriphile was doing, I was racking my brain as to where I might have heard this or what live bootleg recording I may have heard it on. I was very pleased that she spanned most of her repetoire sans Strange Little Girls. The acoustics in the Kiva are awesome and the venue itself is accomodating yet intimate. This was also my girlfriend's first concert she had ever attended and she was so impressed by Tori's live show but a little "scared" by my reactions! Jon and Matt were sterling as ever. Gosh... what more can I say... I love Tori and her music and this concert was probably the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

From Valerie Lacy:

Well, what can i say that hasnt been said. the concert was AWESOME!! (thanks annie!) we were way up in row Z, but the seats were still great, thats what i love about the Kiva, its so small and intimate.

this was my first time seeing tori and i was completely blown away. she is such the showwoman. i was hoping to hear black-dove, and the live performance of it was wonderful. the show started out with a bang, a very energetic and aggressive set! Juarez was rockin', watching her shake her hair around was pretty cool :) .

i missed the improv at the start of the roadside cafe, due to the screamers and the dude who shouted "Sing it Tori!!!!" but oh well. i was happy to hear cloud on my tongue and sister janet, since she recorded these under the pink era songs here in NM. the joni mitchell cover of a case of you was a nice end.

the second set was alot more cooled down than the first. most of the dancers were sitting down by now, and the mood of the concert changed noticably from party time to seriousness...i hoped tori would play amber waves or your cloud from scarlett's walk, but instead we hear sweet sangria...not my favorite, but it was nice. it took me a while to recognize father lucifer :) but i was thinking! finally! a boys for pele song!!! i would have loved to hear more from my favorite album. vegas was great, another one of the songs i love off SW. after i cant see NY, we needed a pick me up big time, and tori delivered with the rockin' Iieee!

the encores were all phenomanal...i knew she would play Taxi Ride, and when we all jumped up, it was funny to watch the crowd try to dance the kinks and cramps away from sitting in entrallment for so long! taxi ride was clearly a crowd favorite...i saw her play this song on jay leno and i just couldnt wait to hear it live. when she began playing Pretty Good Year i dont think anyone could believe thier luck!! this was one of the strongest songs of the whole show...when she started in on the "hey-ey-ey-ey-ey-ey-ay!!!!" the white lights blared on the stage and it seemed as if the air was filled with electricity. i didnt find out till later she debuted this song here...awesome.

we wound down in the second encore...i think it was during tear in your hand (correct me if im wrong!) when at a silent moment a guy up front shouted "we love you!!!" instead of being annoying, this was done at the perfect time...he said what we were all thinking. putting the damage on was a real tear-jerker...i was watching everyone in the front-center section swaying around...someone put thier little girl up on thier shoulders, and she was waving at tori, it was touching to see her wave back at her. it was just so emotional in the kiva at that moment.

i just knew she would come back a third time. i saw on the website she only did a 3rd encore only once or twice before, but the show was just so incredible there had to be a perfect ending...and songbird was it. it was like putting the last piece in the puzzle...i know some people will say they would have sat all night to hear her, but i was completely satisfied after songbird! i didnt need to hear anymore.

an awesome show! i must be an idiot to not have gone to any of her previous NM shows, i wont be making the mistake again!

come on everyone! post your review! :)

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From Juliette i:

The height of the concert for me were the encores. People started leaving their seats to go up to stand by the stage. so of course i jumped out of my seat and was lucky enough to stand next to the stage about 10 feet to the right of Tori. When she sang Tear in Your Hand I wanted to cry, i always do. Everyone was singing with her, right from the Lai da da Dai dai dai da dai. and it was like we all singing to her while she was singing to us. She looked down at all of us seeming touched that we were all singing back at her and knew all of the words. I felt like she was mother goose and we were all her children gathered at her feet. The whole encore just seemed like one big love song. When she sang "Babe ya don't know the power that you have..." i thought 'God what must it be like to be her and see all these hundreds of faces night after night staring up at you with so much love.'

Posted by: Mikewhy

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