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"The Original Bootlegs" box set onsale now through various vendors

Updated Thu, Dec 01, 2005 - 9:18pm ET

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imageI earlier reported on The Dent that a box set of all 6 official Tori Amos boolegs called "The Original Bootlegs" would be commerically released in the U.S. on December 6, 2005. That is still the main release date, because you can still see that date posted at and at However, it appears that the box set has been released earlier at some other online locations. For one, you can find a listing for The Original Bootlegs at, and they are offering this box set, which includes the 6th bootleg from Boston, for $64.78 to B&N members (Regular B&N price is $71.98). Apparently, this box set was available there since November 29, 2005. There is also a listing at where you can buy The Original Bootlegs for the really low price of $58.26, but despite having a release date of 11/29, it still says it is on pre-order there. Thanks to Cliff, Lorna, and Kristy for this information. You can see a photo of this box set to the right, which comes from

Remember you can also order The Original Bootlegs through and support the Dent with your purchase. Finally, the box set, as well as each individual CD (including the 6th bootleg recorded in Boston, MA), is available at For German Toriphiles, you can order this box set through

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