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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 6, 2005 concert in West Valley City, UT

Updated Wed, Sep 07, 2005 - 1:07am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the West Valley City (near Salt Lake City), UT concert at the USANA Ampitheatre. Tori set list included Virginia, Rattlesnakes, Your Cloud, Not The Red Baron and the covers Hyperballad (Bjork) and Time (Tom Waits) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in West Valley City (near Salt Lake City), UT on Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at the USANA Ampitheatre. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Little Earthquakes
Take To The Sky
Mother Revolution

Hyperballad (Bjork cover)
Time (Tom Waits cover)

Barons Of Suburbia
Cloud On My Tongue
Your Cloud
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Sweet The Sting

2nd Encore

Not The Red Baron


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori gave a great performance tonight. There was only one variance from the written set list. Tori was supposed to end the show with Hey Jupiter, but performed Twinkle instead. Matt was especially fond of Virginia, Barons Of Suburbia (which she really belted out at the end), Winter, and the Boys For Pele songs that made up the second encore.

After the hello, Tori said she loved being there and that she was glad "Salt Lake City had me". She mentioned that she met some of her cousins who were from the area. She told the crowd, "You know that phrase, go forth and create? That's what my family has done."

Before Tori's piano bar segment, they showed the piano bar graphic on the screen on the stage as usual. But there must have been some people in the audience who did not understand the purpose of Tori's piano bar, because they started to yell out requests to Tori that were her own songs. So Tori had to explain the concept of the piano bar to them, telling them that she does covers that are requested. She then goes into an elaborate story about her youth when she played in D.C. bars. Lobbyists and their mistresses or boyfriends would come in the bar she was playing, make a request, and throw money in her tip jar. She then mentioned that she gets a lot of crappy requests, but this was one of the good ones. She then says something like, "There are a lot of girls in this business who are shitty people, but this is not one of them." Then she plays Bjork's Hyperballad. Matt loved this cover and said it was one of the best on the tour.

Then before Barons Of Suburbia, Tori tells a story about Tash. Tash says to Tori, "Mommy, I don't like touring." Tori replies, 'Well, I like it." Tash then says something like she wants her mommy back or to stop touring or something like that. Tori replies that Tash's Barbies do not pay for themselves. Tash then suggests that Tori get a job at Safeway like the other mommies she knows. She says that Tori can cut cheese and perform songs for people." Tori then says to the audience, "The girl is crazy..."

From Briawna:

Tonights performance was amazing. The atmosphere was wonderful, outdoors at the Usana ampitheatre, with a spectaular cresecent moon gracing the sky above the stage. Opening with Space Dog as I have never heard it before, Tori set a great precedence for the evening--offering us (or at least, me) a different look into her songs. I felt like tonight the songs opened up and displayed somethign really vulnerable--something really honest. Softer, more fluid, and more ambient at many times. I was immediately put into a trance. My favorites of the night were Space Dog, Cloud on my tongue, Take to the Sky, Your Cloud, Hyperballad, Cooling, and Twinkle.

I must say, the bjork cover was brilliant. It gave me chills as it did many other toriphiles I sat around talking with after the show. I really really really liked her use of the organ in the show. It was touched almost as much as the Bosendorfer. I think it really added to the ambient, full sound and really opened a lot of windows into the songs. I truly appreciated this new perspective on these songs I've been listening to for years.

The best part of the show, however, was the Encores. After a great performance, in which she gave 200% of herself as she always does, she somehow managed to top it in the last fifteen minutes.At the first Tori concert I ever went to, I heard cooling for the first time--and fell in love with it. I have never been so happy to hear a C-minor triad as I was the second I realized she was playing cooling. THe crowd around me, (we had all rushed up to the stage at this point) all sighed with relief and joy right along with me and shouts of "THANK YOU TORI" echoed from many different people. I sttod there, my hands pulled up in prayer position to my face, tears streaming down my face, and listened to the most beautiful thing I have ever heard live. I litterally sobbed (silently) all the way through the song. The look in her eyes the whole way through was so intent and intense. It was followed by Not the Red Baron and Twinkle--a better match could not have been chosen to sanctify the evening and seal it off as sacred. THere was a reverence in the crowd and a great catharsis in the music. I could not be happier.

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight, for sharing the experience and the music. and most of all, THANK YOU TORI.

From Angie:

There was an unfortunate incident last night that I feel I would like to apologize to any one who was affected. as well as offer my comments on the show.

First, I would love to thank everyone who attended the M&G. We had a pleasant and Very fun crowd. I met a lot of great friends yesterday. When Tori came everyone was so polite and calm so she made time to speak with, sign & have pictures with all 37 of us. She was wonderful. She spent time giving advice to a young man about his music career and gave her undivided attention to a cute family with 3 little boys. She told them she has a 5 yr old and that her birthday was yesterday. It was so great to be able to hear her talk to everyone..truely an exceptional Meet & Greet!

