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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 14, 2005 concert in San Diego, CA

Updated Thu, Sep 15, 2005 - 1:49am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the San Diego, CA concert at Bayside at Embarcadero Marina Park South. Tori set list included Spark, Way Down, Virginia, Sweet Dreams, Doughnut Song, Here. In My Head and the covers People Are Strange (The Doors) and We Belong (Pat Benatar) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in San Diego, CA on Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at Bayside at Embarcadero Marina Park South. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and the show began at 7:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Amber Waves
Goodbye Pisces
Way Down

People Are Strange (The Doors cover)
We Belong (Pat Benatar cover)

Sweet Dreams
Doughnut Song
Black-Dove (January)
God/Running Up That Hill
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Here. In My Head
Sweet The Sting

2nd Encore

1000 Oceans
Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was really fantastic, and quite unique in many ways. Tori obviously had been reading up on the history, politics and scandals of the city prior to the show. San Diego experienced some kind of scandal involving the deputy mayor accepting a bribe and eventually having to resign. The bribe had to do with revoking a "no touching" rule that was in place for area strip clubs. Tori seemed to tailor her set list at times to this scandal!

After Amber Waves, which fits right into the above, Tori mentioned this scandal and said she is behind the strippers. She knows what they are going through, because she has to deal with record companies.

Tori did a brief but beautiful improv before Spark. It had lyrics something like, "She's out there somewhere, she's behind the moon. I hope she's happy. I hope she's found her spark." It was gorgeous.

Way Down, which is VERY rare at Tori shows, came out tonight, and was a debut for this tour. Tori performed a long piano intro which was amazing. Tori's version of Virginia was one of the strongest of the tour. Her cover of We Belong was also exceptionally strong, and she debuted The Doors cover.

Matt also stated that this was one of the strongest second half of the show that he has seen this year.

During Sweet Dreams, Tori at one point said, "No touchy", which was cute and an obvious reference to the scandal mentioned above.

Tori deviated twice from her written set list. She was supposed to do Marys Of The Sea instead of Sweet The Sting, and was supposed to perform Pretty Good Year instead of 1000 Oceans.

From Renee:

The show tonight was *incredible*.

There was a beautiful improv about someone behind the moon and her spark before (the song) Spark, and an incredible piano piece mid-way through the first half before Way Down. People are Strange was a hit -- the crowd went wild. I was surprised by the older songs that showed up tonight... A really fantastic show and the best of the three that I've seen!

From Julienne Gard:

Tonight's show was the finest concert experience of my life. The Embarcadero is such a unique, powerful venue. Tori was utterly striking in black and cobalt blue, which complements red so well. The setlist was nothing less than magnificent --Sweet Dreams, Way Down, Virginia, Spark were electric. Her feisty demeanor kept things interesting (she had commentary on strippers in San Diego and the barbed LA-SD relationship). Three random helicopters were also fodder for the holding of notes and giggles on her part. But the highlight of the evening was the ambiance of the night and location. Positioned only a hundred or so feet from the harbor's waterline, the sea air and breeze blanketed the stage with whirling streams of fog. As this moisture moved eerily through the lights, it also kept a constant wind blowing Tori's hair and long dress. Ethereal is the word.

Do I seem to be using a lot of gushy adjectives? Well, it's with good reason.

From Melissa Christian:

Tonight was weird. We had an awful time getting there. San Diego is beautiful, but whoever planned the city was on some kind of messed up drug!!! Yikes! We (my mom and I) just got in to hear The Ditty Bops play about 4 or 5 songs. They were no so great, but not so bad either...

Onto Tori. Ok, I should be THRILLED about the show, after all she played all 3 of my favorite songs from BFP "The Doughnut Song", "Way Down" and "PTDO" - I mean, hello died and went to heaven when I heard the first few notes of the doughnut song. AND she played probably my favorite song EVER "Here In My Head" that was a new one for me. I was so happy I jumped up and down for about 1 minute straight. I could die happy now, seriously, now that Tori has played that beautiful song at a show I decided to come to. And as far as the other songs I've heard every time I've seen her (This is my 8th Tori show) they were the ABSOLUTE BEST versions: Spark, Sweet Dreams, Rattlesnakes, Amber Waves, God/Running Up That Hill (G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S) AND to top it all off, she played Goodbye Pisces (my fav from TBK) and the Doors cover was very cute, even though she screwed up the lyrics on the 2nd verse. That's ok, it was still super cool.

