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A 'Fade To Red' radio special from Rhino Records

Updated Sat, Feb 11, 2006 - 1:08am ET

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A trusted source has told me about a Fade To Red radio special from Rhino Records that has been recorded. I am not sure at this time what radio stations this will be broadcast on, but I do have details about the show.

More Details

Details on the FADE TO RED radio special from Rhino Records. It also came with two "Happy Valentine's Day" post cards with a printed autograph - which are being used for promoting the DVD.

The radio special is in a time line from Little Earthquakes to The Beekeeper. Announcer talks briefly about Tori Amos and her career and then Tori Amos talks about the videos. This is the same audio commentary by Tori that appears on the DVD. After her commentary each song is played in its entirety.

Songs and Commentary included in the radio special: Silent All These Years, Crucify, God, Cornflake Girl, Professional Widow (remix), 1000 Oceans, Bliss, Sleeps with Butterflies.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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