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A review of FADE TO RED from
March/April 2006

Updated Mon, Mar 13, 2006 - 5:04pm ET

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The March/April 2006 issue of the online magazine Being There includes a review of Fade To Red. It received 4.5 stars. Thanks to Lisa Hood-Anklewicz for telling me about this.

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The best place to read the review is at You can also read it below.

4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Lisa Hood-Anklewicz

It is rare that you are presented with such a complete collection of an musician's visual output with so much insight into the artist, the music and the process. Fade To Red is the latest DVD release from Tori Amos and contains all 19 videos that she has released over her fifteen year career, plus 2 bonus videos.

All the audio tracks have been remastered by Jon Astley, and the presentation of each video is stunning. Unlike many other video collections, including Amos's previous 1998 VHS release, the videos are not showcased in chronological order, which actually gives the viewer an opportunity to look at each one much more as an individual than with a historical bias.

Included as bonus features in the two-disc collection is the UK video version of 1994's "Cornflake Girl" as well as the remixed club hit version of "Professional Widow" from 1996's Boys For Pele. Amos has also recorded a complete audio commentary for each video, recalling many memories of the shoots, as well as providing numerous insights to her visions of what each song and its visual counterpart means to her. An additional highlight is the Behind The Scenes of "A Sorta Fariytale," which had been made available a few years ago as a separate DVD. It is a complete coverage of the shooting of the video along with cast and crew interviews.

Video highlights include the Japanese art that inspired "Sleeps With Butterflies," the beautiful, yet rarely seen "Past The Mission," and the symbolic inspiration of "1000 Oceans." Given that Amos doesn't get mainstream video play, Fade To Red is a must for any fan. For others, it is a piece of art that is definitely interesting.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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