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Review of the single "Cars And Guitars"

Updated Sun, Nov 27, 2005 - 4:52am ET

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The Herald News Daily newspaper, based in Williston, ND, printed a short review of the single Cars And Guitars in their November 26, 2005 edition. The source for this review is Reuters/Billboard. Click to read the review.

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Thanks to Clint for alerting us to this article. You can read it online at or below. This likely refers to some kind of promotional single and not a commercial one:


"Cars and Guitars" is the new offering from Tori Amos ' latest album, "The Beekeeper." As an artist very much in control of her sound, it is a credit to her production skills that she has created a pop-leaning song while maintaining her alternative roots. The lighthearted nature of "Cars and Guitars" is conveyed with skipping drums, a touch of piano and chants of "cha ch ch cha," wrapped in a blithe melody. Since her lyrics always have layered meanings, no clear interpretation of the song is apparent: Lines like "If I choke boy you start me up again/Restring my wires y'know/This gear box can make the shift polish my rims" are full of possibilities. But the words do relay a sense of a relationship lost, adding some bitter to the music's sweetness.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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