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More Details and a photo from Tori's 6-song performance at the KINK Live 8 Concert in Portland, OR on Saturday, Sept 10, 2005

Updated Sun, Sep 11, 2005 - 11:52am ET

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Updated: As first revealed on The Dent the morning before, Tori performed at the KINK Live 8 Concert on Saturday night, September 10, 2005 at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR. She came on around 8:15PM and performed 6 songs. Reports say that Tori was really animated and fiery. This was a free event sponsored by KINK 102 FM and Tori was an unannounced special guest. Click to see a photo from the event, the list of songs that Tori performed, and commentary from someone who was there!

More Details

You can see the set list for this small performance below. Thanks to Matt Page for phoning me the set list, and to Lisa and Brandon for emailing it to me. The photo you see below is from the KINK Live 8 performance and was taken by Tara Schuster.


Tori performed the following songs solo at the piano:

Take To The Sky
Sweet The Sting
Silent All These Years
Cars And Guitars

Details of the performance

From Tara Schuster:

I was lucky enough to see Tori at this show tonight as well as the one in Ridgefield last night. I was already planning on attending this free concert that KINK puts on every year but when I heard who the special guest was, I knew I couldn't miss it. Thanks to the dent for the heads up! Rain sprinkled down from the heavens off and on all day, and as this was an outdoor concert and being the northwest, I was a little nervous for this night's show. However, not a single drop came down once the concert started. Tori came out around 8:15 wearing a cute red long sleeved top with a strapless white shirt over the red one and jeans with the cuffs rolled up to reveal flesh colored fishnets and some really cute blue heels with red bows on the side.

Before she went into Cars and Guitars she said how this boy said to her 'you make no sense, you and womankind' and Tori said to him, yeah it goes both ways and how she had to more or less speak in a way he would understand. She said "I need to sound like a fuckin' car!" She then went into the song. I had such a great time and Tori seemed to enjoy herself as well.

From Kaycee Anseth-Townsend:

Tori was ON FIRE. She was totally working the crowd and flirting with everyone. Crucify was riveting. She said hi to the crowd, mentioned her Baby Bosey, and the started the beat for Take to the Sky- which was so good. At one point right after, Marcel started yelling and someone ran on stage to fix a plug and tori launched into an improv about fixing the piano. Sweet the Sting was just dead sexy. Silent all these years felt much lighter than at clark county. The intro to cars and guitars was priceless, and again- so much Flirting! Finishing with Leather was just fun. All in all, I wondered what it would be like for that kinda crowd- a free concert in portland means very eclectic. I was at the front of the stage- so I wasnt really looking at the rest of the crowd- but Tori put on such a show- I bet she reached some new people. Totally lifted my spirits, and a wonderful end to a great two days.

From Shane Disque:

I had the wonderful oppertunity(at the last moment)to find out that Tori Amos would be playing a FREE concert, right here in my city on Saturday night.It was amazing, once my friend called me with the new(which he read on the dent), all my friends got together and went downtown, for what is probably one of the best(although short) concerts of my life. I've waited a while to hear both "Crucify" and "Silent All These Years", as I am not lucky enough to be able to attend very many concerts. She was beautiful..stunning.. wild! I was in about the 4th row and she looked absolutely great. Thanks for the concert Tori and cheers.

From Brian Tanaka:

The KINK Live 8 Concert in Portland, Oregon yesterday evening was short but sweet (the sting). Though I wish it had been longer, in a way it felt like a six song, third encore of the Ridgefield show the night before, and how in the world could you not love that?

I've never been to a KINK Live 8 Concert before, and I was favorably impressed. It's a free, annual event in Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland's shopping core, and it had a pleasantly celebratory and innocent feeling with a distinct Pacific Northwest vibe. There's something about free music in a city's center that heightens my estimation of the city that allows/promotes it.

Anticipation was buzzing in the cool Oregon air as the crowd waited for Tori to appear. Two KINK DJs came out to introduce her and they lead everyone in a corny-but-fun "we want Tori" chant. Then she appeared and everyone went nuts.

She played the little Bosey and she sounded just wonderful. Playfully and enthusiastically, she threw herself each tune, giving the crowd a thoroughly satisfying set in a mere six songs. She was very physically expressive and made a ton of eye contact with the crowd. It was flat-out fun and a nice little treat for folks who hadn't headed down to California yet and were still in town after the Ridgefield show. Way to go, Portland!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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