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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 9, 2005 concert in Ridgefield, WA (near Portland, OR)

Updated Sat, Sep 10, 2005 - 2:32am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Ridgefield, WA (near Portland, OR) concert at The Amphitheatre at Clark County. Tori set list included Little Amsterdam, Seaside, Spark, Happy Phantom, Daisy Dead Petals and the covers Over The Rainbow and River (Joni Mitchell) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Ridgefield, WA (near Portland, OR) on Friday, September 9, 2005 at The Amphitheatre at Clark County. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Little Amsterdam
Silent All These Years
The Power Of Orange Knickers

Over The Rainbow (The Wizard Of Oz cover)
River (Joni Mitchell cover)

Goodbye Pisces
Cloud On My Tongue
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Happy Phantom
Putting The Damage On

2nd Encore

Daisy Dead Petals
Baker Baker (Part of the song...)


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was really interesting. First of all, Tori did deviate some from her written set list. She was supposed to perform Caught A Lite Sneeze right before Seaside, but she did not. Tori did replace it with a long improv that you can read more about below. She was also suppose to end the show with Your Cloud, but performed the Baker Baker/Toast ending instead.

At the end of the show, Tori began to play Baker Baker. After getting through roughly the first verse, she started to forget the words. She then said, "I fucked up, we'll do it again" and then started playing it again. But again, she forgot the lyrics. People started yelling out the lyrics to her. She tried to finish the song, but just could not. She then started playing a piano segue that was long and definitely not in the same key as Baker Baker, and then started performing Toast instead, which she did complete. At one point, Tori sang, "Lately you've been on my mind Michael" during Toast. It was a very interesting end to the concert.

Tori performed one of her best versions of Little Amsterdam tonight, Matt's favorite of the tour. She also did an amazing version of Icicle. Daisy Dead Petals was an unexpected and fun surprise during the second encore!

Tori performed a long improv prior to Seaside. The lyrics roughly went something like, "The last time I was in Oregon, there were many more daughters, the last time I was in Oregon there were many more mothers, the last time I was in Oregon there were many more sons...You people almost changed the outcome of 16th street... you have the ability to make magic happen and change my world." Tori was making a clear reference to the past Presidential election in this improv, which was very beautiful.

Tori performed another improv before her Piano Bar segment, telling the audience that the requests for the piano bar were mostly crap and that she wanted to perform two of her favorite songs instead. The improv involved lyrics like, "Why don't you come to Oregon, there are interesting green things here, why don't you come to Oregon... It is out of the way... I don't give a fuck, I want to go there anyway..."

From Tara Schuster:

This concert was not what I was expecting, not necessarily in a bad way though. I live about 15 minutes away from the amphitheater so I've seen a few other concerts there before. I have to say, this is not one of my favorite venues. I just think the acoustics here are terrible. Perhaps a lot of other people felt the same way because the venue was not even filled to half capacity. It was a much more intimate setting than the other Tori shows I've been to. She seemed to be in a good mood tonight and really expressed that during Happy Phantom. The highlights for this show for me were Seaside, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Spark, mainly because I wasn't expecting her to play any of these. The not so great part of the show were these two annoying girls who felt it was them I was there to hear sing and not Tori. I guess you have to take the good with the bad in every situation, I just wish fans would have more consideration for their fellow crowd members. During Baker Baker, take 1, where the line goes, "and he tells me, I pushed him away" she forgot the words and instead of completing the line she started "and he... FUCK!" and the crowd giggled. She did improv a little and tried to start again but had to turn to the crowd for help. She asked "how does it go?" She finally got it and started again, and mimed a hit to her head when she sang the verse "here, there must be something, here". It was very charming. All in all, I had a great time. I just wish I had thought to bring a warmer coat.

From MelindaLu11:

After Thursday night's practical debacle because of the horrible audience, I was really hoping for a little redemption and boy! did I get it back to me IN SPADES! First of all, I LOVED what Tori was wearing: Over fishnets, knee-length denim and a gray leotard, she was swathed in a loosely knitted cashmere sweater that wrapped around several times and knotted under the bodice of a layered chiffon dress. The sweater was the color of smoldering coals that looked beautiful with Tori's fire-colored hair streaming down practically to the piano bench. My description of this outfit cannot do it justice. Tori, you looked magnificent last night.

