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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 8, 2005 concert in Woodinville, WA

Updated Fri, Sep 09, 2005 - 1:03am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Woodinville (near Seattle), WA concert at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Tori set list included Siren, Snow Cherries From France, Carbon, Lust, Toast and the covers Ring My Bell (Anita Ward) and A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Woodinville (near Seattle), WA on Thursday, September 8, 2005 at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 6:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Amber Waves
Snow Cherries From France
Bells For Her

Ring My Bell (Anita Ward cover)
A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell cover)

Marys Of The Sea
Jackie's Strength
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Cars And Guitars

2nd Encore

Pretty Good Year


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

The highlight of the show tonight was Tori's spirited cover of Ring My Bell. She really belted it out and the song was really jamming. The crowd loved it. During the song, Tori changed a lyric to say something like, "right wing christian society". Before the song, Tori told the audience she was not going to perform something from the Seattle area, but wanted to do something silly instead. She them said something about it being a surprise, even though she does not like surprises. While she was talking, there was some female fan at the front of the stage that I think was distracting Tori.

The venue was really packed. As you know, it was a winery, and there were a lot of wine references in the set list tonight. She mentioned early in the show that she had not tasted any wine there yet, because she did not want to fall off her piano bench, but that she would try some after the show.

Crucify was strong tonight, and was prefaced by an interesting improv that referred to creating a potion. The show ended on a strong note with Pretty Good Year, with Tori really hitting the high notes and at times having some tension to her voice that made it all the more interesting.

From MelindaLu:

Tori was magnificent given what she had to work with: an unruly crowd, drunk on wine, bottles and glasses breaking, someone actually throwing up(!?) on the stage and altogether disruptive behavior. I've seen Tori 35-40 times, and I have never seen her basically rushing through her set list, not doing any improv or really telling any stories. The crowd was just unbelievable. I will never go to another show at that winery, I don't care if the Beatles magically get together and play there or if Tori goes there again and promises to play every song in her catalog (even though seeing Tori live is my absolute favorite thing to do). I'm driving to Portland tomorrow. I only hope the guests will be rapt and respectful like they usually are.

I was very excited to hear Snow Cherries From France and Mary's of the Sea. I had never seen these live before. But some drunken idiot of a girl (who, thank God left after Mary's) screamed in my ear all of the songs and got most of the lyrics wrong. At one point, this other drunken idiot walked up to the stage (hey, security??? hello???) and tried to talk to Tori and when they tried to usher her away after Tori told the girl that she doesn't like surprises, the girl shouts out "But I have cancer!". Hmmmm. But later, somehow this stupid girl had the strength to elbow past me to get right to the front of the stage after Beekeeper to then spend the rest of the encores shouting to her boyfriend to come to where she was.

I had amazing seats which I paid a lot of money for (3rd row, center) on the secondary market. Please, people, either go to Tori and don't drink so much that you become obnoxious OR STAY HOME!!!! Shame on the winery for actually letting people bring BOTTLES of wine and glasses made out ofreal glassinto the seating area where the floor is made of concrete. I mean, my friend and I had a few glasses of wine at dinner before the show, so I'm not against drinking or anything, but at least I'm going to actually remember the show.

Tori was very gracious, but the evening went by too quickly because Tori didn't really talk to us or do much improv. I'm just so grateful that I get to see her tomorrow as well. Her sound was incredible and she played Ring my Bell and a Joni Mitchell song (that I am embarrassed to say that I cannot recall the name of) in the piano bar segment. But Tori rushed from song to song so that she could get the hell out of there, and I do not blame her one bit. The crowd wastruly awful. And what's up with the train rolling through? Not once, but twice. What a terrible venue.

Tori, thank you for your grace and poise. You tried to rise above the rude audience and you did a good job. Just, please, please do not play there again. See you tomorrow night.

From Lynn:

Last night's concert was wonderful. I want to apologize for my behavior. I wasn't loud or anything, but I did get sick at the end. Of course my friend and I asked for Pretty Good Year and that's about when I decided that I needed to leave. :(

I am truly sorry if I took away from anyone's concert experience.

From Charlene M.:

I traveled to the Woodinville show from SF. I got up and headed over to the meet and greet. What an amazing place, so beautiful with the trees and the grounds of the winery. People at the meet and greet were really 'chill' in that we all were just sitting around enjoying ourselves and drinking wine. It was an amazing weather day as well.

