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Tori one of the influences for the band Evanescence

Updated Tue, Apr 01, 2003 - 5:51pm ET

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If you check out the bio section of official web site of the band Evanescence (, you will see the following paragraph which says that Tori is one of the band's influences:

    Influenced by a wide-ranging collection of artists such as Bjˆrk, Danny Elfman and Tori Amos, the band started releasing EPs of its material. Even without the benefit of live performances, Evanescence began to establish a reputation.

The Best Buy web site posted the following review of the band where Tori is mentioned frequently:
    Evanescence: Amy Lee (vocals); Ben Moody (guitar, percussion, programming).

    Additional personnel: Paul McCoy (vocals); David Hodges (piano, keyboards, programming); Francesco DiCosmo (bass); Josh Freese, Rocky Gray (drums); Zac Baird, Chris Johnson (programming).

    Picture Tori Amos fronting Nickelback and you'll get an idea of the sound behind Evanescence, an Arkansas quartet whose introduction to the world came via the DAREDEVIL soundtrack. With its debut FALLEN, Evanescence further pushes the envelope on the aforementioned description, with frontwoman Amy Lee pouring her light-yet-strong vocals into the aggro-rock workout "Bring Me to Life" and industrial trip-hop of "My Last Breath." Although guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt leave no riff unplayed on hard-hitting cuts like "Going Under" and "Taking Over Me," Lee brings a nice balance to the table with her gorgeous piano runs, which come to the fore on the very Amos-like "Hello." The perfect balance of hard and soft is met on "Haunted" with its ambient nuance stoked by clattering beats and loops, crunching riffs, and the use of a children's choir. Goth-like in mood yet nu-metal in execution, FALLEN could very well have been where Amos' first group Y Kant Tori Read ended up had they not come along 15 years too soon.

Check out the band and see if you can hear the influence. Many thanks to Brett Mollman, AnneBoleyn4, Jen Collette, Luke Caldwell, Andy, Corey Morris, and Liquid Datura for informing me about this band.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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