So yeah, technically this should have been my best show. But it wasn't. I couldn't cry. Something was wrong. It lacked emotion for me, which never happens (With the exception of 1,000 oceans and when she sang the part of the Beekeeper "send this message to michael" that's my daddy's name and he passed away in 1999 both songs remind me of him, so I got a bit of a tear in my eye) I think it was because it was THE RUDEST AUDIENCE EVER...I mean, come you have to drink lots of beer and wine to have a good time? That's why you have to keep getting up every 2 minutes to pee!!!! JERKS! And the stupid security guards telling me to stop standing on the chairs during the encores! Yeah right! I'd get down if everyone else would get down, I couldn't see a damn thing. Screw them, I stood on my chair anyway, that's totally unfair. My mom couldn't see shit either and this was a special show for her, she'd never seen Tori solo before.

Ack. The audience (and that stupid security HO) probably ruined what would have been my best concert expierience.

Oh and I wish she would have stuck with Mary's of The Sea instead of Sweet The Sting. I like "sweet" but I really wanted to hear MOTS live damn, maybe on Saturday in L.A. - here's hoping...

**crossing my fingers that the L.A. audience will be more respectful**

From Devon:

Last night's how was great! Tori made a mention about some of the local things that are going on here in San Diego and planned her set accordingly. The venue was great, save for the fact that we had helicopters fly over TWICE during her set distracting everyone. But Tori being truly professional, just held the note longer before continuing the song. I would have to say the highlights of the night where Virginia, Way Down, Strange (her Doors cover), and God/R.U.T.H. God was very powerful and haunting at the same time.

The crowd was lacking, although I did meet some really nice people. I have to say that the rushing of the stage is really lame and pretty much ruins the last four songs of the show no matter where you are. Despite that, she show was great. Tori's voice was strong and she played very aggressively on some songs. Over all awesome!

From Mireya:

hey everyone...during the piano improv before way down, it definitely had an Exorcist theme song to it. way down was beautiful, and going into virginia, it was a nice combo...I learned the other day the first child born in America from England was named Virginia. black dove was nice, and during the last "not a helicopter not a cop-out either" (feel free to bash my lyric remembering - it was just too amazing a show) one of those random helicopters flew overhead. before people are strange, she did mention something about the Lizard King and maybe a Lizard Woman (herself). she also started with god sometimes you just don't come through, leading me to believe NO RUTH, but alas, it came through. PGY, and MOTS were on the setlist -- i believe the last song was to be MOTS, and one of the encores PGY - but i can confirm that with my setlist later!!!!!!!!! very good show, i was in a world with tori and myself and it was a good thing, so i missed the assholes, but i'll take em next time. overall, a great show in a beautiful venue. bumpy start but overall good.

From Ryan Seven:

The show was beautiful on this strip of land in the marina surrounded on both sides by water (maybe a peninsula, maybe an island). There was a breeze which swirled the fog from the fog machines on stage. It was truly ethereal.

I wanted to provide some clarity on one subtle but important moment in the show. The intro to Way Down which several reviewers have referenced was actually Tubular Bells which as you will recall Tori played rather frequently during the DDI tour in "96 with Father Lucifer. Here she played the song with a great enthusiasm and vigor and when I first heard it I had no idea as to what song it was the prelude to but it turned out to be Way Down. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised.

From Lisa:

I haven't written up a review yet for the SD show, but I thought I'd let you know (for accuracy's sake :-P) that the Like did not play in SD. At the SB show they said it was their last show and last night only the Ditty Bops played. The DB seemed to come on a little late - about 7:20 when the show was supposed to start at 7pm - but then they played til almost 8pm which was a little longer than the set they'd been doing previously. For Phoenix I guess Brandi Carlisle is subbing for the Like then? Maybe for LA it'll just be the Ditty Bops again... anyway, it didn't seem to affect Tori's start time by having only one opener, but just thought I'd let you know.