Tori came out for the meet and greet about quarter after three. She was so adorable. I was standing at the far left in the front, Tori's right side. She came out waving as she always does and came right on over to me first. I have talked with Tori before so how can she not remember me? I am 5'9, redhead with Tori's tattoo on my arm!. She asked how I was and I asked the same of her. I have already told her why her music was an instrumental part in my life during tragic losses of coworkers killed. I kept it light as there were lots of people there. I took a quick picture with her and as she walked away I said to her "how is Ring My Bell feeling?" She stepped back, grinned and said "now that is good" and then searched for a piece of paper to start writing request.

The rest of the meet and greet went well. Some woman got really upset and started yelling at those in the front to move away, "why don't some of you in the front move aside and let some of us who are big fans and have come to 5-6 meet and greets and never have gotten to meet her and painted this for her" She wound up working her way to the front, Tori did sign her painting rather quickly.

Tori then rushed to the sound check which really was neither here nor there as I have heard more at other outside venues.

I must say that Tori's performance in her delivery of songs was rather slow and methodical. Winter, Crucify, Siren.... all of them. But they were amazing.

I have to agree with the other person that having it at a winery made it very disruptive. I sat in the front of the GM section with some great people from Canada! The downfall was that the walkway was right in front of us. It separated the reserved seats and us. Mix wine with a bladder and you have traffic flow non stop. I will agree that people were awful loud and rude during the show.

So she then whipped out her Piano Bar. She was talking about surprises and hates surprises. But something to the effect that this would be a surprise for Seattle. She also said something about delicious but that had to do with the second song (Case of You). She then said the next song was a song that she has not done in a very long time and that it was a request from today. I knew she was going to then play Ring My Bell. Can I just say that song made the night. The crowd went wild. It was sassy, sensual, erotic and the highlight of the night for sure.


After beekeeper when everyone stand up, people in the reserves were standing as well which meant we could not see so we too stood up. Can I just then say how rude the folks behind us were? They were yelling at us to sit down but we explained we can't see if we sit but they didn't care. They started throwing stuff at us, and throwing it hard which then left me to my resolve; I paid to see Tori, I got there early enough to get a decent seat, and this is what happens at the end...people will stand. With their attitudes there was no way I was going to back down and sit down after they were throwing wine glasses, rocks etc. Perhaps if they might have chilled out we would have as I am not an ass. This guy then came and stood right in front of me in my personal space(like an inch away from me) and I said to him 'not cool' and he said that he was going to treat me the same way I treated the crowd behind me. Which is rather IRONIC since they yapped their mouths the entire show fairly loud. I said to him I cant see if I sit down and why should I sit down if I cant see or why should I sit down and not see just so that they may be able to see!! He then was rather rude and said 'what number are you" meaning there was a numbering system for the meet and greet and for the general admission. I said '10'. That pissed him off and he said sarcastically something like 'good for you'. and left.

This is my point to the obnoxious people who threw stuff. You would not shut your traps during most of the show and now you wanted us to sit down and not see so you can see? Then you seemed angry that we had arrived early to get better seats, which was apparent from the attitude of that guy. I am not an ass nor am I rude. I didn't sing along with Tori during the show nor did I get up a thousand times. I was what YOU were not; respectful. You threw things hard and hit us and could have injured us as there were rocks, wind glasses, and other things thrown. What you now did by throwing stuff is break the law. It is called battery and it was completely uncalled for as we were not rude at all..... I will NOT apologize for getting there early enough to get a decent seat or wanting to actually see Tori when she sings!

Sorry for that little rant but I could not believe the arrogance of those people.

All in all it was an amazing night. I do agree Tori did not talk much with the audience.

From The Spillers:

I just read Melinda's concert review, and it sounds terrible! How frustrating that must've been to pay top dollar for reserved seating and have people who were drinking so much around you. Sorry, Melinda. Fortunately, my evening was not nearly as terrible. I had general seating on the green, and I took my 5 year old daughter for her first live Tori experience! Nothing could've taken away from that magical experience, not even annoying drunk people.

Anyway, on to my "review." Hearing Amber Waves and Carbon was heaven...two of my very very favorites from Scarlet. But the highlight for me was Snow Cherries...the green lighting on her combined with the perfection of the sound of her voice and piano made my heart melt right in to a puddle. I could've gone home happy right there. The covers were incredible. A Case of You really filled me up with warmth (no, I had no wine). During Lust there was an improv about "remember, remember remember, there in your mind, shake me up, somewhere inside..." something like that. So beautiful. Siren? Can I even begin to discuss Siren? Siren was jaw-dropping.

