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Tori Amos announces digital version of her Fade To Red video collection!

Updated Tue, Mar 07, 2006 - 5:34pm ET

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Rhino Entertainment announced today (March 7, 2006) that Tori's Fade To Red video collection is now available online at the iTunes Music Store. If you purchase it on iTunes, you will get bonus 90-Minute Audio Commentary. Here is what the Rhino Press release says, "Now, for the very first time, Tori's complete collection of 21 videos will be released digitally March 7 through the iTunes Music Store for a suggested retail list price of $24.99. Those buying the full 21-track collection will additionally receive a special 90-minute audio commentary, recorded by Tori herself, about each video. This release marks the first time Tori Amos has made her full collection of videos, complete with bonus features in a packaged bundle, available through the iTunes Music Store." If you have iTunes installed on your computer, click here to go directly to the Fade To Red page at the iTunes Music Store. Thanks to Bryan for making me aware of this. Several people who have purchases the iTunes version of Fade To Red tell me that the "bonus audio commentary" is really the same as the commentary on the DVD itself, except that it is combined into one large audio file.

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