San Diego was an amazing show! There was a beautiful improv before Spark, a gorgeous long piano intro before Way Down, and Way Down was a great surprise! Sweet Dreams was also a nice treat and I am always overjoyed to hear Here. In My Head. People are Strange was fabulous and the crowd went wild :)

From Ian:

The ditty bops were awesome! they played bluegrass/folk music which was unique and refreshing.

Tori played a wide range of some of her best songs ranging from the beginning of her career to her most recent album. It was chilly and helicopters often interrupted her, but she played through and around all the interference flawlessly. Often, tori played her music at a much slower tempo then the songs are usually played which was different. For me that was hard because it was so good that it was relaxing and lulled me close to sleep between the hour, the temperature and the fact that i had a long day leading up to this show. that's not tori's fault nor am i saying it was a negative thing. just wanted to give you the heads up of the goings on from the show.

on a sidenote, tori wore a beautiful blue dress that really accentuated her hair and skin, but seemed to disguise her belly. am i behind the rumor curve? is tori pregnant again? if you know anything, let me know...i wasn't the only one who noticed or suspected as much. (Note from Mikewhy: Tori is NOT pregnant! Given what has happened to her in the past, it is unlikely she would tour while expecting because of health concerns...)

From JESSIE (AKA DaturaRabbit):

Tonight show was spectacular! It was totally worth the long trip and trouble finding the darn venue! The area was on a little penninsula/park behind the Convention center and on the water.

I got there a little late for the meet and greet, so it was weird not getting to actually say hello in person, but it was great watching her interact with the others there. She is so gracious, and so attentive and polite to people (even when they commit serious faux pas) and I think that's just another reason to adore her. We hung around a bit later, and heard her soundcheck. She did "Doughnut Song", "Caught A Lite Sneeze" and "Black Dove (January)" Went to have a bite with some friends, Rachel, Larissa, Adam, Jerrad, Erica and her sweetie.

The setting for the show was magnificent. When Tori faced the bosey, she saw the little ships, and when she faced the Hammond, she faced the ever growing moon. I was expecting "Martha's Foolish Ginger" to show, what with the boats and water. It was freezing outside, so her outfit was a long sleeved black lycra top, with a navy blue dress. The set list was amazing, and in addition to the scandal mentioned above, it fit well, as almost every single song referenced water.


Again, the deep note resonating started us off and splendidly with an amazing opening.


The opening chords of this had me giddy! I love Amber, and she played this on organ and piano, moving back and forth. She has been great at holding notes as she switches back and forth from board to board. Greeting us with her traditional lovely voice, and referenced the pole dancers, and San Diego scandals, you can read as above. She said she was on the side of the girls, and that "L.A. comes down here, to steal your stories, and tell them up there."


This was fantastic. Last night I was hoping she would do this at one of the shows, and it was just gorgeous. Even the people in the audience that didn't know the song actually were quiet enough to hear this.


I got all happy again, because this song has one of my favorite lines of the Beekeeper album "I cried, and I watched my tears that turned into diamonds/ice into ice and if it could freeze my heart wouldn't float away..." As she sang this, she kinda bobbed her head side to side in a singsong way. Cute!


Her improv on this was stunning. If I can remember, "I see the moon (gestures to the moon), I know she's gone, behind the moon now, she lives, I'm sorry, I tried, I tried my best, I hope wherever you are, you've found your spark, found your spark" This was done with her facing the organ, but twisted so she could play the piano. Her version of "Spark" was memorable just for the moment when a helicopter flew over her mid show, and she held the last note of "here" while it went overhead, and when it cleared she went into "Say you don't want it...this circus we're in". It was fantastic. People applauded, and once again, we were reminded of her true professionalism as a performer.


After "Spark", she went into a somewhat psychotic piano solo, brilliant!!! I heard from some people at the meet and greet that a guy had asked for her to play "Tubular Bells" (AKA the Exorcist Theme) and she said "I'll see what I can do." But wow!! She really ripped this one from the ether, and watching her was surreal. She really lost herself in this. When she started singing "Way Down" I almost passed out. I LOVE that song!! Here she was, playing it, and playing it well. Thank you Tori!!


