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Tori is the #1 "melancholy winter essential" on iTunes

Updated Sun, Feb 05, 2006 - 6:55pm ET

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Thanks to Nadyne for sharing this information with The Dent. Tori was featured on the 'iTunes New Music Tuesday' podcast for 17 January 2006. They played Winter and said that it was named the #1 "melancholy winter essential" on the iTunes Music Store. You can see the whole melancholy winter essential mix by going to the iTunes Music Store, clicking on "Essentials" in the left column, then "My Groove", then "P-T," then finally "Melancholy Winter" (but not "Melancholy Mix"). There are 25 songs in this mix, including lots of other artists that Toriphiles tend to like: Sarah McLachlan, Cowboy Junkies, Kate Bush, and Bjork. Click the details link below to read a complete transcript of the relevant part of the January 17, 2005 New Music Tuesday podcast.

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Nadyne sent me this transcript from the podcast:

(the DJ had talked about the Miss America pagent earlier in the podcast)
"Miss America, Miss Tori Amos. We've got the melancholy winter essential. Now have you seen the iTunes essentials? This is a cool way to sorta find your way through the store and find some interesting music. And you know, we're feelin' like it was just that time of year, a little bit chilly, a little bit down in the dumps, a little bit melancholy. Music always does the trick, and that is our melancholy winter essential, the number one melancholy winter song: 'Winter' by Tori Amos." [plays a clip of "Winter"] "Tori Amos with 'Winter', the number one song on our melancholy winter essential where you also get melancholy chilly masterpieces from Mister Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams, definitely worth checking out."

Posted by: Mikewhy

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