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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 5, 2005 concert in Morrison, CO

Updated Tue, Sep 06, 2005 - 12:33am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Morrison (near Denver), CO concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Tori set list included Muhammad My Friend, God, Spark, Black-Dove (January), Mother and the covers Wild World (Cat Stevens) and Let It Be (Beatles) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Morrison (near Denver), CO on Monday, September 5, 2005 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Amber Waves
Silent All These Years
Goodbye Pisces
Muhammed My Friend
God/Running Up That Hill

Wild World (Cat Stevens cover)
Let It Be (Beatles cover)

Cars And Guitars
Black-Dove (January)
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand
Jamaica Inn

2nd Encore



The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

The Denver show was "very, very good" according to Matt. After Carbon, Tori greeted the audience and said that she could play here every night because she loves it. She mentioned how back in 1992 the record company told her that the whole girl and her piano thing would never happen, and that some of the songs on Little Earthquakes were written in the Denver area, so that it was a special place in her heart.

Carbon was especially good tonight, but the highlight for Matt was Muhammed My Friend. It sounded remarkable solo, and Tori was really belting out the bridge. Tori also did her amazing new version of God, complete with Running Up That Hill. Spark was great tonight, as was Black-Dove (January), which was really powerful.

Before Cars And Guitars, Tori asked the audience if they wanted to hear a story and they clapped in reaction. She then talked about the song Cars And Guitars, and how it is about the fact that she does not speak the same language as this boy. He thinks 99% of the time about sex and the rest about football. So Tori became something he understood, which was a car. (Feel free to email me the complete story, this is just a summary!) Tori performed a great version of Cars And Guitars, really hitting the high notes.

Near the end of the show, Tori made a motion of putting something in her pocket, and asked the audience to come with her to Utah.

From Roxanne Rieske:

The show was amazing. She was amazing. Anyone who has ever been to a show at Red Rocks knows how amazing a sound that venue produces (and I do mean "produces"...). The sound was crystal clear. I got lucky and got upgraded to second row tickets and had a wonderful view of the stage. Tori was extremely energetic and physically expressive, and she hit every note and her piano playing was some of the best I've seen.

The highlights for me tonight were Muhammad My Friend (oddly enough, it seemed to me that she incorporated some of the vocal work from "Raining Blood" into this one), Silent All These Years, Marianne, and Tear in Your Hand. She played a lot of Little Earthquakes and she mentioned in the beginning of the show how some of that album was written here in our mountains.

Her costume was an ivory cream and yellow chiffon number, and she had some really cute shoes. :-)

She was really happy to be there with us, and it showed throughout the performance. She wanted to take us with her to Salt Lake City :-).

It was truly a spectacular night.

From Amber:

i have seen tori 2 times before tonight, and both times were great. the last time i saw her was 6 years ago, and i was pretty excited to get to the show. i knew she wasn't going to be with the band, and though that made me sad (i LOVE her with the band) i knew that it was going to be a great show no matter what anyway.

i liked the two opening bands (the like and the ditty bops.) they were much different from each other and tori, but there was a lot of talent there (in my opinion) and i enjoyed them. so much so that i plan on buying their albums at some point in the near future. support your up and coming artists and all that jazz, you know...

the highlights of the show for me were:

carbon (she made it sound SO FULL even though the band wasn't there)

amber waves - i hadn't heard it live yet. its awesome!

Muhammed My Friend my friend was amazing, as was God. she did God with this interesting intro, the blue light was on her and she was over on the other piano, facing the other way than the majority of the night. it was like "if i could i would change places with God" or something (i am probably wrong on the exact lyrics but it was a great intro) and it also followed the meat of God to end the song. i guess its the new way of doing it? i really need to hear more live tori. especially recent stuff...

for the piano bar she did wild world and let it be. wild world gave me goosebumps, it was really great. i was sad to find out she had done "mad world" a couple nights ago at another venue, i really love that song and wish that i could have heard it but this was a great version. she can really take any song and make it her own. it was amazing and somehow so fitting...ahhh.

i missed out on let it be because some people were arguing about standing vs sitting and it was overpowering tori. it ended at the end of the song, though, so that was good.

i really really loved spark. she played it the other two times that i have seen her, and this time was greater than the others, in my opinion. she was really into it and it was on the organ so it sounded different.