This is one of my friend's favorite songs, and he came last night with me to Santa Barbara, but not to San Diego. I thought of him anyway, and rocked back and forth to a divine solo performance of what I think is such an underrated song. It deserves more play time....she's fantastic.


Another gem! Done on the Rhodes, I think the best part of this song is the vocal effect at the end when she holds the note at the end and moves back, creating a fade. When this happened tonight, she backed up, and the lights faded, moving through the smoke, and I got shivers! Very ghost like.


She applied lip gloss and mentioned "Lubrication is important girls, uh huh, even up here too. I'm going to do a request you made for here, and I don't do them usually because the all (whispers) suck!." She did a great and playful version of this. Everyone got into it, and most of the drunkards seemed happy to hear a song they know.


This was great to hear, as she didn't do it in SB, and I love this song. She just delievered this on a straight shot, and was great from start to finish.


This was a superb version!! EXTREMELY playful. She did a little improv before it, and when she got to "Even got your zipper between their teeth" She stroked the mic and said cutely "no touchie!" The BEST part for me was when she got to the bridge, she called out "And some piano!" then did the bridge. It was the cutest thing!


She soundchecked this, so I was happy it turned up. A lot of people were happy to hear so much Pele turn up tonight. This was truly moving, and of the songs she soundchecked, only "Caught A Lite Sneeze" was absent. She also performed...


Which was lovely to hear on the organ and piano. This round, she didn't have the mics too close together, and when she held her notes and switched boards, you could hear the gap. It was rather cute, and we giggled appreciatively.


This was stunning live! She started with "Do you need a woman to look after you?" and then went into "Running Up That Hill". As she did with "Liquid Diamonds" last night, the improvs sandwiched the song, turning it into another song entirely, something even greater than before.


She was less intense tonight with this. A lot of people were preparing to rush the stage, and the ushers and security looked a little scared and lost. Someone should give in houses a manual of what to expect.


I have been waiting forever to hear this live. When I was taking music essentials, we had to practice on piano, and this was what I learned, at least the first 4 measures. :o) There was a bit of drool, which I got to see up close for the first time, as this was my first stage rush!


Setlist said "Marys Of The Sea", which I would have loved to hear, but "Sting" was welcomed, and I had on my "Sweet the Sting" shirt, so I grooved along.

1,000 OCEANS:

Setlist said "Pretty Good Year", but she did "Oceans" for Erica, who had asked for it at meet and greet. She really kinda toyed with this one too. At the end, she kept repeating, "I'm aware what the rules are, but you know that I will run, you know that I will follow you..." maybe 4 or 5 times. It was nice.


A great closer to an amazing show. I was really happy that I decided to follow my first leg, and did my first stage rush. It was an evening of firsts, and I just wanna say to all the ears that I got to hang with today, thank you! I look forward to seeing you at other shows....until the Greek!

From Luis Fernando Saaib Guisado:

This is the fourth time I attend to a Tori concert, each time she bring something different, never been disappointed on the energy and the quality of the performance, except for the setlists but that's a personal, selfish issue. Last night show was funny, surprising, she was in a good mood, her voice was in full form, sang like the goddess she is, but it wasn't as powerful or emotional as the others times I had seen her...I don't mean this in a bad way, come on, she could never suckk!!!!, but the energy was very light, very reserved, even with the audience. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the magic in this concert...I really was in ecstasy with SPARK and BLACK DOVE (specially cause FTCH is my favorite album)...the vibe on Way Down, Sweet Dreams and China...and Goodbye Pisces wich is 1000 times better live!!!....The Doors cover was genius, so flirty, sensual, playful...everything was perfect.

To me, once again she proved the power she has to hypnotize you, haunt you, get lost in her music...SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. In case she doesn't know it...she got a lot of Mexican fans, that drove or flied a lot of miles to see when she sang Mexico in China...that create a great feeling in us.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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