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A password email/newsletter from The Tori Store

Updated Thu, Nov 17, 2005 - 7:42pm ET

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I earlier reported that The Tori Store, the official online place to buy Tori stuff, has been redesigned and is now located at The Tori Store sent out an email to previous Tori Store customers telling them about this. This email also told customers some important information about their accounts and passwords. Because of technical difficulties, some people did not get the email. So I am including the Tori Store email on The Dent so you can read it.

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Here is the email from The Tori Store:

Hi Everyone,

The Tori Store has a new home! You can now find us at We've upgraded everything in an attempt to make shopping and ordering an easier and more enjoyable experience for all our shoppers. Check out the new site and see what you think.

In the change-over we were able to maintain all our current customer accounts. However, because we ourselves don't have access to customer passwords, we were not able to retain everyone's passwords. For now, all passwords have been set as the phone number you entered when creating your customer account, excluding punctuation like hash signs, plus signs and dashes. Please feel free to access your account and change your password as soon as you'd like. For those of you who may not recall which phone number you used when setting up your account, we've created a link from the main page of the site where you can enter your email address and we will email you your password. Please make sure to use the email address that you have linked to your customer account.

Stay tuned for another email coming soon announcing some new holiday items being added to the line later this week.

Thanks for shopping,
The Tori Store

PS - Don't forget to change your bookmarks.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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