Marianne! it was so beautiful. really, words cant express the beauty of it.

black dove/January was great. i don't really like it on the album, i mean, its a good song and its fitting for the album but for me it isn't great. this performance of it changed my view, though.

i was happy to hear tear in your hand, it was a good friends most desired song to hear (you know, we all do it) and i was happy to see him get to hear it played. she did a really good job of it, pausing and smiling and waiting and kinda teasing us with the lyrics. : D

for the 2nd encore cooling and mother were very nice together. (i am still humming mother to myself.)

i was happy to hear the stuff off of the beekeeper, i like the album and was excited to hear the "cha chachacha cha cha cha cha cha"'s of "cars and guitars"...

overall i think the show was awesome. i honestly prefer the more upbeat, faster BAND songs but i was very happy with tonight. she kept me hooked with the way she changed all the songs, whether it was adding an intro or repeating parts of the song or whatever. i am still rather overwhelmed with the night, red rocks is a great venue and tori is the best artist to see live, so i was in heaven. she didnt talk a whole lot, she mentioned that parts of little earthquakes were written here. after the 1st encore, before the 2nd she said something along the lines of "why don't i take you all to Utah with me" or whatever. the crowd was mostly great, though i noticed that when the cameras would show the people in the front rows they weren't singing along!i guess that's my jealousy, though you cant really find a bad seat in red rocks.

so, for the rest of the people seeing shows for the rest of the tour, enjoy the show. tori is doing a great job, i plan on seeing some more soon! she certainly hasnt disappointed this fan.

From Tyler:

The show last night at Red Rocks was by far and away the best Tori experience I have had to date. This was the 5th show that I have seen, and probably the best overall set-list.

The week before the show I won passes from the local radio station to have the opportunity to witness Tori's sound check before the show. There were about 6 winners plus their guests there to watch Tori. Around 4:30 we sat down in the front row of Red Rocks and Tori came out on stage. She looked beautiful wearing jeans and sneakers. She performed Crucify and Cars and Guitars for the 12 of us there watching. The cha cha chas' of Cars and Guitars bounced all over the walls of Red Rocks and it sounded unbelievable. She seemed so happy to play for us, and after the two songs we were ushered out to an area where Tori was going to meet with us. She came out and conversed with each one of us as well as quick photo opps and autographs. This was my first chance to meet her, and she was truly more pleasant than I even imagined; being very interested in each of our stories. We all took the time to thank Tori and then headed over to get in line for the show.

Tori took the stage shortly after 8:00pm and started with Original Sinsuality of course. Some of my biggest highlights were Silent All These Years, Muhammad My Friend with a cool improv towards the end, Running Up That Hill/God, Cars and Guitars again, Spark, Marianne, Jamaica Inn, Cooling and Mother. I was blown away that she finished with Mother, it was a perfect closing to a more than perfect day. There were at least six songs in the set list that I have been hoping for at each show and never gotten the chance to hear. I also have never seen her interact with the crowd the way she did last night, even inviting us to come along on the next tour stop in Utah. The story she told for Cars and Guitars was very cute.

I couldn't have been more thankful to just be in Red Rocks last night, let alone be given the opportunity to meet her and watch her privately perform for us. I've been patiently waiting the day that I would be given this opportunity, but I had no idea she would prove to be an even more thoughtful, pleasant and caring person that I imagined. Thanks Tori for the great show and great day!

From Larbi:

What a beautiful night. Tori looked fabulous, of course, I simply adore her. As she walked onto stage and bowed, the rest of the world seemed to disappear. It was us and Tori. She talked a bit on stage and we hung on to her every word. We yelled and cheered as she sang songs that brought our minds and souls into submission. I was grateful to be living in Colorado and witnessing Tori on stage at Red Rocks again. I thanked God for Tori. This was the best I have ever seen her. The only spot on this perfect night, I didn't make it time for the "meet and greet"!

From Mundi Wahlberg:

First of all, I would like to say that there are many reasons that I am glad I live in Denver, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre is definitely one of them! This was the 7th time I've seen Tori live, but the first time I have seen her at Red Rocks and it was definitely a fabulous experience!

I was lucky enough to get my tickets upgraded to the 2nd row, and it was the closest I had ever been at a Tori show! Before the concert began it rained on us a little (andbecause the sun was shining,we got a little rainbow), but then it cleared off and the weather was beautiful! I enjoyed The Like, they were a lovely power trio. I really loved The Ditty Bops - they were a lot of fun, and when is the last time you saw someone play the washboard? Tori really has two great opening acts!

Tori's show was absolutely wonderful. Her piano and voice were in fine form, and she chatted with us a bit, telling us that she would play here every night if she could. She said that some of the songs on Little Earthquakes were written in the mountains here and Colorado will always have a special place in her heart.

All of the songs sounded wonderful to me. Her covers of " Wild World" and "Let It Be" were fabulous, I loved the "Running Up That Hill/God" medley, and "Carbon", "Silent All These Years", "Muhammed My Friend", "Marianne", "Tear In Your Hand", "Cooling"- really, everything was beautiful! But the highlight of the concert for me was when she played my favorite song, "Mother" as the closer. It just doesn't get any better than seeing Tori play your favorite song while surrounded by those beautiful, giganticrocks, under the Colorado sky!

From Chris B.:

What a privilege. I got to be there with two friends who had never seen Tori before and hadn't been to Red Rocks. Both excelled.

Some obvious differences from her April 19 Denver show: a much more polite crowd, and a greater focus on piano-only arrangements for Tori. Only two of the songs involved her "two-handing" organ and piano. The sandwich of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" on the Rhodes with "God" was fantastic, and I agree with the others that "Muhammad My Friend" was certainly a highlight. To me, though, thesecond encore may be the best of the seven shows I've seen of hers over the years. "Cooling" and "Mother", performed beautifully. WOW.

