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A review of 'Fade To Red' from
February 7, 2006

Updated Tue, Feb 07, 2006 - 9:52pm ET

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Read a DVD review of the Tori Amos video collection Fade To Red that was posted to on February 7, 2006.

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You can read the review at on February 7, 2006 or below:

DVD Review-Tori Amos-The Video Collection: Fade To Red
T Stoddart

Finally! For those of us so called Toriphiles who've been chomping at the bit for a comprehensive collection of Tori videos, well, since 1998, the wait will soon mercifully end. On February 14th, Fade To Red will hit the shelves, and I, the lucky one that I am, got an early release copy.

I have been a fan of Tori's work since Little Earthquakes, and have followed her throughout her musical career. But, like most fans, I have always felt that there was a serious hole in my collection. I had gone out of my way to amass B-sides and rarities, concert recordings, and broadcast material, but never could I find an adequate source for all things video.

Sure, I got my digital hands on a few second, and third, rate copies of some her earlier videos, but I was always searching, always pining away for something better. Many days I had to appease my needs by watching the 1991-1998 DVD release of her early work. Good, as it may have been, it only covered her first four albums. And when you have an artist as prolific, and visual, as Tori, productions of this nature should be released every year. But they weren't, and we, as fans suffered. That is until now.

Fade To Red is exactly what I've been searching for, and more. This two DVD collection of Tori's work draws together a full nineteen of her most beloved imaginary tales, and includes two bonus videos (Professional Widow Remix, and Cornflake Girl UK version). The list breaks down like this:

CD One:
1.) "Past The Mission"
2.) "Crucify"
3.) "Jackie's Strength"
4.) "A Sorta Fairytale"
5.) "Winter"
6.) "Spark"
7.) "Sleeps With Butterflies"
8.) "Cornflake Girl (US)"
9.) "Hey Jupiter"
10.) "Silent all these years"

CD Two:
1) "Caught A Lite Sneeze"
2) "1000 Oceans"
3) "God"
4) "Bliss"
5) "China"
6) "Raspberry Swirl"
7) "Talula"
8) "Sweet The Sting"
9) "Pretty Good Year"

Altogether, an amazing ninety minutes of Tori time. But there is more yet!

Tucked inside the bonus material is a behind the scenes look at the making of "A Sorta Fairytale". Because of the heavily green screen work that went into this video, the production of it was quite involved, and we get to watch Tori go through the process. It's highly interesting, enjoyable, and a nice addition to an already bountiful DVD.

My favorite part, by far, is the audio commentary that accompanies each video. Like a loose lipped magician, Tori imparts her wisdom and demystifies the iconic images that flow like molasses from each of her "children". And it is here that the DVD shines. With every story, we get to know Tori that much more. We feel closer to her and, in doing so, we gain a deeper appreciation for that which she creates.

There were two moments that stood out to me. The first was Tori's admission that she was at a loss to explain the "Talula" video. I laughed along at the idea that even she was not fully sure of where its director was headed. But, with her innate ability to give herself over freely, she let him take the reigns. The second moment was much more personal. It was during her retelling of the "Spark" video. She brings us into the struggle she had with her miscarriage, and the meaning of the name "Skeeter" that was etched into a tree in the video. Most of you real fans already know this, but I was still affected by listening to her.

There are many, many more moments on this DVD, and I am sure you will find your own. If you are a fan, no matter how fanatic, Fade To Red is an essential part of any collection. I would say to those of you, who have never met our red headed muse, buy this DVD and you will understand our adoration. For the rest of you, who are completely aware of her unequalled talent, you only have a few more days to salivate.

On a side note: I also would like to thank Rhino Entertainment for giving her fans what we've waited so many years for. A job well done.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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