I never thought I'd get to hear and see her sing Siren. Jackie's Strength made me miss my usual Tori buddy, since that's a song I always associate with her wedding day. Sniff sniff. Cars and Guitars made my daughter jump for joy! We were blowing our bubbles, and that song was her special wish song that she sent to Tori as the evening began. So she was dancing, shaking her booty and popping bubbles like a mad person. China was gorgeous, a nice relaxing down time song after the previous song.

All of the songs sounded fabulous, her voice is in top form. There were some drunk people around us, but nothing that made it terrible. I'll also be attending the Portland show tonight with my favorite Tori concert buddy, so I may post another review tomorrow. :) Tori definitely cast her spell on me and my daughter last night, as we are still bouncing around, happy as clams. :)

From Eris:

I went to the meet and greet at 1:30, and people were already drunk. Needless to say when the show started, the situation had detriorated. Tori came out, and was wearing a flowing white gown that looked like a wedding dress. When she played Winter, people started screaming in totally inapporiate spots, like it was a Metallica show. Unforunatly, I also had a couple behind and in front of me that talked though the songs. I had to ask the girls behind me to be quiet, and the couple in front of me left. Ring my Bell was wonderful, and I really enjoyed Lust, which is a favorite song of mine. It was hard to develop a rapport with the music, and people kept getting up, walking in front of the stage with their cell phones pointed like beacons to get a picture of Tori. I don't think Tori will play that venue again, espcially after the girl staggered up to the stage during the Piano Bar and started talking to her.

From Allison Bushnell:

Last night was my tenth Tori concert here in Seattle. When I first arrived to the winery I was so excited at how beautiful it was, surrounded by trees and a pastoral setting. I paid the big bucks to be in seats up front so I had invested a lot of money for me and my boyfriend to see the show. The show however, was the worst, the worst I have ever been too. I was so upset at the end of the evening. I can't talk for those who had general admission, sitting on blankets etc., but for those of us up front in the teeny tiny seated section, it was chaos and hell. The guy behind us kept singing, the row in front of us (and others in general) got up so many times to leave and come back it kept breaking my concentration. There was a constant hum of talking and moving around. Tori herself was not into the crowd either and while she had a shorter play list, I don't think she rushed...I think she was punishing the audience by doing painfully slow renditions of her songs, just look at the set list, nothing toe tapping, probably in fear of creating a mosh pit up front....she was not passionate or goosebumps for me, which is how I rate my Tori shows. The song which had the most ummph was a cover...Ring my Bell, not even her own piece. At the unfortunate crowd rushing to the stage during encore (where did this tradition start, its obnoxious?) was the worst behavior of the evening for our unsavory drinkers. Frat boys in polo shirts with backward baseball caps and their Paris Hilton girlfriends were talking, hi-fiving, being obnoxious in general..i asked my boyfriend "who are these people?" They do not strike me as Tori fans. The venue was CRAP (did I also mention the train that passed twice) and the (fans?) where embarrassing. Not to mention during the stage rush, bottles were breaking and broken glass was underfoot. I don't know what happened up front during encore but she was giving scolding looks to some of the crowd directly in front of her....just awful. Ingredients for a bad Tori Amos concert: that venue, with alcohol, and clueless teens/young twenties. Hey, an outdoor bar with lots of people....and look there's a lady on stage playing the piano. That's my summary of last nights bar show with their hired performer.

From Mark:

In addition to the obvious wine references, there were a lot of snow references in the set list with snow-capped Mt Rainier in the background of the Chateau (Winter-Carbon-Snow Cherries from France).

I actually loved the venue with its old style French architecture, fish ponds, and walking trails...much better than the "cookie-cuter" amphitheater Tori will play in Portland tonight. And it was only a few in the crowd that made spectacles of themselves.

Highlight of the show for me had to be Ring My Bell. Totally unexpected with a lot of energy. Also, Winter seemed to have extra emotion tonight and even brought me to tears.

The Like seemed to be just going through the motions, but the Ditty Bops seemed really into the set, although were rushed through their performance because of the early curfew of the venue.

From Racquel Russo:

Nothing like a Tori Amos show, eh? Everything about the day was pretty wonderful. Last night in Woodinville it seemed everyone was having a good time. We got there about 2pm, i didn't think we would get there early enough for the meet and greet, but we did. I got to see all my old tour friends (hi Matt!). There were about 60 people waiting to say hi to Tori and get things signed and whatnot.. she made it through a good number of those people in about 45 minutes. I requested Marys Of The Sea, and she played it!

