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A review of the "The Original Bootlegs" box set from the Home News Tribune Teen Scene
January 16, 2006

Updated Mon, Jan 23, 2006 - 7:38pm ET

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A review of box set The Original Bootlegs appeared in the January 16, 2006 issue of the Home News Tribune Teen Scene. The review was written by Matt Richards from Rutgers University's Cook College.

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Amos' "Bootlegs" is a rare treat


Last year was a good one for Tori Amos.

She released her first new album in almost three years, "The Beekeeper," embarked on two sets of U.S. tours and ventured to Europe and Australia to perform.

One of the special things about these tours was that Amos performed a segment in the middle of the shows titled "Tori's Piano Bar," where she would play two cover songs that people had requested on her Web site.

Amos ended the year by releasing a box set, "The Original Bootlegs," featuring six concerts on 12 discs from the tours. The result is a gorgeous compilation of music that should be heard by fans and nonfans alike.

The first concert took place April 15 in Chicago. As all of her concerts on these two tours did, the set opens with the stunningly beautiful "Original Sinsuality," which features a fierce piano intro, and closes -- before encores -- with the melancholy "The Beekeeper." One of the highlights on this disc is "Yes, Anastacia."

Other highlights of the show include the stunning "Apollo's Frock," and an absolutely stunning cover of Jim Croce's "Operator," which she sings especially for her brother, who died in 2005.

The next concert is from April 25 in Los Angeles. Highlights include a rambunctious cover of Cyndi Lauper's "All Through The Night" and the beautiful "Jamaica Inn," on which Amos plays the organ and the piano. Also featured on this disc is "Cool On Your Island," a song from her days in the not-well-received '80s band Y Kant Tori Read.

The song, which she plays solely on the electric piano, is heartbreaking in this form, especially when she sings: "If you don't treat me better, baby I'll just run away."

The third concert, which took place April 19 in Denver, is similar to the California concert. It does, however, have fan favorites such as "Father Lucifer" and the beautifully depressing closer, "Putting The Damage On."

The fourth and fifth concerts are both from two nights back to back in June in the United Kingdom. The fourth show is extra special as that night Amos performed with a group of gospel singers, which allowed for her to sing songs such as "Hoochie Woman" and "Witness" that she had not performed solo before. The fifth concert features quite a few gems, such as the fascinating cover of Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger," the always mystifying "Suede" and the brilliant solo piano on "Horses."

The sixth show is from Boston in August. This disc is the best out of the collection by far. It features extremely rare songs from the tour, such as "Caught A Lite Sneeze" and "1000 Oceans." However, the best tracks are Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and Aerosmith's "Dream On."

Overall, "The Original Bootlegs" is a must-have for longtime fans, but I would recommend that people who have not previously heard Amos also pick this up.

Matt Richards, 18, of Plainsboro is a freshman at Rutgers University's Cook College.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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