I was delighted with every song she played, but what fun to hear a fewgems like Daisy Dead Peatles and Seaside. I loved the long improv she sang leading into Seaside, and it was exactly that type of thing that was missing from the Woodinville show. Tori did not seem to rush from song to song and she looked like she was having a much better time. Thank you also for playing Goodbye Pieces (my first time hearing that) and especially for playing Spark (absolutely one of my favorites) I really hope Tori will make this show into an official bootleg. It is worthy of it, even with the Baker, Baker false start.

I got tears in my eyes during Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but I actually cried during Icicle. (And yes, Tori, the good book IS missing some pages, but you already know that). The other song that really moves me is Rattlesnakes, and even though that song is a cover, she has really made it into her own. I was delighted that she screwed up Baker, Baker (I do love that song, but Tori's humanity just shined when she finally abandoned it) and because of that we got to hear Toast which was a perfect way to bring us back to the reality of having to go home. It was worth the 6-hour round trip and the $50 worth of gas.

I sat next to a nice couple from Bellingham who had read my post on Thursday night and they had some more stories about that ridiculous "cancer" girl from Woodinville. So we had some good laughs before the show.

But this little fact just killed me: In Woodinville the audience was allowed to walk around with glass bottlesfilled withwine but last night at the Clark County Amphitheater, one was NOT allowed to have a bottle of water. When you bought bottled water, the rule was that they had to pour it into a paper cupthey refused toput into a plastic cup that has a lid on it. I was told byseveral concessions people that "this was by request of the artist". HUH? So I actually found a guy who was going around selling lemonade in plastic cups with lids and straws and he made me pay $5 to go and get me an empty cup with a freakin' lid and straw so that I could pour my plain water into a cup that had a way to protect it from spilling. So a glass of water cost me $8.

Whatever. I think this policy should maybe be reexamined.

But the stupidity of the people running venues did not ruin my Tori experience. She is a phenomenal talent and it was an honor to listen to her perform. See you in a couple of years, OK? I love you, Tori.

From Rabbit:

Incredible. Every second of this concert was perfect. Tori was at home in her performance last night...she was her own toughest critic when she flubbed up lyrics (because honestly, she could sing the ABCs for us, and we'd all be thrilled!) because every one of us sitting in that bizarre amphitheater was completely drawn into her magic. It was a very strange venue, I'd never been there before...awkward layout...but once when we were set in our places, the intimacy was tight. She really pulled us all into every single song. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. All of the songs were about our landscape here: beaches, rivers, bridges, mountains and rainbows.

My favorite part, when I was the most touched emotionally, was when she couldn't get Baker Baker out...she was stuck in "make me a day, make me whole again," that verse and couldn't get out. How many times does that still happen to me? I always get one of her hooks stuck like that, and to see her weave herself out of it, into a whole new song (Toast) was so striking. Her improv in between the songs, where she was changing keys and changing songs, sang to us that she doesn't want to stop singing to us, that's why the song wouldn't come out right...she didn't want to say goodbye. It was so touching. Every person in the room felt the same way. None of us wanted the evening to end.

I know that every single one of her shows is special and that she touches everyone deeply, but I have to say that every single show she plays in Portland is above and beyond what (I think) she is capable of delivering. The Seattle shows (and sometimes Eugene) that I've attended (there have been many of them) during the last 14 years have been great, inspiring and well worth attending, but nothing is quite like the Portland shows. I don't know if it's the mix of people, her particular moods, the geographical landscape, the political views of the people in this city, the alignment of the planets, or a combination of every possible explanation, but seeing her in Portland is like visiting an old friend again, we just pick right up where we left off. Last night was no exception. I felt truly touched by an angel, and thank you, Maggie, for attending with me. I'll never forget last night. :)

From Noly Limjoco:

I agree with a previous poster that this was poor choice for a venue. From the moment The Like took the stage, I was glad Matt & John weren't accompanying Tori. The acoustic was muffled, similar to the sound produced in sports arenas. I'm sure her piano and organs would've been barely audible by the drums and guitar.

