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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 13, 2005 concert in Santa Barbara, CA

Updated Wed, Sep 14, 2005 - 1:08am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Santa Barbara, CA concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Tori set list included Upside Down, Siren, Snow Cherries From France, Liquid Diamonds, Ribbons Undone and the covers Need You Tonight (INXS) and My Favorite Things (Sound Of Music) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Santa Barbara, CA on Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 6:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Silent All These Years
Upside Down
Playboy Mommy

Need You Tonight (INXS cover)
My Favorite Things (Rodgers & Hammerstein / Sound of Music cover)

Jamaica Inn
Snow Cherries From France
Bells For Her
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Liquid Diamonds

2nd Encore

Ribbons Undone


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori made three changes to her per-show written set list. She was suppose to perform Cool On Your Island, but did Playboy Mommy instead. For the final song of the show, Tori planned to do 1000 Oceans, but did Ribbons Undone. Finally, Tori was supposed to perform the Pat Benatar cover "We Belong" instead of "My Favorite Things" during the Piano Bar.

It was an enjoyable show, and Tori's version of Need You Tonight was very impressive. Before that song, Tori told a long story. If anyone has more of what she said during that story, please email the details to The Dent. She talked about hearing the song Need You Tonight while driving up north, and that it was a sexy song. Then she said that someone told her that computers were sexy, and Tori responded with a comment that went something like, "Anything with three holes and high heels is sexier" or something like that. Before My Favorite Things, she mentioned that it was a request from Tash.

Tonight's version of Upside Down was fantastic tonight, and only the second time this has been played live this year. Tori mentioned that there were only a few more shows left to her current tour, and told the audience that "you made the summer magical".

From JESSIE (AKA DaturaRabbit):

I just came back from the Santa Barbara show, and I must say, it was such an AMAZING show I can barely process everything I saw!! But I will try....

Just a brief note, there were 3 changes to her original setlist, (I snatched the lighting guys') and for her covers Tori was supposed to do "We Belong" by Pat Benetar, but did "Favorite Things" instead.

The venue was gorgeous, the moon half full and glowing, and the crickets were in full chorus as well (or perhaps that was just my ears ringing, but I digress) Smitty lit the goddess out to the stage, in a pink and peach flowing gown, and she seemed just so full of love and energy right off the bat. She struck a single note on the low end of the Bosey, almost as if testing us....we responded with cheers!


This was not only fleshed out, it became something magical. She repeated "Yaldaboath I'm calling you, Saklas, I'm calling you" twice in the middle.


This was great to hear, as she cut it out at UCLA due to time constraint. She began with the "Girls on your side" vocal from the album, and played this on the Hammond. For Tori, tonight, EVERY SONG was not to be rushed. It was gorgeous. Space Dog had such legs on it, and she nailed every nuance.

She greeted us, and said that she was happy to be there, and thanked those who had been following the show this leg.


This truly was a surprise and treat for me to hear. The only thing that marred this performance was the airheaded couple that drank beer and talked ALL THROUGH THE FIRST THREE SONGS!! It was truly hideous. I tried shushing them politely, but they were so into themselves they could not care. The ladies sitting behind them glady put a damper on their chit chat. I still enjoyed "Carbon" regardless.


Indeed, one of my big faves from "The Beekeeper", and a request of my friend Billy's on our drive over to SB, this was such a treat to hear. It had a great improv that went along the lines: "He used to paint, he used to paint me, but he painted me like no one else. He painted me under my skin..." Or to that effect. It was amazing and flowed seamlessly into "Parasol".


Something nice about this version, I could not put my finger on. I really enjoyed it tonight, and she really delivered. This is a song I think everyone kind of tires of, but you could not tell it with the audience. They were really well behaved, and actually polite and enraptured by her. Aside from the jerks I sat by, the audience was rather good.


Again, Billy hoped to hear this one, and as this was the very first Tori song I ever heard, I welcomed it with open arms. She played a lot with the vocals, and sang every note clearly.


Setlist said "Cool On Your Island" and I'm glad she did this instead. It was gorgeous, and still very heartbreaking to hear. She seemed to get in very deep on this one, and she held her note on "arms" at the end for a long time.