So the concert.. Tori was fierce and beautiful as ever Little Earthquakes shook my soul tonite like never before. She played Your Cloud for a couple at the meet & greet that requested it as it was a bonding song for them & they got married. Tori seemed quite taken by their story so All I could think about was them and how happy they must have been to hear it. And it was beautiful.

I would like to formally apologize for the disturbance during the 2nd Encore. My purse was stolen but I was told by another fan and she pointed her out to me. I chased her down and she wouldn't give it to me she was hiding it in a concert tote. Unfortunately, My adrenaline got the best of me & I let into her..causing people to turn to see what was going on..and we were in the front row so I am sure Tori noticed!..then security was embarassing!! I had to go make a statement so I missed Twinkle..eww it was awful. Thank You so much to the sweet girl who told me who the bandit was. Thank You Thank You!! Also.. I managed to get a tour book she had stolen that I thought was mine but it ended up not being mine. So if you were in the front row and lost a tour book it is probably yours. contact me at & I am pretty sure I know who you are so tell me what you were wearing & who you were with and I will mail it to you.

Once again..I am terribly Sorry to anyone that was disturbed during the 2nd Encore.

I just want to say hey to my fried tomatoe M&G friends. You are all wonderful!!!! (Rachel, Bekka, Kevin & Kevin, Sydney, Kacey, Matt, Jessica & Elaine)

From Willow:

The show in Salt Lake City was amazing. There weren't any huge surprises, but the set list was really strong and seemed truly poignant. Rattlesnakes, Hyperballad and Time were sung with this sweet sadness that really captured the mood. There seemed to be a thread of water and loss with Your Cloud, Cloud on my Tongue, Cooling, Winter and Virginia. I'm sure that the aftermath of the hurricane is still weighing heavily on Tori's mind.

Tori was really into her performance and the sound was surprisingly excellent. Her voice was very expressive and clear. I was very happy with the song choice, as Your Cloud, Space Dog, Virginia and Rattlesnakes are favorites of mine. It seemed that every other song I was squealing for joy because of a song that I wasn't expecting.

I was finally able to really see the marriage of the piano and the organ on the new songs. The way the two instruments complimented each other when played at the same time and during the same songs showed me the Beekeeper songs in a new light. I had seen one show during April and when the organ was played, it seemed so muddy and boring, but the way she's using it together with the piano makes it so much stronger, and the new rendition of The Beekeeper was really incredible and while still melancholy and touching, seemed less like a funeral dirge then before and I was completely blown away. I didn't expect the shows to be that different, but they were really night and day. The new songs have really come into their own on this tour and now sit seamlessly besides classics that have been tried and true for over a decade.

A note about the venue: It was at least 1/3 empty, but I think that outrageous ticket prices and the thought that seeing Tori in such a large setting wouldn't be very impressive kept a lot of Utah fans away. It's unfortunate because this show was really amazing, one of the strongest that I've ever seen.

From Monica:

The whole day was as beautiful as a velvet leaf on an enchanted rose, the crystals were in the air all day , fate took it's course, we arrived before the concert at about 1pm not knowing there was a meet and greet, we were tagged then at around 4 tori came out, as charming as usual she strolled around the barricades and said her peace, took pictures with people, spoke about tash turning 5 yesterday, stayed for a good half an hour or so and then went on in. Her eyes looked magnificent amongst her fruitful orange blouse and light screened sunglasses. Around 9 pm, she came out and all the spiritual entites followed her with original sensuality. Her opening act of course intertwined with her garden of eden background. She went on and really connected with the audience, said she met some cousins and how when they say go and multiply " they mean multiply". She was oustanding. She just looked as if she didn't want to go, throughout the whole night she said she just loved utah. Aside from the evil demon trying to rub her face in our faces as thought she went to just get some tingling fun, it was all great. Least to say tori saw her standing around and dancing like a drunken fool and then she did not have the best look on her face as she was singing winter.She gleamed like a beautiful ballerina in her pink dress and tiny shoes. I have never been to a tori show but I would never trade this for anything. She loved utah and utah loved her. Though I'm not from here I would stay here for another show such as that one. It was a nice long beautifulnight in tori's garden.

From Benjamin:

First off I have to say how beautiful Tori looked!!! She came out energetic, wearing a pink/peach colored sleeveless dress, over white pants! She started original sinsuality very strong, and then lead right into Space Dog, doing the improv before it on the organ.

She then greeted the audience, saying "Hello everybody how's it going? It's good to be back here, haven't been here in a long time, thank you salt lake for having me." She then went on to say that she met some of her cousins for the first time, and they were from utah, and she said "i guess they took the advice go forth and multiply" for those of you who don't know, a prophet in the early beginning of the LDS church stated "Go forth and multiply" Meaning get married and have children :) it was VERY funny and for those who caught onto it, we laughed pretty hard:)

The setlist was beautiful, you can read it above, so I won't go into it, but there are some songs I will comment on. Virginia was so amazing, she did a beautiful piano solo before singing. When the piano bar started she said "See my little sign?" and she went into detail of what the piano bar was, and how years ago she'd have politicians with their mistresses or "rent boys" come in and request songs, and she'd say come back in a couple days and I'll learn it. She then said, some requests are really crappy, but some are really good, and you know some people in the music industry are just shitty, but this gal, this gal, she's good. She then did Hyperballad and it was beyond beautiful, I can't describe how moving this song was for me.