After a little research, I found that the venue had 8,000 reserved seats under a metal roof and 10,000 general admission open-air lawn area. I found out, through the ticket agents at the venue, that there were only about 2,500 tickets sold last night.

Now I know she's been performing mostly on amphitheatres on this tour and that venues are negotiated and decided upon months in advance but I feel that The Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown would've been a much better choice. Besides being a beautiful and historic hall, it has a capacity of 2,800 and the acoustics are excellent. I should also disclose that I'm impartial on this point because I live two blocks away from it.

Okay, now that I've vented on that issue, I'll move on to the show. Tori was in fine form last night. It was my eighth Tori Concert and I have to say that it was the best solo show that I've seen from her. Her improvs were sweet and poignant.

It's always interesting and quite a treat to hear the adjustments to the arrangements she makes to her songs when she plays them solo. Spark was a prime example of this. She went back and forth with the Bosey and the organ. She managed to make it more eerie and haunting than the original version. Images from the music video kept on popping in my head during this song. This was definitely a highlight. Another was Icicle. When she started playing the intro, I became moist as a snack cake. This particular song just has that affect on me. Maybe it's because I could relate to it so much.

She actually had a couple of mess ups on this night. The first was on Daisy Dead Petals. She just laughed it off. It was very understandable because she doesn't play it often. When she made a mistake on Baker Baker, she said something like there was no excuse for that. When she segued into toast, I thought she was doing a third song for the second encore as a bonus to make up for her guffaws from the previous two songs. But as I found out from Matt from above, it was to make up for skipping Caught A Lite Sneeze earlier on the show.

I can't wait for tonight when she does her surprise gig at Pioneer Square and also next Wednesday when I'll see her again down in San Diego. I prefer seeing her with the band but love the freedom the solo shows give her with changing her set lists every night.

From Kaycee Anseth-Townsend:

So this weekend was definately a Tori Extravaganza for me. Very amazing and much needed.

So, The meet and greet at Clark County was very laid back and relaxed, and having been my first meet and greet, I was very impressed with the way it went, and I haven't quite wrapped my brain about meeting Tori after eleven years of listening to her.

Met some really great toriphiles from Washington, who grabbed some Mexican food with my husband and me before the show.

I really enjoyed the Ditty Bops and The Like. The Ditty Bops song about "your head is too big and taking up too much space" with balloon props was very entertaining.

Tori's set was fantastic. I was in a really wierd head space for the whole thing- and I felt it was very beautifully melancholy. Little Amsterdam slow on the organ had a great dark vibe to me, and the bridge on Silent was just beautiful. The improvs really got me. Before Seaside tori sang about " so many women gone since the last time I was in oregon, so many children gone, so many souls gone..." and she sang also about a change that was coming...

I laughed when she talked about cloning us and taking us back east, but that our requests for the pianobar sucked. Over the Rainbow and RIver were amazing. Again- very melancholy to me... I was thrilled to here goodby pieces becuase it kinda lifted the mood a bit- but then the trio of spark, Icicle and cloud on my tongue. by the Beekeeper I had to just tune out a bit. The encore was Priceless though! Her flubs on Daisy Dead Petals and Baker Baker were just so cute- and then to get Toast as a finale...

From mike blomquist:

I went and saw Tori Amos this weekend in ridgefield, washington. It was one of the best Tori Shows I have ever seen and one of the best shows period I have ever seen. Tori played one of my favorite songs, "icicle."

My girlfriend and I both got to meet Tori Amos in person. She took some time to talk to everyone individually. It was amazing and really neet. She has a presence around her that could swallow you whole if she wanted, and I would let her. I gave her a copy of one of the books that I read as a kid. And I also asked her to sign my favorite garlic and pepper seasonings (just for fun) because it symbolizes that she is my favorite seasoning in music. She took the seasoning, and leaned over it and as she was looking at the bottle of seasoning, she told me that she has "the real garlic and seasoning." It was great.