After the show, I didn't need to say a word to my friends. Tori's performances sell themselves.

From Sarah:

This was my first time seeing Tori, and was I impressed. I took my boyfriend, who is not a Tori fan in the least to try and convince him otherwise. The show itself was incredible! She sounded so smooth and clear! We were sitting in the general admission area and you could see over the stage down the mountain to the city of Denver. Off in the distance someone was shooting off firework that lasted almost the entire show and it looked amazing! My boyfriend enjoyed the show and said he was sorry about not liking her. He has defiantly changed his opinion about her!

I was pleased she covered Kate Bush, Cat Stevens, as well as the Beatles. Red Rocks is the best place to see the show and in Tori's opinion the best place to play "If I could play here every night..."

From Michelle Assadki:

What a beautiful night. Tori looked fabulous, of course, I simply adore her. As she walked onto stage and bowed, the rest of the world seemed to disappear. It was us and Tori. She talked a bit on stage and we hung on to her every word. We yelled and cheered as she sang songs that brought our minds and souls into submission. I was grateful to be living in Colorado and witnessing Tori on stage at Red Rocks again. I thanked God for Tori. This was the best I have ever seen her. The only spot on this perfect night, I didn't make it time for the "meet and greet"!

Tori is so empowering!

From Buzz Custodio:

Let me start off by saying, My sis and I did a road trip to see Tori at Red Rocks, We are from California and made the long trip to Colorado. We had 6th row seats, and this was the closest at a Tori Concert I have ever been.

The seats were amazing! Tori sounded beautiful and to see her expressions on her face and to see her smiling and doing her gestures while she played was the BOMB! The only bad thing was I guess people in Colorado need to drink throughout the show. I lost count of how many times people walked across us to go get more beer. I found that rude to Tori and the crowd as well.

Red rocks was very beautiful, even though we were running late and made the trek from Moab Utah, to Colorado.

we came in as ditty bops were halfway through. So thankfully we didn't miss any Tori.

Notes of the show, near the end, the weather got breezy and the wind was blowing through Tori's hair and blowing her dress. It was very beautiful. I would have loved to hear Tori sing Winter and Crucify, my two all time faves. but it didn't happen. I will be seeing her at the Greek in L.A. so maybe.

All in all Tori sounded amazing, when she did amber waves, how she went from the bose to the organ, sounded very different, however it kicked ass!! I'm still recovering from driving over 1000 miles so i'm probably leaving out great info.

I just wished she would have done orange nickers instead of jamaica in the encore.

Anyways, Tori rulz!!

From Bill Shurilla:

Since we had to travel/fly from Chicago to Denver and back for the show I am a little late with my comments but that allowed me to read through reviews of a few shows since then which had some interesting perspectives. I really liked one Toriphile's comment who said she would not question Tori's setlists since "Tori knows best." I am sure that, just like the rest of us, Tori has many personal moods caused by her own personal challenges that we never know about. I would guess that these contribute to her setlist and her performance. Tori seemed sad tonight. The setlist was relatively slow. Yet wonderful. Her Chicago performance, ignoring some of the "fans", was upbeat and chatty. My wife and I brought a little gift for Tori which I gave to Mark H after the show. He said he would make sure that Tori got it. I asked where Tash was on this her 5th birthday? He, like Tori, seemed sad when he said she had to go back to England for school. Having a 5 and 3 year-old ourselves who have just started school, I can feel their pain and separation. Tori, we hope your thumbs get a work-out!

From Audrey:

Everyone has already given a pretty good review of the show, so i'll only say a few things - "Running Up That Hill/God" was AMAZING. During the "Running Up That Hill" intro, my eyes welled up with tears. The reverberation of the sound, with her beautiful voice playing in that open theatre with the stars above me, and the rocks surrounding was just breath-taking. I LOVE her!

From Alexis Lutterman:

I had never seen a show at this venue before, but the rocks provided the perfect acoustics for a solo Tori show. Overall- it was like a late summer lullabye. I have seen Tori 6 times before, but never an out door venue. The highlight of this show for me was the first song of the second encore Cooling- it got notably breezier and I put on a sweatshirt.

As always Tori is intellectual and ironic- playing Amber Waves (song is about America's demise in a reference to the porn star) early in the show- as the lights of Denver glittered below the mountain haven. I love how she puts a lot of thought into every show she plays- really looking into what is going to hit right with an audience in every different place she plays. God/ Running up that Hill was absolutely haunting. Some of the songs were such a treat because they sound so different when you hear them solo, and you can really focus on the quality and flexibility of Tori's voice. I'd never heard Marianne or Muhammed my Friend live before (Pele is my favorite album)- so those were BIG HIGHLIGHTS!

You don't see one person capture such a large audience like that every day. Tori was so serene, I've seen her be explosively intense before, and she looked really peaceful. It was the best venue I've ever been to.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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