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Little Blue World Fanzine Issue Announcement

Updated Wed, Oct 26, 2005 - 5:16pm ET

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The Little Blue World drawing is coming to a close. Through October 31, 2005, subscribe, extend your subscription or purchase back issues from to enter your name for one of 15 prizes, ranging from original '94 "Bitch" necklaces to signed Beekeeper and Summer of Sinsuality memorabilia. Our next issue will ship in November 2005. Here's some of what's included:

  • The Big Picture: We asked, and you answered. After poring over more than 100 photo entries, we present the winners.
  • Sinning With the Like: LBW's interview with one of Tori's most talented opening bands,'s September 20th spotlight artist.
  • Piecing a Potion: A redheading story from the Summer of Sin.
  • The Mother of Revolution: A review of the Chicago bootleg from an audience member at the show.
  • Our all-new feature on Ears with Feet: LBW interviews Molly Knight.
  • Plus songbook reviews for Beekeeper and Bee-Sides, music reviews of Dar Williams and Rickie Lee Jones, Ask the Expert, Puzzle, a scrumptious new recipe and more.

For more information about our drawing, this issue or how to subscribe, go to

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