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Exciting new DVD: Fade To Red Video Collection

Updated Sun, Jan 01, 2006 - 10:16pm ET

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imageI first reported on this on December 15, 2005, but wanted to mention it again since it is the biggest news we have for 2006 so far! A new Tori Amos DVD set being released by Rhino/Wea on February 14, 2006 called Fade To Red. Here is a description of this video collection from the official Tori Amos mailing list: "Spanning 1991-2005, Fade To Red is a look at the unique and compelling videos that have been so integral to Tori's creative vision. This 2 disc DVD set includes 21 videos as well as bonus features like behind the scenes footage and a comprehensive audio commentary by Tori, an insightful discourse into the making of her videos. Remastered in 5.1 Surround sound this is an audio and visual treat for all Tori fans." A description of this DVD collection at adds that the DVD set "includes the gold-selling VHS release The Complete Videos, plus five additional clips, including two from her 2005 CD release, The Beekeeper." You can see the cover to Fade To Red to the right and find a web page about the DVD at Click the details link to see a complete track listing from this DVD video collection! You can pre-order this DVD collection now at for only $16.19 (35% off). I know a lot of Tori fans have wanted a DVD video collection like Fade To Red, so this is quite wonderful! Thanks to the many Toriphiles who emailed me about this.

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Here is a listing of the contents of Fade To Red. Of all the Tori videos I am aware of, it appears that the only ones missing from this collection are Glory of The 80s and Strange Little Girls. I am not sure why...

Disc 1:
- Past the Mission
- Crucify
- Jackie's Strength
- a sorta fairytale
- Winter
- Spark
- Sleeps with Butterflies
- Cornflake Girl (US)
- Hey Jupiter
- Silent All These Years

Disc 2:
- Caught a Lite Sneeze
- 1000 Oceans
- God
- Bliss
- China
- Raspberry Swirl
- Talula
- Sweet the Sting
- Pretty Good Year

Plus Bonus tracks:
- Professional Widow (Remixed)
- Cornflake Girl (UK Version)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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