It should be noted, that she held EVERY note that she could to it's potential! She gave us gold tonight!!


She told a fantastic story about being sexy. I'll try to recount as much as I can. "Someone told me the other day, someone said 'You know, computers can be sexy', I think, Husband, was that you that said that? and I told him, 'why do you need a computer, I mean, what's sexier than something with hips that has 3 holes?'. You know what I think is sexy? *puts heel up on piano* These are sexy, I think *name of shoe* heels on a computer are sexy. I see visions of these women, pushing back from their computers, and propping their feet up on the desk...." That's about all I can remember.....but she did go into a cute improv, which led into a spirited and sexy "Need you Tonight", done as only Tori can do!


Setlist said "We Belong", but she told a story about Tash wanting her to sing a song that Tori sings to her in private, and Tori said "Child, can't we reach a compromise?" I think she may have forgotten that, because she did start to play something, stopped and laughed saying "Sorry, schizcophrenic mommy moment!" It was pretty, but I'd rather have heard "We Belong" instead.


Phenominal performance, and I thought at first it was "Ruby Through the Looking Glass", but she vocalized, and brought down the house with a stunning rendition of "Siren". She nailed all the high notes, taking deep breaths and holding them as long as she dared.


I smiled when she began to play this one. It was so special to me when I first heard it, and as I listen to it more, I think it has the best philosophy with the line "The Sexiest thing is trust". Again, she took this as far as she could go.


I think I bruised Billy's leg from pounding it when I heard the opening chords to this!! I gathered the theme of "Betrayal", "Pirates", and "Water", (In Santa Barbara, of course). I was so excited to hear this, and it made my evening that much more special.


Stunning as always. This was done on the Rhodes, and I'm surprised at how sharp she makes it sound, even on an instrument with such a deep sound.


The best I think I've heard it!! It was so incredibly INTENSE and her journey tonight was near perfect. The only flaw was at the end, when her feet in her heels slipped the pedal and she dropped the sound a bit, she let out a loud "FUCK!" but finished the song powerfully regardless.


She came back and laughed "These heels are great for pictures, but you can't play an organ for shit in them" and then went into "Icicle", which made me smile big, because that was my big request, that and...


Which, might I add, I've been dying to hear forever, and solo was perfection. She began with an improv aling the lines of: "Had a laugh today, had a cry today, saw her there, she said we're becoming liquid..." she ended "Liquid Diamonds" with this same improv, and almost transformed it into a different song altogether.


A very cute and sexy version of this tonight. The audience giggled and sang along for some parts, most noticibly "He had a nice big fat cigar"....


Setlist said, "1,000 Oceans" which would have been beautiful in that setting, but the setlist seemed to command such a pleasant goodbye, and "Ribbons" does that well. She sent us out of there reeling in joy and love.

I am THRILLED to have been there tonight with my good friend Billy, and to have shared this special show. I'm heading to San Diego to catch one more show, and will report back tomorrow night!

From Danny:

Tonight's performance was magical in some ways. Her version of need you tonight was amazing! Her talk before the song was cute and funny. I loved the way she just lifted her leg and sat it on the piano. Tori did change her setlist a bit (2 songs only), but I think it was worth it. For some strange reason, I felt that the show had a motherly side to it (My favorite things, playboy mommy, ribbons undone). During "The Beekeeper" Tori's organ went out (towards the end) and she just said "FUCK!". Listening to Space Dog really took me back in time with my ex, Peter, who passed away Sep. 28th, last year. He enjoyed the song so much! I can't wait for the L.A. show!

I am a bit tired from the drive, and must go to bed now. I will try to post a better review on Saturday! Summarized review: IT WAS AMAZING. She mentioned that she was doing a couple of requests, since she can't do that in L.A. During Upside Down, I thought of Mike. I was so hoping he was there since he adores that song!

Thank you, Tori, for a magical and wonderful performance. Let's see what L.A. has in store for us EWF's!

From Julienne:

Last night's show was amazing!!! The venue is an ideal place to see Tori. She was in top form musically and personally--her talkative nature exposed this. The best versions of Bells for Her, Silent All These Years, and Liquid Diamonds I've heard to date were played last night. Oh and by the way, her shoes were Pellini ;)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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