After the piano bar, she reached to the top of her piano, and grabbed a piece of gum, and popped it in her mouth, then went "So Tash says, mommy, (clears throat, and changes to british accent) Mummy, I don't like this tour. Tori said she replied, I do, how do you think we pay for your barbies? Mummy I think you need to get a real job, like at safeway. She kinda laughed, and says "What the Fuck what I do at a safeway?" to which she saidTash replied, "Cut cheese and sing songs for people, Tori pointed her finger to her head and said, Crazy Girl" It was super cute and very funny, I loved how much Tori talked to us.

The highlights for me were Hyperballad, Virginia, Cloud on my Tongue, Winter, Cooling, and Twinkle. Cooling is my favorite song of all time, and when it started, I hugged my ex who bought our tickets, I started to cry, and held his hand, cause it was so meaningful to hear this song with him, oh well personal stuff I guess, but at that moment cooling meant the world to me, and having her sing it, being there, was so inspirational for me, it truly was amazing.

Ending the show with Twinkle was perfect, I always wanted to hear this one, and tori repeated thesecond verseas if she was trying to say something for us to understand, I loved it. After the song she stood up blew kisses and waved and she was gone.

This concert was so beautiful, the venue was great, the sound was just perfect, I had a wonderful time. Tori was very energetic and strong, ending all of the songs on a very powerful note, and she was very animated with the songs, moving her hands off the keyboard. During Beekeeper, she sang "Send this message to Michael" and pointed her hands as if pointing to heaven, it was so touching. She just was very into her music and into all of the songs.

Thank You Tori for visiting your fans who love you so much in Utah!!!! :)

From Beckibee83:

First off, we drove straight from Tori's Denver Red Rocks show (amazing!) to Salt Lake and I just have to say how different the feel was the next night in Salt Lake City. Tori put on nothing less than a phenomenal show at Red Rocks, but there was a definite subdued, almost sadfeel to Tori and to the Denver show, or possibly it was my own personal mood that night that I projected onto the show. Who knows. But we had 5th row for SLCand by far being this close is a completely different concert experience (despite the 50 year-old lovebirds making out directly in front of us the whole time). Completely indescribable. Tori was absolutely magical tonight, just glowing. And so animated! All sorts of hand motions and smiles and eye contact. She was so friendly and talked to the audience far more than the previous night in Denver. She initially said that it was so nice to be back in SLC, it had been a long time since they'd been there and thanks for having them. She then mentioned she found some cousins here today and they live in Utah. She said, "Now when you say 'Go forth and multiply', you mean, go forth and multiply!" Big laughs. Later when the piano bar began she talked about her early days in DC when she played for judges and congressmen and their mistresses. Everyone has covered this whole speech pretty well (she talked for quite awhile!) but I loved how she said, "You know. They had to unwind, after working so hard," which I took as an underhand jab at our apathetic politicians these days. She then talked about how a lot of our requests were crappy, but this one (following song) was good. She said, "There are a lot of shitty musicians out there.They make incredible music but are justshitty people. But this gal isn't one of them. This gal, this gal is good." I had never heard this song of Bjork's but it wassopoignantand justbrought tears to my eyes. The lyrics are so powerful and Tori completely made it her own and it was just so beautiful this one. I really hope by some freak chance this gets released on some possible upcoming bootleg cds. You have got to hear it. After the pianobar she then pulled out the infamous lip gloss (though to be honest it looked like a red sharpie marker to me). People began cheering and she held it up to the light and looked at it and put more on. She then told the Safeway story which once again, has already been covered well byeveryone else. Too funny.

The setlist was amazing. I am really loving how powerfully/angrily she is singing certain songs which have never struck me as such before. During 'Virginia' she just belted out the "he will change from her sunwise to clockwise, still she will lay down her *body*..." SO powerful. Barons of Suburbia's, "Piecing a potion..." too. I was thrilled that she played 'Take to the Sky' which was incredible as well and had everyone clapping along on the piano thumps, a first at a Tori concert for me. Winter, Your Cloud, and Cloud on Your Tongue was a complete kick-ass triple combination together, so beautiful and so moving. 'The Beekeeper' is just breathtaking. Like my friend said, "It sounds like she is singing from a completely different place when she sings this." She did say, "Take this message to Michael," during the song (hello waterworks!)while very specifically looking at the sky and continuing to sing, "Could you use me instead?", yet remaining so calm and peaceful during such a personal revelation. I also loved her spin on "Sweet the Sting" this round. My only request is that I could have a copy of this concert somehow on CD! Every single song was so different from the album versions, yet just as incredible if not more.

This night was nothing less than magical. There is a huge part of me that is now sorely vacant without her, but I know it will only make the next time that much more meaningful. Stunning human being.

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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