The venue was beautiful, the wine was lovely, the opening acts (the Like and the Ditty Bops) were both, in my opinion, really good. I do think Tori seemed a little 'sluggish" or something... the first half of the set was mellow and kind of drifting. She really pulled it up with the cover of Ring My Bell, which oddly enough, we were discussing before the show. A Case of You was great, as always.

This was my 8th show and the first i i have ever seen her play Winter live, which was wonderful. Snow Cherries was a definite highlight. Siren is always awesome to hear live.

Her dress was beautiful, everything was pretty great.

From Bonnie Shipman:

Just want to add: At some point Tori said something like, "You know, in a former life I was one of those fat ladies crushing the grapes with my feet. Now, I'm not making wine- I'm buying it!"

From Pam:

I should preface this by saying that before the show, I went to my first meet and greet ever. It was awesome! I was expecting to be stampeded, but I met a lot of really cool people and we were all just sitting on the grass. It was really very nice. I even got to briefly meet Tori and have her sign a painting I made (and NO, I was NOT the cranky woman with the tree painting in the back) and I gave her a stuffed penguin I sewed for Tash. It was unreal. So, fellow Toriphiles, thank you for a good first time :-).

As for the show - this was my second-ever Tori experience. Tori sounded and looked just beautiful. I brought my dad to this concert - his first Tori show - and he was amazed by her voice and piano. Magical. I was really REALLY happy to hear her play Marys of the Sea - my fav. song from tBK. Loved the way she kept turning back and forth from the piano to the organ; for some reason it made me really happy.

However. I saw Tori once before, in Providence, RI, 2002, and at that time, the audience was silent, appreciative, with rapt attention bordering on reverence. I know it's been said before, but last night, the crowd was loud and semi-rambunctious bordering on rude while The LIke and the Ditty Bops were onstage. I assumed that they would shut up once Tori herself came on. Wrong! The people to my left were laughing (loudly), the couple in front of me were making out in a way that was beginning to look suspiciously like foreplay, and someone behind me kept dropping wine bottles/glasses. My god! I don't know if it was the wine, or the weather, or what. I'm underage, so I was sober the whole time and it was driving me crazy. As soon as she began playing the first encore, people rushed the stage and stood there waving their arms like morons. Since I was sitting near the back of the reserved section, I had to decide: should I stand up so I can see, or should I sit down so the people behind me can see? And for god's sake, tickets are expensive, and we paid $80 to hear TORI, not a bunch of drunks.

All in all? Tori was awesome. She was incredibly poised... with lots of playing, not much talking or improvs. She had a beautiful white dress on, but it got sort of chilly and windy into the night and I had to wonder if she was freezing her ass off. I was wearing many layers and I was cold. Oh well. Thank you THANK YOU to all the fans who enjoyed the show with respect! I think the crowd favorite was Ring My Bell, but my favorite was Marys. Or Pretty Good Year. Maybe Jackie's Strength?. Nah, I don't know. I love all her songs.

From J. Shelton:

I like Tori Amos. I was a fan before I met my inamorata, but her passion for Tori's music has deepened my own and I look forward to her concerts anxiously awaiting them like an eight year old looks forward to Christmas. Last night at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery I discovered that my beautifully wrapped present contained a steaming pile of wine induced vomit. Now, I'm not a drinker. I've no problem with drinking (well, I do, which is why I don't, but I've no problem with other peoples drinking...mostly) except in those situations when the drinker can't handle their booze. Nothing serves to make the stupid stupider than heroic quantities of alcohol. My girlfriend and I decided that because of our mutual adoration of the lovely Ms. Amos we would eschew any financial concerns and spring for the eighty odd dollar seats, close enough to see the color of her lip gloss. Unfortunately, so did a number of the aforementioned mental midgets with a piss poor grasp on how much wine they could reasonably consume. It started well, and then, and then, we-ll...OK, so I don't have perfect pitch, however, having spent a number of years as a singer I can tell whether someone is singing off key and the couple behind us new all the words to all the songs. The woman sang in a horrific, nasally soprano to the accompaniment of her companion who sang in something like a falsetto when he wasn't singing in an airy, off-key baritone. Come on now folks, if the woman needed back-up singers she would probably have them on stage. These impromptu accompanists kept time by kicking the back of my cheap, white and impressively uncomfortable plastic lawn chair. At those times when (and this was rare) they didn't know all the words, they kept a running commentary with the couple who was sitting a few chairs away from them. And this was at a concert mind you which means they had to shout to be heard. Recently I have had a few problems with my dentition and have had to liberally ingest opiates. This would in most cases mean that I am impervious to annoyances and be floating freely inside my own private fluffy pink world, but these people had conspired to violate Codeine Land and urinate on the puppies. I turned a few times to give them a glassy eyed stare but they were impervious in their advanced state of drunkenness to such subtle hints. That was just the beginning. There were a number of people who because of poor bladder control had to get up and use the bathroom. I can understand this but when it's the same freakin' people on no less than a dozen separate occasions it's a bit bloody obnoxious. There were people walking back and forth across the stage, screaming at inappropriate times (I mean, I like Winter as much as the next person but it is not enhanced by shouting "Woo-hoo" if it were I imagine Tori would have at some point added it in), and let's not forget that Chateau Ste. Michelle had decided not to run a little bar where someone could buy, oh, I don't know, just a glass of wine but a tent where they sold nothing but glass bottles! Oh, hurrah. Glass bottles falling and breaking on concrete is not a pleasant sound and this was happening so often it beat a tattoo. Tori did not seem to be happy about the whole thing, glaring at the vile frat boys and their prissy, vapid girlfriends as they rushed the stage during the encore to continue their conversations, arguments and nearly fist fights at unconscionable levels...and knock over more bottles. I will, and I mean this, never see another show at this god forsaken venue. I feel bad for Tori, although I imagine this experience hearkened back to her early days playing shows in piano bars in front of drunken hicks.

From Aaron Smith:

Reading the reviews above makes me realizejust how differently two people can experience the same situation. In general,I find these to be incredibly negative about the show at Chateau Ste. Michelle,but my experienceThursday night was deeply and wonderfully positive.

To start off with, Imust issue the disclaimer that I got *incredibly lucky* and won front row upgrades for the show. Previously I'dbeen only as close as row 35 (at any concert), so front row was a HUGE treat. To whomever read my little essay and picked me, thank you from the bottom of my heart! So, I did have the advantageofsitting literally rightin front, and therefor whatever drunken obnoxiousness was happening behind me did not hit my radar at all, and did not in anyway affect my appreciation of the concert... *except* for the idiot girl who came upmid-show and just stood there like an idiot blabbering about whatever, while Tori (incredibly politely, naturally, being the classy lady that she is)explained to her that she "does not like surprises" as the security guards moved in.Go back tothe frat socialfrom whence you came!

Finally, although I did not personally experience drunken misconduct, I did find it odd that thevenue allows glass wine bottles in the non-GM area, which as pointed out earlier,has a cement floor. It seems dangerous not only for the audience but for the artist as well. But I digress...

Tori looked beautiful and played beautifully. I didn't think she seemed sluggish, or as if she were on autopilot, or as if she was rushing through the set... at all. She did playmostly standard fare,and mostly ballads, but for me "China" and "Winter" and "Bells for Her" have never been lovelier. In fact,this concertreally taught me never to second-guessthe set-list for a Tori show. Clearly, she knows what she's got it in her to play; Tori knows best.

The"potion" improv before "Crucify" made me think she was going to open with "Barons of Suburbia"...I still think she may have changed her mind mid-improv,but what do I know? Regardless "Crucify" wasthe right choice for me, not just because it's always been one of my favorites, but because while on the organ (I was sitting Stage Left, as it were) Tori looked right at me while singingthe chorus, and I was certainly looking back at her, and I wasjust beside myself. It was awesome!

I thought "Snow Cherries" and "Bells" were particularly lovely. No surprises,just perfect executions ofreally gorgeous songs. Same with "Jackie's""Amber" and... well, just about all of them really.

"Lust" wasa surprise. Traditionally, it's been one of the very few Tori songs I just don't care for. However,its status may change now;in concert it was incredible!!

"Ring my Bell" was so much fun. Tori was obviously having a lot of fun with it and it came through loud and clear.What an amazing cover!! "A Case of You" was also lovely. I thought, by far, this was a much better Piano Bar segment then the April show at Benaroya, which seemed notnearly as inspired.