The show was really electrifying and both my girlfreind and I left the venue feeling really "good." There was a really positive good energy about the show, and I wish that if I would of had to die that day that I could of died while hearing her perform last night. She played a cover of Joni Mitchells song "river" also. Should I repeat myself, it was really neet and amazing.

I hope she makes and authorized bootleg of this concert. It really was that good.

From Neptunus Rex:

First I will say I vote for an official bootleg of this concert also! Amazing! Exelent setlist! My favorite parts were the messups. Daisy Dead Petals mess up, she started singing something like "needs some (medicine?) for her brain." Baker Baker messup, once Tori started sining it again most of us sang along with her. What fun to actually have a little sing along with her! And not in an annoying way like the dillweed next to you singing along all by themselves. Tara the wife cried during 3 songs, Silent All These Years, River, and Toast. An emotional show. I have no complaints about the show. Tori was talkative, Energetic, funny, played and sang FLAWLESSLY!! Again I hope this will be an official bootleg. If not I will certainly be desperately seeking an unofficial bootleg.

Also The Like were pretty good. The Ditty Bops were very entertaining. We found ourselvs sining "Your Head's Too Big" for days, in a good way. Gotta get that cd. And whoever stole my program and autographed Ditty Bops poster, hope you feel good when you're looking at them. Thanks for listening!

From Lyricia (Christina):

We didn't get into our seats until about 8:00, just in time to catch the last two songs the Ditty Bops were performing. Was anyone else thinking of Tim Burton watching them play? Anyway, they were pretty interesting, though I didn't feel compelled to buy their CD.

Tori came out a few minutes after nine, and played until nearly eleven. I read earlier that someone thought the sound was muffled. Maybe it was where they were sitting, but we were in the 5th row, dead center, and the sound to us was crisp, and crystal clear. Tori sang beautifully from Original Sinsuality through to the end, Toast.

She did a little improv about not coming to Oregon right at the beginning of the Piano Bar, I think. It went like "why aren't you coming to or-e-gon... so many nice green things here" and she sang about asking her agent and her agent telling her "it's not on the route" and her saying to her agent "I don't give a fuck if you gotta make something up... 'cause I gotta get to or-e-gon." She sang about Oregon having people here who have the power to change things, change the world. The other improv, she was singing sadly, "So many women gone, since I last came to Oregon, so many children gone since I last sang in oregon..."

The fuck-up on Baker Baker was cute, though I think that one was more on purpose than anything at that point, and then once she continued with the "I pushed him away" part, she did manage to get lost and kept singing "baker baker make me a day" and then changed keys, and slowly faded into Toast.

I was really happy to hear Over the Rainbow. I had never heard this one live except for the one on the Hey Jupiter single, so seeing her do it live was a thrill. It was way better than the HJ recording of it. The best song of the night for me was Joni Mitchell's "River." It was so beautiful and sad... I adored it. The Beekeeper was especially pretty too, on the organ. Very haunting. Tori was very much into the show all the way through, and was much more talkative and cheerful than I have ever had the pleasure of seeing when I have gone to previous concerts. I hope that someone will send some mp3s of that show. The entire thing was just enthralling, the best Tori concert that I have been to yet, and that's my 6th, I think. Maybe 7th... but I totally agree with the previous poster who said that it should be released as one of Tori's bootlegs. It really was worthy of it. I was a little stressed about having spent $190 per ticket for this show, as I have never spent that much on concert tickets, and probably never will again. But the view was wonderful, and we could see Tori's facial expressions very clearly. We could even see her spit flying from her mouth when she was really getting down on the piano. Jay was totally floored, this being his first Tori concert, and says that now she is is favorite musician!

Unfortunately, we missed the free concert in Portland the next evening, but oh well. I finally got to see her up close, and it was worth every penny. Thank you Tori, for giving your best to your fans, as you always do. We were all enchanted.

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