Anyway, I thought it was a lovely show. It was my favorite of 3 Tori concerts since 1996 even though it had the smallest quantity of 'personal faves'-- and despite the many negative experiences expressed here (sorry guys,what a shame for you)- all of my friends at the show, and my date, found it incredibly moving,beautiful, and affirming.

To Tori, a million jillion thanks.

From Jenna:

So, we showed up with a handful of Tori-addicted friends and got there well into the 2nd opening act. Which put us way out on the edge of the crowd, right near the wine lines and port-o-johns. Now, I knew their was wine (we all split ONE bottle) and as soon as I walked up, I knew this wasn't going to be the typical quiet Tori show, because it was obvious the liquor was flowing. I immediately mentioned it to the dear hubby and we stayed on the edges, in case it just go too much.

So yeah, I heard ALL about the very drunken girls breakup a full 30 yards away (no kidding), and yes, the Coyote Boy sat down next to me and literally howled his way through the second half of the show singing over Tori (VERY off key). Thank you to my dear friend who put his body in between Coyotoe Boy and mine as to shield me for the last few songs. I really got dizzy from his yelling. But he just made me giggle. He was SO much like my toddler.

Yet all of this didn't really bother me. Maybe because I was surrounded on all sides by really wonderful friends. Maybe it is because I have a 2 year old, and I am used to hearing what I am trying to concentrate on while keeping half an ear on my kid. Kind of Zen like focus.Maybe it is because, despite all of this, that insanely talent muse on the stage could still take the energy in her wee little 5'2" frame and wield that piano to do things pianos don't normally get the pleasure of doing. It was slow, yep, but like a drone, calling you in if you let it. It challenged you to stay with it or run away and get drunk to deny the emotions. And what RARE jems she pulled out of her mojo bag that night. Wow. I just wish I could've heard just them.

I really enjoy Beneroyal Hall the best of all her shows. But then again, I got 15 row center and no one had bottles of wine to consume all on their own. I loved being out in nature, but maybe not with 1,000 cases of red stacked up ready for consumption.

From Erika:

I have to concur with the other reviewers who found fault with the audience at Chateau St. Michelle. It is hard to understand why people would choose to attend a concert and then talk (loudly) the whole time, as two separate groups sitting near me did. I had thought being up front in the pricey seats must have been better, but after reading the reviews, I?m not so sure. I don?t blame Tori for trying to get through that show as quickly as possible with such a rude audience. I don?t blame it on the wine sales ? I?ve been at lots of concerts where alcohol was sold where the audience was much better behaved.

This was only my second Tori show (the first was in April in Seattle), so obviously I am a relatively new fan. At both shows she really slowed the tempo of almost every song, and I wonder if this is something she always does. I think that sometimes it works, and sometimes not so well.

I was really excited that she played several of my favorite songs, in particular Snow Cherries from France, Marys of the Sea, Jackie?s Strength and Toast. For me, as well as some others here, the highlight was Ring My Bell, a song I had never given a moment?s thought to before. Hearing Tori sing it cast it in a whole new light!

Hopefully, my NEXT Tori concert will be a winner, one that does not have crappy sound (the Seattle show in April) or a crappy audience (Woodinville).

From Eugene:

In case no one has mentioned it, tonight's show had a progressively obvious thread of spirits and ghosts running through it. The first thing I thought when Tori appeared was that her dress (one of the most amazing I've ever seen her in) looked very ghostly. The set list that followed seemed to match the dress perfectly. So many of the songs that were not really "writtten" but "born" appeared tonight (horses, marianne, anistasia). And then there were the more obvious spirit / ghost references (happy phantom / anistasia / jamaica / marianne / damage / beekeeper)

This was my 27th show and I've always gotten floor seating but something amazing happened tonight. For 15 minutes before Tori went on, I did my usual walking up and down the main isle to get a feel for the venue and the audience. I had my seat scoped out but had not yet gone to it. I had row V, center (22nd row). When the light went out I was literally sucked to the stage by a force I had no power over. My body had no control (or desire) to go to my assigned seat. My legs had other plans. I made a Beeline (pun fully intended) for the front without even thinking about it. And there - right in the exact center of the very first row were not one but TWO empty seats. I planted myself in the center one and prayed to the spirits she was at that very moment calling forth (Sinsuality) praying that I would not be approached by an usher with a flashlight and questions about my ticket. I was very jumpy during anistasia and take to the sky, constantly looking over my shoulder in guilt and sure that every sound that wasn't coming from Tori was the person who would catch me. Never happened.

An unbelievable and magical night and now . . I'm going to sleep.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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